KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #6

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #6 – 07/23/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. XANDER – Oddity – Brian
3. GILL SMITH – Fighter – Matt

1. King Korvo Redhand: King of all Tieflings
2. Winston Belfry: Employer
3. Tako: Half-Giant friend of Winston
4. Lady Jillian Cobb: Half-Tiefling (DECEASED)

1. Anti-Life: Beings of Anti-Life Darkness
2. Door Sprite: Masters of Doorways


…Malcolm fills Winston in on the various strange objects and secret doors within the tavern, when the Candle Man owned it.

The Black Hound has officially become ‘The Chromatic Cock’! The Celebration is set for tonight at Dorn’s Castle. Xander buys from Winston a magical leather vest (‘Vest of the Snake’) to help him interact with High Society. While Malcolm purchases a fie magical cloak (Cloak of Winds).

As they are preparing for tonights festivities, everyone in the tavern and the City is struck with an image of a giant skeleton face smashing into Kargal and destroying it utterly. Followed by black oily tentacles reaching out of Kargal to envelop Korvan.

Meanwhile a new visitor by the name of Gill, has arrived in the City. He’s been told to find a merchant by the name of Winston. Gill decides to ask around the Merchant Area. He discovers that Winston has purchased a tavern close by. He makes his way swiftly to the newly christened Chromatic Cock, suddenly he slams into a huge 12 foot humanoids back holding a large lotus flower mace. The creature turns around and pick Gill up. “Sorry about that…you ok? I’m Tako”. “Yeah I’m good.”, answers Gill.

During their conversation they discover that they are both heading for the Chromatic Cock. Tako is so happy that he grabs at Gill to carry him to the Cock. But, he fails and smashes a buildings beam. Holding on to the sliding building he asks Gill to hand him the water trough next to him. Gill fails (CRIT FAIL) and hurts himself. Tako says, “I’ll give you a head start to run….GO!”, Gill dashes down the street and yells for the pedestrians to run for their lives!!! Tako lets go and runs in the same direction. The building slides down and part of the building tears off with the roof!

Tako and Gill keep running down alley ways and main streets. They stop thinking they are in the clear, but dark figures approach them from the end of the alley they are in. “Mmmmm…trouble…you ready to fight?!! It’s a good day to die!”, announces Tako and rushes into melee with his large mace raised!

A tall Goblinoid brandishes a nasty serrated short blade, while his Archer companion draws an arrow and aims it at Tako! The Goblinoid slashes at Tako, but strangely the blade just “glides” off Tako’s body. Tako smiles, lifts his mace and smashes (CRIT) the Goblinoid into pulp. Tako’s lotus mace begins to open up and a redish-green energy issues from the Goblinoids body into the lotus head which closes shortly after.

The Archer turns and runs out of the alley way. Gill flicks his right hand and his snake motif bracer transforms into a composite bow. He draws an invisible string and releases four magical energy arrows at the fleeing Archer. The arrows find their target and he drops dead with a large hole in his back.

Gill loots the bodies finding a Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Masterwork Hide Armor, 3 Javelins, Masterwork Sling w/ 20 stones, a Medicine Bag, +1 Keen Short Serrated Sword, Masterwork Kukri, Masterwork Short Bow, 2Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Haste, 2 Potions of Invisibility, a signal whistle, Gloves of Dexterity +2, Mithral Shirt, and several blood hawk bones in a pouch.

Tako begins to sit down and eat the bodies. Gill joins in. Blood and flesh covers the scene completely. After they are sated, they use the alley dirt to brush off some of the blood. They continue on their way to see Winston at the Chromatic Cock. Arriving at their destination they enter to the sounds of a musical automaton. Gill hates it, while Tako loves it.

Tako asks Xander if Winston is in. Tako asks, “Where is Winston?”. “He’s in the back…sit over there and I’ll tell him you are here.”, answers Xander.

Side Note – The Chromatic Cock’s Drinks
Pond Scum – 4 Popularity – 3cp
Rough Rider – 5 Popularity – 3sp
Brown Dream – 5 Popularity – 3sp
Mister Gonzo – 6 Popularity – 18gp
Googly Eye (Wine) – 1 Popularity – 3cp
(10 servings per Kask; Beer lasts 6 months; without cooler = 4 days)

Tako and Gill enjoy several drinks. In his inebriated state Tako declares, “We should be BLOOD Brothers!!!!”. And pulls out a knife! (Actually it’s a short sword, but in his hands it’s a “knife’!) Xander tells Tako that there’s no blood spilling allowed in the bar. Tako is saddened deeply.

At this point Winston arrives and gets a big bear hug from the Half-Giant. “I’ve found it my friend…I finally found it!!!”, yells Tako. He pulls out a figurine from a bag, throws it down on the ground. It transforms into a teal-green female humanoid. She is a eight armed female with glowing orange eyes, and below her waist she has the form of a serpent. All eight hands contain razor sharp weapons. Malcolm is very much aroused by her. Winston invites Gill and Tako to tonights gathering at the castle. Both newcomers agree.

Tako whispers some words and the female returns to the form of a figurine. “Her name is “Spiral”, explains Tako to Winston.

Side Note – GOD WARS Results (versus the Anti-Life Darkness)
Dead Gods: Green Man, Erebos, Vol, Ares, Solarr.
Surviving Gods: Tethys, Bacchus, Cernunnos, Freya, Menos & Lokash, Bliss, Dorn.


They all attend the castle’s celebration as guests with their plus one. The banquet hall is filled with rich mahogany and silk drapery. Magical golden chandeliers populate the ceilings illuminating the hall with warm light. The castle is filled with Nobles of Kargal. Their pomposity exudes from their very frame. Food and drinks of various kind are being served. As are any drugs one may want to partake in. Even the rare drug, ‘Golden Mask’ is available.

The group partakes of the drugs and rich foods. As they mingle, Xander overhears of a rumor of a young girl that is immune to magics of any kind; she is believed to be at Endura Castle. This castle is star shaped, but is abandoned. Other rumors vary from Orc survivors to Gods disappearing. Malcolm strikes up a conversation with two individuals; a female named Piccolo and a male named Porthos. He learns that they are Bliss followers and personal guards to Roark. They chat for about fifteen minutes.

Trumpets break the festivities as Roark walks in. He is flanked by Dorn and Sarda. The crowd greet the trio with thunderous clapping. Dorn, Sarda and Roark bow to the crowd and begin to mingle. After several minutes, Sarda makes he way to Xander and greets him. She congratulates him again for winning the raffle. He thanks her and explains to her that he is newly employed at the Chromatic Cock. Sarda tells him that she and her brother may visit him some day at the tavern. Some late comers are announced, King Korvo Redhand and Lady Jillian Cobb. He is a Tiefling, while she is half Tiefling. They walk down the main stairs and join the party.

The crowd returns to their revelry. Roark is making the rounds, greeting and blessing Bliss’ followers. Suddenly, a scream rings out, the crowd make room to reveal Jillian Cobb clutching her throat as streams of blood splash the crowd. She falls onto the cold marble tiles dead. A pool of blood spreads our from her lifeless body.

Roark tries to run to her body, but is stopped by his guards and ushered away from the danger. The pool of blood has grown dark black and begins to transform into a pudding-like substance that swiftly splits to become three forms; a three foot spiked ball-shaped creature. The second forms into a five foot flying multi-appendage mosquito creature. While the third form becomes a ten foot tall tentacle bi-pedal monstrosity. Wherever they touch the ground or object disintegrates into ash-like substance.

As Roark exits the hall, he realizes that these are creatures from the Anti-Life Darkness.

The creatures attack the crowd and the guest flee in terror in all directions. The Ball creatures spike hit Malcolm in the torso, causing that section to go numb. Korvo Redhand teleports to confront the Mosquito creature. Slashing it with his glowing red blade.

Porthos summons forth a Chocker and commands it to attack the tall tentacle abomination. Unfortunately, the attack falls short. Tako slams the Ball one as it spins past him. He then summons his mace, “Troka” to his right hand.

Next, Malcolm commands Dallas to attack these unknown creatures (SKILL CRIT FAIL). Dallas obliges by using his force attack to damage the ball monster. Winston raises his hands and tattoo’s glow blue as he speaks one single word…”Death”; and the sphere shaped horror ceases to exist. Seconds later his left handed ring glows red and his body become incorporeal.

Sarda notices (CRIT) Gill flicking his wrist for his magical bow to appear in his hand. Gill draws the bow and releases his force arrows, but is unable to connect with the tentacle monster.

King Korvo moves in on the mosquito creature and slashes it twice with his crimson blade. The creature shrieks and hisses at the Tiefling. Porthos and Piccolo exit the hall with their Master. Tako floats over to engage the tentacle creature. Raising his mace he smashes his massive two-handed weapon into the oily tentacled horror. The creature emits an ear-splitting sound as Troka crushes its physical body. It strikes back in retaliation with its oily appendage, but Tako is too fast and side steps the attack.

Next the mosquito beast opens its spiny hook-clawed hairy legs and dives toward King Korvo. A sonic clamor emits from the beast with deafens the crowd. Malcolm is hit the hardest and his deafness is permanent (CRIT FAIL), but is able hear through Dallas luckily. The creature wraps its legs around the King and black oil oozes over the King. Korvo’s life-force is drained and his last breath escapes him as the beast suck his life with glee. Xander picks up Korvo’s Sword and swings it clumsily, missing the mosquito.

Gill draws his bow and aims at the mosquito, but misses as the creature is able to duck the attack. Winston claps his hands and imprisons the mosquito into the ground.

Malcolm throws a fire bomb at the tentacle’s torso. The creature screams in agony and flails with arms in pain. Dallas telekinetically smashes a large oak table into the beast. The creature strikes Winston with its arms. Winston is able to withstand the creatures life sucking ability. Tako attacks with his mace to deliver the killing strike. At that moment the creature explodes in an anti-life explosion striking anyone within fifty feet. Malcolm (CRIT) is able to to escape the area of devastation with the Colleen McAllister and Julia Blackwater. Xander is unaffected due to his unique physiognomy. The rest of the group is unable to escape the beasts death throes. Winston, Tako and Gill die on the spot.

After the battle, Roark returns and kneels down at the center of the explosion, praying to Bliss. His prayer is answered as Winston, Tako, Gill and Tiefling King Korvo Redhand come back to life, healed of all their wounds. Each one a newly arisen Follower of Bliss. The crowd rejoices at the sight of this miracilous event.

Winston instructs the three heroes to head back to the Chromatic Cock for some well deserved rest. They arrive at the tavern around midnight and go to sleep. Gill has no (CRIT) trauma due to his experience with those strange creatures. Tako on the other hand is greatly affected (CRIT FAIL). He is now scarred for life; afraid of the dark. Malcolm decides not to go to sleep, instead he goes to the Temple of Bliss to heal his deafness. Spending one thousand gold pieces his hearing is restored through the miracle of Bliss’ blessing (NPC CRIT).

In the morning the Bliss celebrations banners and ornaments are taken down. Shop keepers are cleaning their storefronts, while the cities janitors clean the streets of the debris and other materials.

The group wake up to notice Tako walking around with a lit candle, skirting away from the cast shadows. Tako tells them that he is leaving them to “find a well lit place…”. With that he departs to parts unknown.

Winston discusses that they need to deal with their “mouse problem”. “You’ll need to take something of rare value as an offering.”, explains Malcolm. Winston takes the gift Tako gave him, but Malcolm stops him and recommends he take something else. Winston suspects Malcolm has his eyes on the eight armed snake-lady figurine. He decides on the Huan Coiled Serpent Brooch as an offer. They all (except for Malcolm) venture below to meet with Algernon. The meeting goes south when Algernon mentions that he has one of Winston’s family members in his “collection”. Before Xander leaves, Algernon whispers something into his ear.

Once they return to the tavern, Winston vows to destroy Algernon and his ilk. “That creature is Pure Evil!”, announces Winston. He looks at Xander and say’s, “I’m going to your Lord!”. He summons a portal and walks through it. Gill, Malcolm and Xander are left there in silence and amazement. Arriving in Thanos Baal, Winston makes his way to the Red Hand Inn and hands Molly Applepie a note. He then returns to his employees via his portal. He next creates a Morg Elephant Skeleton to keep the sewer entrance from being used. He instructs the crew not to go down to the sewers. He also places several wards upon the entrance to Algernon’s realm.

“Algernon told me my kind will die soon.”, explains Xander. “That thing below will feed you nothing but lies! It’s an abomination! It will make you it’s “friend”….only to put you into its collection or found you up for food!”, replies Winston. Xander asks, “What is it then?”. “I don’t know for sure…but the Sutler Codex mentions a being that masquerades as an innocent mouse.”, explains Winston.

“You three need to catch me a “Doorway Sprite! They are Fey guardians doorways and portals, and the first worshipers of the Goddess Janus. You can locate some in ruins or abandoned dwellings.”, explains Winston.

Asking around the crew discovers that the Florist next door was previously a cartographer. Winston and the Florist discuss a deal and agree upon payment. The Black Orchid leaves with her bodyguards. Winston instructs Xander and Gill to find Grif, a female Dryad in the Merchant Area. They find her consoling a baker that has recently lost his son.

Xander asks her if she has a map to any ruins close by. She does have a map containing two ruins for three hundred gold pieces, which Xander pays. The map marks the ruins somewhere in the east and south of Kargal.

Dallas mentions to Malcolm that Sprites can be damaged or contained using force energy. They arrive at the ruins to the east. Investigating they hear a hushed buzzing sound. But the sound ends once they move closer to the ruins.

Gill is able to sneak (CRIT) in ahead of Malcolm and Xander. He locates a spiral staircase in another room. Malcolm and Xander use the main stairs to move upwards. They arrive on the second floor and peak into a room. Within the room they see two tiny Sprite’s speaking to a purple-skinned female with long flowing red hair. Her eyes are completely stained red and she is barely covered in gold fillament armor . She appears to be pleading with the tiny creatures, while tears fall from her face. The female Sprit appears to say something to the male one. It vanishes through a door frame portal and within seconds returns with a young man in a state of grogginess. The purple woman hands over a ring to the male Sprite and vanishes with her companion with a snap of her finger. The male Sprite takes the ring through the door frame portal, leaving the female one in the room by herself.

Gill removes a bottle from his bag and uses it to capture the female Sprite. He succeeds and rushes down the stairs. Just as he is about to descend the Sprite (CRIT) manages to pry the stopper off. Once out of the bottle she attempts fly back to the door frame portal. She falls down to the ground appearing to be weakened by her distance from the door frame. She screams in an unknown language. Suddenly the male Sprite pops thought the portal.

He grabs the female Sprite and zips back to the portal. Gill attempts to recapture the Fey into his bottle, but is unsuccessful. Malcolm commands Dallas to envelop the Sprite’s in a Force cage. He succeeds and Malcolm throws over a net just to be sure the creatures are indeed trapped.

Xander says to the Fey, “We mean you no harm, we need you to seal an evil doorway.”. The two Sprite’s stop their attempts to escape and they speak to him. “Release us first! We will grant you one task and then you must return us to our door.”. The team returns to Winston with the Fey. Winston and the Sprite’s go downstairs and thirty minutes later they return and seal every door, window, or similar opening with their Fey Magick. Winston speaks to them in their tongue and snaps his fingers, returning them to their door.


KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #5

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #5 – 06/11/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. XANDER – Unknown – Brian
3. RAZOR – Extraplanar Entity – Matt

1. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Bard Vampire

1. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Bard Vampire


…In the morning the celebration begins anew. The city is abuzz with Beetle Racing mania. Also, the raffle winner for the Roark Automaton will be picked at noon. Tickets sell for 17 gold pieces each. 98% of the City (5000 population) is purchasing ticket for this much desired item. 40,000gp goes to Kargal and 45,000gp goes to Roark.

SIDE NOTE: Dorn tells Roark that he would like to build satellite Bliss temples in the Northern areas of Korvan within the coming year. Dorn also gifts Roark set of rings with dark green diamonds (30,000gp each).

Razor and Malcolm go to the Taalesh’s odd looking coffin and attempt to open the box. But with no success. Leaving the coffin where it is, they move on to the Beetle Races.

Malcolm purchases 100 tickets. Razor decides not to purchase any.

Xander purchases one ticket and Wins!!! There’s a presentation for the winner and Xander gets to meet Roark. He also gets a 90% discount for any Kargal store. In addition he’s given the Key to the City, granting him the ability to move within unhindered.

Suddenly, Roark’s guards surround Roark swords drawn. A Dwarf with a lantern staff makes his way through the crowds. “I wish audience with Master Roark!”. Four Dwarves stand behind their leader. “My name is Cambell Firestone. Master Roark…we have come a long way to ask you for an item you have acquired. Namely, the Goblet of Torag. Our people have been through enslavement and destruction, and we wish to make us whole. We beg you to return to us the Torag Relic.” Roark is moved by the Dwarf’s passionate plea and agrees. Firestone introduces his fellow Dwarves to Roark. He also explains that they are the Dwarves from Winter House of Venheim.

Dorn invites the Dwarves to tonights Castle celebration. Cambell and his comrades agree. Dorn also invites Xander “of Kargal” to the celebration. The crowd disperses and Roark and Dorn return to the Castle.

Xander goes to speak with Winston Belfry. Winston explains to Xander that he needed to find out whether Xander had to stomach do difficult and sometime amoral decisions. He also discusses the Sutler Family and how he has been tasked to take back the City from the Serpents.

Additionally, Xander learns of a secondary Shadow Realm that is the opposite of life. Beings within this Plane are constituted of anti-life material. Winston discloses that the Gods have been battling these Anti-Beings for a very long time. Which explains the Gods absence within Korvan.

Winston and Xander pack the shop items for their big move to the Black Hound Tavern. Arriving they notice the shape of the tavern is very dilapidated. Winston reassures Xander that he has already contacted carpenters and glass-makers. The new name for the tavern will be ‘The Chromatic Cock’.

Winston asks Xander if he wants to be the new bartender, but he declines. Winston tells him to find any Black Hound employees that may want to work under the new management.

Xander finds several dancers to be barmaids and the entertainment, one in particular…Gerttie (6: Gerttie & 6+1: Xander) is very alluring to him.

Malcolm and Razor move on to the Beetle Races. They rig the game, by blinding all but one beetle that Malcolm will be riding. Chaos ensues as two riders die and three onlookers are impaled by blind rampaging beetles. Razor does not bet on the race instead he’s just enjoying the complete chaos they created.

After the race Malcolm returns to the Bliss Inn and indulges in an orgy. During this orgy, he falls for Elvira (6), a Mage from Venheim. She is also pregnant with his child.

Xander tracks down one of the previous employees from the former Black Hound. Namely, Malcolm at the Bliss Inn. While waiting for Malcolm, Xander meets the Lady Kuru of Kargal. She gives him a card and an open invite to visit House Kuru of Kargal.

Xander speaks with Razor and Malcolm about a possible job with the new owner of the Black Hound Tavern.

As they make their way to the tavern, Razor decides to teleport to a roof opposite the tavern. There’s increased guard patrols, both City as well as Roark’s construct guards.

The Golden guards spot Razor on the roof and begin to pursue him through the streets. They manage to catch him and grapple him with their golden arms. Razor emits his blinding light against the constructs, but instead he blinds several citizens of Kargal. The City guards announce to him, “An attack on any citizen of Kargal is immediate incarceration.”. And they take Razor to the City dungeons, where he is beaten and tortured.

After two hours, Roark walks in to the cell where Razor is being held. He is angry at this being who’s harmed his followers.

“Are you lost Child?”, asks Roark. With a wide smile, Razor responds (CRIT), “I’m not lost…Asshole!”

“Guards leave us…and bring me the Holy Relic of Bliss!”, commands Roark. The guards leave the cell. Following a couple minutes the jailer returns with a chair, table and food for Roark. Along with the Holy Relic.

Roark takes a moment and meditates. Trying to get any guidance from Bliss. Roark notices that Razor is becoming more feral. An image from Bliss hits Roark to destroy this being. Another image appears in Roark’s mind, that of Bliss is a place of violence.

So, Roark places his hands over Razor’s nose and mouth, suffocating him after two minutes. Just to make sure the deal is done Roark snaps Razor’s neck with a satisfying sound.

Sitting down Roark communes once more with Bliss (CRIT). A clear image of Bliss and all the major Gods battling dark anti-life beings of unspeakable forms in the secondary Shadow Plane. Fighting next to Bliss is a gargantuan Snake God, namely Dorn in his real form; the Snake God has a cobra head with one hundred snake tentacles that issue forth from his back. Roark realizes that the Gods have been battling these unknown things for years. Even though the last time he spoke to Bliss was twenty days ago. Roark exits the cell without a word.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Xander enter the Chromatic Cock. Winston offers Malcolm a position at the Cock. Malcolm agrees to be the taverns Bartender, for one thousand gold per month and a room for his experiments. While Xander will take the position of General Manager.

Malcolm fills Winston in on the various strange objects and secret doors within the tavern, when the Candle Man owned it.


KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #4

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #4 – 05/20/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. XANDER – Unknown – Brian
3. RAZOR – Extraplanar Entity – Matt

1. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Bard Vampire

1. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Bard Vampire


…The body of the Candle Man begins to erode into a greenish-red sludge and discolors the floorboards.

A stain is left on the floor-boards. Taalesh drops to his knees and appears exhausted and emaciated. The Hounds immediately look at their right hand to confirm that the are free of the Candle Man’s enslavement.

Corwin’s body lies ten feet from the front door of the tavern. Lifeless, his eyes seem to stare into oblivion. Honeyspot’s body lies behind the bar, her flesh ripped from her body, only her skeleton remains.

Razor begins to break up Honeyspot’s bones reducing them to powder. He turns to Malcolm and says, “It’s how WE would rest the dead…”. Malcolm asks for a portion of the powder for his own concoctions.

SIDE NOTE: Human Bone Powder adds to Perception Skill.

Malcolm tears a large hole in the floor-boards where the Candle Man perished in hopes of accumulating some of its essence. But, the creatures liquids evaporates too quickly for him to bottle it.

Next, Malcolm looks at Corwin’s body and decides (CRIT) to drag the body into Algernon’s Realm to be devoured by it’s denizens. Before he drags the body down, he loots Corwin’s remains. Suddenly, Corwin’s snake leaps out from its hiding place. Dallas acts immediately and force pushes the snake onto Corwin’s chest with enough force to crush the snake and Corwin’s sternum and ribs.

Taalesh begins to rise up, his dark face gaunt and his exceedingly enlarged fangs protruding from his mouth. His eyes glow red as he looks at Malcolm. In a guttural voice he announces, “I nneeeeshshsh tooooo ffffeeeeeeeeeshddddd!”. He leaps at the only living food source before him.

Malcolm orders Dallas to throw wood splinters from the floor-boards at Taalesh. None of the splinters are able to pierce the vampires heart. But, the amount of damage is enough to incapacitate Taalesh. Malcolm decapitates their companion with regret. Malcolm then collects seven vials of vampire dust for his further research. Searching the body, Malcolm finds the following item; Scroll of Comprehend Languages, 2 Scrolls of Disguise Self, Scroll of Restful Sleep, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges), Wand of Grease (50 charges), Light Crossbow with 10 Bolts, Whip, Cloak of Resistance (1), Headband of Alluring Charisma (2), 25gp, a rusty ornate key and two vampire fangs.

Malcolm drags Corwin’s body down into the sewers, but is immobilized by fear upon entering the dark underground pathways.

Not having seen Malcolm in twenty minutes, Razor decides to find Malcolm in the sewers. Upon entering, he spots Malcolm frozen in a corners shivering and curled up like an infant. Of in the distance he can see Corwin’s body being devoured by hundreds of rat-like creatures of various sizes. Razor decides to take a moment and watch the gruesome moment (1 VILE Point for Razor).

Using his telepathy Razor probes Malcolm’s mind and manages to penetrate Malcom’s (CRIT FAILWILL) mental defenses. Through this invasive contact, Malcolm gains a stain upon his soul (1 VILE Point for Malcolm).

Grabbing Malcolm by the leg, Razor drags him up the stone stairs. Causing Malcolm’s head to bounce off every stair going up. Malcolm will have a raging headache after he wakes up. It takes one hour for Malcolm to regain his mobility.

Razor and Malcolm rush to clean up the tavern before it is set to open at five in the morning. Razor becomes frustrated with the lack of “cleanliness” that he casts Mirage Arcana upon the tavern. For the next seventeen hours the tavern is transformed into a palace-like environment.

As patrons enter they are amazed by what they see, not knowing that it is all an illusion. Razor goes behind the bar and takes on the bartenders position. Eight minutes after opening, Borden the Tiefling bartender enters and confronts Razor and Malcolm. They explain that they are under “New Management”. Upon hearing this, Borden snaps his fingers at them and exists the tavern.

After a few minutes, Razor walks out to see the final preparations for Bliss Day, which begins at six. Malcolm follows him and hangs a “Under New Management” sign on the front door of the tavern. Corwin’s father approaches Malcolm and inquires about Corwin’s whereabouts. “I have no idea where Corwin is.”, answers the Alchemist. Not liking the answer Corwin’s Father walks off announcing that he will notify the Constable regarding his sons disappearance.

Twenty minutes later the City Controller and Constable with two guards walk through the doors. With no deed in their hands Malcolm and Razor are notified that this establishment will be closed at the end of day, unless the owner can produce the taverns’ deed and certification of operation. Unfortunately, for the Hounds they have no idea where Sable kept his paperwork.

Razor uses his Rainbow Pattern ability to invite as many Bliss followers into the tavern to vex the Controller and Constable. Eleven people walk in off the street amazed at the taverns furnishings. Razor continues to use this ability bringing in seventy-two additional city folk. All of whom are in awe of Razor’s charisma, watching him flip alcoholic drinks like a natural. The tavern manages to make 2464 gold pieces for the day. The Controller notifies them that Jon Sable will be fined four thousand gold pieces and the tavern will go on the auction block unless the proper certs be presented to him.

In order to increase their sales, Malcolm teaches Razor how to mix a special drink called “Mister Gonzo”. This makes the tavern gold before they close for the day. Razor invites the crowd to add some tips, which they are only wiling to do. They make an additional 7296 gold pieces.

Meanwhile, an unruly Halfling tries to start a fight with some of the low life customers. Razor ignores this individual and continues to serve drinks to the paying customers.

Malcolm takes time to look for the cities required documents. He goes upstairs to s through the rooms. All the rooms are occupied, except for one plus a room labeled “Storage”. He breaks into the storage room. Inside he finds boxes and cleaning bottles of various colors. Three locked boxes containing gems of various value (8000gp). But, he is unable to find any paperwork. Various inventory sheets with random numbers that signify unknown values. Malcolm commands Dallas to search for secret doors, but Dallas doesn’t spot anything (CRIT FAIL).

Downstairs a newcomer enters the tavern. A tall man in leather armor. There is a true sense of purpose in his walk. He asks for a drink from Razor. He sits down next to the Halfling that has been annoying the patrons. The Halfing raises his hand to strike the stranger, but the stranger swings first and misses. The Halfling laughs and the stranger pours his ale upon the Halflings head. The Halfling cries out and runs away. As he is about to exit, he yells, You haven’t seen the last of Wild Myorick!”. Some of the patrons laugh at the wet Myorick.

The City Contractor and Constable return and ask the whereabouts of Malcolm. Razor calls Malcolm telepathically and notifies him that the pain in the ass City Contractor has returned. Malcolm responds “Tell him that we are looking into locating the paperwork.”. “You have seven hours!”, and the City Contractor exits with the Constable with his Guards. Once outside, the guards posts a sign that notifying patrons that this establishment will close in seven hours. Razor decides to escort some of the un-paying drunks, he manages to steal some coin (2sp) from one of the drunks.

Upstairs Malcolm moves on to the only unoccupied guest room on the floor. Within the room Dallas finds a secret ceiling door that has been concealed magically. The door opens and there is utter blackness. Dallas enters, his vision is diminished to only one feet. He bumps into items that seem to be floating within the blackness. Malcolm’s link to Dallas causes a momentary feeling of vertigo. It will takes days to catalog what’s in this non-dimensional space. Malcolm closes the ceiling door and boards up the rooms door. He rejoins Razor down below.

Razor and Malcolm close the tavern since the Bliss celebration is about to begin. Golden busts of Roark adorn various areas along the streets. The parade procession will begin at the Cities front gates and winds throughout the city. It will end at the Monument of Battle to be unveiled and blessed by Roark. Followed by a celebration for the Nobles and a Pavilion event for the regular citizens.

Twelve foot tall, four-armed Golden Bliss Golems fly down to occupy various areas of the procession. They float a feet above the ground. Their un-emotional golden masks scanning the streets with determined vigilance.

Razor spots the lifeless body of Wild Myorick in an alleyway proper up on several crates. It looks like Myorick annoyed the wrong individual.

At high noon the event begins, thousands for citizens crowd the streets for a momentary glimpse of Korvan’s savior and Voice of Bliss.

There will be a raffle giveaway for a twelve inch automaton that plays Roark’s favorite tune.

Also scheduled is a performance by the acclaimed Phenex Theater Troupe re-enacting Roark’s victory over the Red Dragon.

Roark flying chariot drawn by six golden pegasus’ sets down at the Cities front gate. A cacophonous cheer erupts from the crowd that spreads throughout the entire City.

Roark exists the chariot, he’s greeted by Dorn and his sister, Sarda; along with a procession of Nobles and Military Leaders.

Trying to track his daughter, Mordain has followed a rumor to the Black Hound Tavern. Supposedly, a female matching her description visited this establishment. The female called herself “Tempest Hardgrave”.

Walking in he swiftly searches all the rooms for clues regarding his daughter whereabouts. Unfortunately, there are no clues. He surmises that she did not stay at this tavern, instead she must have briefly pooped in and out. But, he does manage to find the secret door to the non-dimensional cache as consolation. Mordain removes all the contents (swords, gems, gold, armor, two 15ft high Constructs) and teleports them to his sanctum in Necromar. With a smile on his face, he departs this dilapidated tavern.

It takes two hours for the procession to wind its way through the City. Roark is smiling and waving at the crowd, as is his second, Cord. Edible gold foil chocolates are tossed to the citizens along the streets. The foil is embossed with Bliss’ symbol on one side and her image on the other.

Malcolm and Razor follow the procession. They arrive at the Monument of Battle. Where Roark, Dorn, Sarda, the Royal Korbis Family, and the King and Queen of Lathotep stand at the steps of the Monument. They are clothed in the finest fashion outfits and armors. Necromar King, Mordain and his wife, Salamis join the group at the steps. Dorn and him lock eyes for a brief moment, each hating the other.

Sigbard is also present at this celebration, hidden among the crowds. The Speaker of Vol waiting for his moment to act…

Standing next to Malcolm is Astro and his pet lizard. They greet each other with the “Bliss Wave”. Malcolm tells Astro that he wishes to extend his stay at the Bliss Inn; Astro tells him it will be no problem for such a favored guest.

Following the introductions Rames, the King of Lathotep approaches Roark with a case. Opening it he presents the Goblet of Torag to Roark. A huge smile appears on Roark’s face, having desired this Relic for years. By accepting the Goblet, Roark owes Ramses a Royal Boon.

Now that Roark has obtained the Goblet of Torag, his Followers have increased six fold. Also, incorporating 55% of Kargal’s Noble families. His current follower count stands at 7000.

Roark announces “I Bless this Monument of Battle in the name of our Goddess….BLISS!!!”; and with that announcement he pulls on the rope to unveil the Monument of Battle in all its glory. The crowd cheers and clap their hands in jubilation.

Roark, the Royals and the Nobles are escorted into the Palace for their celebration. While the Bliss Pavilion booths at the Merchant area are opened for the masses.

Meanwhile, Xander the stranger has been following Malcolm and Razor from afar. He feels a light tap on his shoulder. It’s Winston, his new employer. “Come with me, I have a job for you.”. Xander follows him into a dark alley. Winston hands him a note with a name (Vessa Albor) on it; circled with a cross through it. She’s a Jeweler, located in the Merchant area. And with that Winston walks away.

Xander, heads for the Merchant area. He stops one booth away and begins to spy upon Albor’s booth. At the booth is a beautiful women selling her wares, along with a seven foot heavily muscled dark skinned man. Xander watches and listens intently.

“Vorel, where is Myorik?”, asks the female to her dark skinned companion. “Mistress Vessa, I have no idea. He told me he was stopping at a bar, but would be in time for the celebration.”, answers Vorel.

Xander notices that she’s drinking from a jewel encrusted goblet. He makes his way to the booth and pretends to be interested in her products. Now that Xander is closer to Vorel he can see the mans ornate tattoos. They look like a fighters guild mark. Xander addresses Vorel, “That is an impressive tattoo. I have a mark as well.”. Xander shows him his Gladiator tattoo. “Very impressive as well young man! I am Vorel Okar, Paladin of the Okars of Lathoptep!”. “Pleasure to meet you…I am Xander.”. Xander is very much impressed by this man’s gravitas.

“Do you need jewelry?”. “I heard about your booth and wanted to see what you have for sale.”, answers Xander. “Ah, you should speak to my Mistress, Vessa Albor!”, responds Vorel.

Xander is introduced to Vessa Albor. The two discuss jewelry and other items she has for sale. She shows him several pieces of fine gold rings and bracelets. Xander spots a older man next to him at the booth. Taking advantage of the situation, he whispers into Albor’s ear, “I think that the gentleman next to me may have “sticky fingers”, if you know what I mean.”. Albor turns away and instructs Vorel to keep an eye on the old man. Xander takes quick action to deposit some poison into her drinking goblet.

Vorel tells the old man to depart, but the man stands his ground. Xander steps in and “convinces” the old man to be on his way. Meanwhile, Vessa takes a small sip from her goblet. The old man departs. Vessa takes another sip, a larger one.

Xander tells Vessa and Vorel, “I not sure what he took from the booth, but I’ll just see where he goes and be right back.”. They both thank Xander.

As soon as Xander is thirteen feet away, he hears “I’m feeling…”. Followed by a thud as Vessa’s body hits the ground. “MISTRESS! A HEALER…I NEED A HEALER!!!….”, roars Vorel. Xander’s first mission is over.

Back at the Royal celebration, drinks, food and music fill the halls of the Kargal Palace. Representative of various towns and cities are present at the party. Mordain recognizes Teeghan Stimson from Kailune. She is accompanied by fellow Council Members, Mordain greets Teeghan and introduces his wife to her. Teeghan in turn introduces Max Forshythe (a widower from Bladecrest and Council Treasurer) and Foder Trinlock (a long white bearded gnome with a jolly laugh and hundreds of bad jokes). Mordain and Teeghan reminisce about their beginnings and the losses they’ve experienced.

Sigbard approaches Mordain, Salamis and Teeghan and greets them. At that moment, Roark turns and spots Mordain and Sigbard! He runs up to them, brushing up against a City Councilman and fellow Bliss follower, Chester Hailworth. “I’ve been blessed by the Anointed One…I will never wash these clothes!”, exclaims Hailworth.

Upon reaching his friends, Roark hugs Mordain and Sigbard with such zeal! “It’s good to see YOU…I have missed you guys SOOOOOO MUCH!!!, proclaims Roark.

Roark’s gilded arm touches Mordain. Upon contact a sense of well being surrounds Mordain. He now looks upon Roark not with disdain, but with a sense of appreciation.

“You must let me look at that Goblet…it belonged to Torag and I have feeling for the item.”, Mordain mentions. “In due time…in due time.”, answers Roark.

Suddenly the crowds around Roark and his friends part; Dorn and Sarda approach them. “So very niccccce to see you all…how long has it been?”, asks Dorn. “Oh six years, and I’m glad that the peace between our people has been good.”, answers Mordain. “It alwaaaaays will be! And I look forward to eating…with you. Goodby”, Dorn says with a smile and he departs with his sister.

Mordain warns Roark that he is not in good hands right now. He turns around and walks into a transportation portal with his wife.

Sigbard walks away and decides to invite Demons from the Abyssal level of Lust to infest the Merchant area. 33% of the city’s citizens now have made pacts with Abyssal creatures.


KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #3

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #3 – 03/19/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY - Alchemist – Aaron
2. CORWIN KOCH-WESER - Rogue – Brian
3. HAZEL GRIMSBANE - Witch – Matt

1. The Candle Man: Mysterious Employer
2. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Vampire
3. Jonathan Sable: Black Hound Tavern Owner – DECEASED
4. Captain Alister Greenwood: Friendly Captain
5. Monet Greenwood: Sellsword; Sister to Captain Greenwood
6. Melony: Street Urchin
7. Sweede: Brawler from the Icy North
8. Sebastian Boyd McAlister: Humanoid Serpent
9. Sam Haskill: Halfling Sellsword on speed drugs
10. Princes Shelly Inferno: Beautiful Princess
12. Martin Stein: Cascaran
12. Ruger: Sellsword
13. Dooko: Dumb, but sweet Troll
14. Cambridge (Female) & Kitty (Male): Adventuring Duo

1. The Candle Man: Evil Employer
2. Violet: Evil Sprite


Around 3am the Hounds return to the tavern, with the item they need for their next mission. Honeyspot seems to be more flustered and concerned with Sable’s abscence. Two individuals are in the far booth facing the door; a scarred red haired warrior and a beautiful woman adorned with black flowers. They are keeping to themselves, speaking in hushed tones.

Corwin and Hazel walk upstairs for a well deserved rest. Honeyspot goes down into the storage cellar.

While Malcolm goes behind the bar for a drink or two. His first cocktail is a success in his opinion, he’s done better. Trying to improve his next cocktail, Malcolm spots a strange flask hidden amongst other glass bottles. There’s a label tied to the flask, marked “Do Not Touch!”. Malcolm becomes curious…he uses his alchemy skill to ascertain the possible contents. The black liquid is very rare and possibly magical in origin. He tucks the bottle into his coat for further research. Honeyspot returns and berates him for being behind the bar. “Sable allows it!”, answers Malcolm. “Urrrrr….Where IS Sable then?!?!”, demands Honeyspot. She appears to be more unhinged than before. Malcolm recognizes her condition as a narcotic withdrawal symptom. There must have been a chemical bond between her and Sable, possibly created by the Candle Man.

The beautiful woman approaches Honeyspot and asks her. “Are your well my dear?”. The scent of subtle flowers permeates from the woman. She pulls out a flower from her dress and tells Honeyspot to smell it. Upon smelling the purple flower, Honeyspot becomes immediately calm. The woman returns to her warrior.

Meanwhile, upstairs Hazel’s dreams are filled with ducks and cuddly bunnies, while Corwin’s are filled with red streaked blackness and images of slashing blades cutting his veins open.

Malcolm finds a room for his research, after three hours he discovers (CRIT) the true nature of the concoction. The flask contains liquid darkness. Namely, the liquified essence of the Shadow Realm. After the discovery, Malcolm decides to go to sleep for the night.

SIDE NOTE: Korvan has two Planes of Shadow; one is a darker side-plane (rusty dark realm with glints of blueish luminescence) of Korvan, while the other is a Necrotic Shadow Plane where living creatures cannot exist.

In the morning the Hounds come down for breakfast. The tavern has numerous patrons enjoying food and drink. One group in particular stands out. Eleven individuals are located at the main table discussing various matters. They all are wearing black cloth bands on their right arm.

Hazel recognizes (CRIT) one of the individuals as a “Cascaran”; symbiotic creatures that inhabit the Desert of Old Castro near Lathotep. Hazel immediately falls (6) for one of the females in the group. This woman is fair skinned with dark hair, red lips, pale blue eyes and an ample bosom! Her outfit is very regal and she wears a gold crown with a rather large red gem upon it. From the black bands, Hazel surmises that they are all going to a funeral.

He approaches the “Princess” and introduces himself. “My name is Hazel, and I am very sorry for your loss. May I buy you and companions a round of drinks?”. “Buy me two.”, she says with a cold stare.

Tending the bar is a Tiefling, Borden. “What can I get you my strapping young lad!?!”, Borden says with a wide smile. “I would like to get two rounds for the group at the main table.”. “That will be 22 gold pieces for the good stuff.”. “And I’ll have the “Pond Scum”.”, explains Hazel. Borden raises an eyebrow to Hazel’s desire to drink the bars swill.

Delivering the drinks to the group, Hazel is greeted by a dapper sea Captain in plate armor. “Greetings! I am Captain Alister Greenwood, thank you for your kindness!”, announces Greenwood. Hazel gets the feeling that anybody would be proud to be under Greenwood’s command. There’s a air of un-forced leadership exuding from him. Hazel is in smitten (6) with the Captain as well. “May I introduce my friends…”. Pointing at the tall white haired female with an eyepatch over her right eye. “This is my sister Monet Greenwood.”. Monet smiles at him (6). Next is a female street urchin that he immediately dislikes (1). “This is Melony.”. “Next to Melony is our friend from the North, Sweede.”. Sweede blushes (6) when Hazel shakes his hand.

Before Hazel is a thin man with reptilian pupils, wearing a glittering green robe. A python wrapped around him, all the while sensing the area with it’s forked tongue. “This is Sebastian Boyd McAlister. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does…you should listen…very carefully…trust me he’s helped us get out of several intense situations.”. Suddenly, Hazel’s pet snake appears and presents itself to McAlister and his python then withdraws back into Hazel’s clothing. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Sebastian.”, adds Hazel. Looking down Hazel sees a jittery Halfling only two feet tall. “This is Sam Haskill.”, declares Captain Greenwood. Haskill perks up (6) and shakes Hazel hand vigorously. “Hey..hey…hey…want some good stuff…yeah…goooood stuff”, discloses the Halfling. Hazel nods. Haskill pulls out a bag containing a dried herb of some kind. “It’ll make you fast…real fast…”, announces Haskill. Taking a sniff, Hazel aggress. Sam gives Hazel three portions of this “fast herb”.

Next a big club-footed troll approaches with a mug labeled “Property of Dooko”. “Uuuuurrrrr….meeee Dooooko…yuuu friend!”. As he (5) pulls Hazel in for a large bear hug. Hazel can smell the creatures halitosis and unwashed physique quite clearly. “Doooooooko makes yuuu his friend…I call yuuu “BOB!”…you come to the funeral…YES…Captain he friend nooooow!”. The Captain nods quietly in agreement.

A woman in armor with a hood nods (6) to Hazel. “This is Ruger.”. The Cascaran approaches Hazel, shakes his hand and then departs. “Oh, sorry that was Martin Stein…he’s in mourning. He’s usually more talkative.”, explains Greenwood. “To the back are Cambridge and Kitty…Kitty is the big man.”, finishes Greenwood. After several rounds of dink Princess Inferno becomes very drunk, giving Hazel the opportunity to chat her up.

Corwin and Malcolm begin to exit the tavern. A beautiful woman walks by them and enters the Black Hound Tavern. They immediately stop and follow her with their eyes.

She walks up to the bartender. Hazel hears her say, “Hello, my name is “Tempest Hardgrave”, I’m a Dancer!”. In his his inebriated state Hazel walks up to her and asks, “Heeeey, thersh layyyydie…guessh whoo haz annnn airrrrshippp and wannnntsszz to look at yerrr blimpssss!?!”. She responds with a sharp “No Thank You.”. Hazel turns around and walks away. As he is making his way back he falls (CRIT) unconscious, barely missing the edge of an oak table.

Sweede attempts to woo Tempest, but receives a slap to the face. He flies across a table and wipes the blood from his face. He stands back up and raises his gloved hands preparing for a fight! Sweede strikes Tempest in the face. Suddenly her skin turns a shiny silver hue, a ring on her right hand glows and a spectral sword appears inn her hand. She swings her sword and Sweede falls to the ground. Everyone in the tavern are awe struck. Tempest kneels down by Sweede’s body and places her hands upon his chest. Her hands begin to glow white and suddenly Sweede’s opens his eyes and smiles at Tempest. She extends her hand and lifts him to his feet. Tempest passes a gold piece to Sweede for the damage she had done to his tunic. He thanks her and he returns to his group. Hazel and the group depart for the funeral. Corwin decides to follow the funeral group from a distance (CRIT FAIL – Stealth).

Malcolm leaves to find a Wizard in town. He makes his way to the Merchant District. Malcolm discovers a new shop by the name of “Belfry’s Goods”. He walks in and spots a blue skinned man drinking some sort of alcoholic liquid. “Greeting Sir! May I help you?”. “I’m just browsing, but I am a sucker for a good bargain.”, answers Malcolm.

“My name is Winston Belfry, proprietor of this shop! I have many bargains. For example, this vase…it’s named the Heart of Valtos. It comes from the Elven Lands.”. He presents a white vase with swirling streaks and a golden interior. “I also have a Demon in a bottle!”. Removing from his jacket a bottle with a tiny red Demon baby submersed in a clear liquid. “I also have this dog figurine.”, as he throws the figurine onto the ground. Once it strikes a large sized doberman appears. “I call him Bluebeard!”, announces Belfry.

Pulling a small bag from behind the counter he reveals, “Demon Coffee Beans”. “These were ingested and then excreted from the anus’ of a Demon and then roasted to…shall we say perfection!”, he says with a wry smile. “For you…two gold pieces.”. “Agreed!”, answers Malcolm. Belfry hands him one bean. Once again with a wry smile. “How would use this?”. “Well, these beans are coveted by Goblin Traders…since they give you DEMONIC STRENGTH!!!”. “Oh, plus as an added bonus…VIRILITY!”. Malcolm buys two more beans.

“Other items I have…a full armor with an Eagle motif. It boosts the wearers ability throughout. Only 1500 gold pieces. But I feel the armor is just not you. How about this finely crafted women’s golden comb? It only costs 325.”. “No thank you I’ll pass, as I’m not in the market for a woman’s comb.”, answers Malcolm.

He then presents a box packed with straw. Upon the straw is an oversized heart stuck with black nails throughout. “This here is a Demon’s Heart! It came to me by a extraplanar trader.”. Malcolm notices that this may be a fake item that Belfry is trying to sell him, so he passes and asks him if he has any Alchemical items. “I do not, but I can obtain them for you should you give me a list. There is one last item that I would like to show you…and it’s on sale!”.

Belfry goes into the back room and returns with an empty white wooden cage. “This cage contains an invisible creature! I know…I know…you think me crazy! But if you have the ability to sense Magic, you would agree with me that there is a creature within the cage. I call it a fire-eye!”. Using his magical skills, Malcolm confirms this fact.

Belfry points and taps on the cage to convince him that there is something there within the bars. Malcolm uses his uncanny perception (CRIT) and confirms movement, along with a near imperceptible heat emanation. “Only…say….fifteen gold piece???”.

Inspecting the cage’s wooden makeup, Malcolm discovers that the wood is actually a special Charcoal made from rare Oak trees located in Shelwind Forest; the Ubame White Oak. When struck the charcoal emts a gong like sound. It burns without any odor and for an extended period of a month. It can benefit any Alchemical process. Also has been used as soap, utensils, wind chimes, dehumidifier for homes, promote vegetable growth and as a pest repellent. Malcolm manages to haggle Belfry down to thirteen gold pieces. Malcolm happily exits the shop, cage in hand.

Malcolm next stops by a new pet shop named “Gideons”. He walks in. Cabinets of various sizes line the walls that contains runes. Malcom has no clue what they say (CRIT FAIL). A red skinned Tiefling stands behind the counter. “Did you want something?”, announces the Tiefling gruffly. His eyes grow wide as he spots the cage in Malcolm hands. “My name is Killian. Are you selling that cage?”. “Why would you want to buy a an empty cage?” asks, Malcolm. “I could use another cage. After all…this is a pet shop.”. “Do you have any Alchemical ingredients?”, asks Malcolm. “Noooo…this IS a PET SHOP after all.”, remarks Killian. Realizing that he’s not getting anywhere, Malcolm leaves the pet shop. Malcolm heads outside the City into the forest.

Once in the forest, he opens the cage. He waits for several minutes, but nothing happens. He approaches the cage to close it. At that moment he feels his body wracked with pain that lasts only a second (CRITFORTITUDE), he opens his eyes to see a giant floating eyeball engulfed in flames. “Hello there I am your friend! My name is (unpronounceable)…but you can call me Dallas!”, declares the creature. Hmmm…this is a new place…I could not see everything until I became your friend. Oh, you probably want to know where I’m destined…no, that’s not the right word…I mean where I’m from. This thing you call talking and language is hard for me to understand. My place is fluid, watery, misty…yes…misty…to the side…or right…up, back…but mostly up…I think. It’s good to be your friend. And these long tubes with spots in front of me…they are green? What is green…is it like up? No…not up. Green…greeeeen. I will find it out. Maybe I could show you where I come from. It could hurt…or is it kill…I don’t know which word to use…very confusing. ”.

“I would really like you to know which one it is, since one is very bad.”, explains Malcolm. “So, kill is bad and hurt is good?”, asks the eye. “Well it’s complicated.” The eye swiftly moves toward Malcolm. “So, I should Hurt you!”, screams the floating flaming eye. “Ok we should hurt each other…you and I are connected! We are made from the place I am from…Some of your people call it the fifth element.”. Malcolm does not understand what Dallas means by fifth element. He heads back to the tavern.

Meanwhile, the funeral is being held at the Children of the Sun’s cathedral located in the Noble District. This opulent building is adorned with golden statues of Solarr. The cathedral is packed with over two hundred people. Several of the people Hazel met at the tavern are the pallbearer; Captain Greenwood, Martin Stein, Melony, Cambridge, Kitty and Dooko. Corwin joins Hazel.

Siting in the third row, Hazel notices (CRIT) the individual in the casket wearing a swashbuckler’s hat with blue feathered plumes. As soon as they announce the deceased’s name; Admiral Bascom Tolliver, Corwin realizes that he has heard of this man. A Legendary Admiral that all sailors admired greatly. The attendees all pass by the open casket of Tolliver, some friends…some foes. Following the viewing several indviduals retail the crowd with stories of the Admiral. Hazel decides to make up a story and addresses the crowd, but his con is easily detected and he is booed of the podium. Dissatisfied and angered at his failure he exits the church. Out side he passes by two the Church’s Golden colored Plate Armored guards.

Outside Hazel is further hassled by four beggars about his attempt to fool the funeral crowd. Hazel goes over to one of the beggars and says “Hey…you wanna to make a gold coin…go hassle those two stupid Church guards”. “I’ll do it for two gold…not one!”, responds the beggar. “Done!”, answers Hazel.

The beggar gets up and proceeds to bumps into both guards. The guards begin to smack him with their gauntlets. He takes a few hits and then walks into an alleyway. Hazel joins the beggar, as does the beggars comrades. The beggar is holding in his hand two shiny golden codpieces, “Another two gold pieces for these, Sir?”. “What’s your name beggar?”. “You can call me, Ford.”. “I’m Grimsbane.”, announces Hazel. Hazel notices that Ford has an aura of friendliness, which makes him very approachable. “You are very good at what you do, my boss may want to employ you!, says Hazel. Ford smirks and says, “Heh! maybe you should come work for me? If you are interested…find Darma. She’s in the Merchant District If you manage to find her, you may of worth to me.”. Hazel momentarily looks down at the ground. When he raises his head all the beggars have vanished!

The funeral ends and Corwin joins Hazel outside. They return to the Black Hound and make their way to the back room to meet with Taalesh. The vampire greets them, “Tonight we win our freedom my friends. Hazel why the big smirk on your face?”. Hazel pulls out the two golden codpieces, “I got these off a couple Children of the Sun guards!”. At that moment Malcolm enters carrying the empty charcoal cage. Corwin thinks to himself, “What kind of people am I associating with…one carries twigs and the other collects codpieces!!!”.

“Ok, here’s the plan to eliminate the Candle Man! Malcolm will take down that damn annoying pixie, Violet! I’ve acquired a weapon that will kill Candle Man, but I have to be behind him. Corwin and Hazel will attack Candle man from the front. This must done before he instructs the pixie to extinguishes our candles.”

Taalesh withdraws a wand made out of bone attached with hair and tar and hands it to Hazel. Who has no idea what this wand is. Taalesh names it a Pointing Bone and explains that it will turn living creatures into a rabbit. Next he hands Corwin a couple sharp knives. “Corwin, these are Backstabbers Delight, they will greatly assist you with your fight.”. Taalesh pulls out a heavy duty scissor. “This little beauty will kill that bastard by severing his silver cord! I’ve discovered the Candle Man’s hiding spot; where he goes when he is not attached to a human host. Now that Sable is dead, the Candle Man will bond with his spare host; Honeyspot. I will transport myself to his realm and conceal myself. Once he takes overs Honeyspot’s body, I will follow him from his realm and strike from behind!”

Malcolm proceeds to brew some mutagens for himself with his Alchemical kit. “I can help you!”, Malcolm hears in his head. He realizes it’s Dallas speaking to him. “Ok do it!”, Malcolm answers silently.

Hazel grips his moms pendant and the pointing bone together in his right hand. All the while keeping thoughts of his mother close. Each of the Hounds takes a moment to pray to a God of their choosing. Corwin makes some home made molotov cocktails. Malcolm goes out to purchase acid vials as well as a reinforced weighted net for application of some alchemical agent. Taalesh departs for Candle Man’s realm.

Once Malcolm returns from his shopping spree, the team positions themselves for the coming fight. Corwin sits by the hearth, while Malcolm is within twenty feet of the front door with his alchemical weapons. Hazel is close by Malcolm ready to take on the Candle Man!

Sounds of high heeled foot steps can be heard approaching the taverns front door. The door opens and Honeyspot steps in. She asks the Hounds what they are doing in the bar. They respond by saying they are holding their group meeting. Not liking what she hears, she steps behind the bar and slumps over as the Candle Man takes possession of her body. Thick darkness grows from her shape to reform as the Candle Man.

“Youuuu havvvvvve killed Sable!”, declares the Candle Man. “You are mistaken Candle Man!”, answers Corwin. At that moment Violet appears from the Candle Man’s back and says, “I think you all are guilty of killing Sable!”. Her eyes glow red and Corwin become disoriented. Hazel and Malcolm manage shrug off Violet’s mental attack. Meanwhile, Corwin begins to babble incoherently.

“Can I come out?”, asks Dallas to Malcolm. Malcolm agrees and suddenly his mind expands with the knowledge of the true nature of this creature that has bonded to him. “Extinguish their candles Violet!!!”, commands the Candle Man.

The Candle Man attacks Hazel with it’s incorporeal claws. The attack instantly kills Hazel, he falls to the ground like a wet sack of potatoes. His last sensation is a burning sensation in his right hand that contained his mothers pendant. Dazzling beams erupt from his fallen body, blinding everyone in the tavern except for the creature know to Malcolm as “Dallas”. Hazel’s physical contact with his mother’s pendant has activated a latent being residing within the jewelry. Seconds later a new being stands in Hazel’s place, a being made of thought and lightning. This being smiles and names itself…”Razor”.

Dallas takes aim at Violet, using its telekinesis on the Fey. A blinded pixie slams into the far wall, the impact causes her to spit blood. In a frenzied voice she screams, “I Wiiiiillllllllll KILLLLL YOU ALLLL!!!”.

Corwin swings his two blades blindly, but is unable to connect with any of the targets. The Candle Man reaches with clawed hands at the candles on his back, not being able to see which candle is which he can blindly puts out a candle, hoping it will belong to one of the Hounds’. Fortunately, for the group he puts out a candle from another servant. A scream is heard far in the distance as an unfortunate servant is disintegrated where he slept. The Candle Man curses at the failed attempt.

Even blinded Violet manages to fly over to the Candle Man and begins to snuff out candles. She manages to snuff out Corwin’s candle. He eyes darken as his soul is snuffed out and his body hits the ground.

Razor looks around and focuses his malice at the Candle Man. Razor raises his hands that begin to glow white. From them shoots two rays that strikes the Candle Man squarely in the chest.

Dallas uses its force ability to slam Violet back at the wall, but she manages to resist being sent back to the wall.
Malcolm throws his weighted net at Violet, but she manages to dodge even while blinded.

The Candle Man cries out in pain as something strike him from behind. Malcolm surmises it must be Taalesh attacking the Candle Man from his hidden spot within the Candle Man’s realm. Suddenly, Taalesh’s figure emerges from behind the Candle Man brandishing the large magical scissors.

Candle Man cast a Suffocation spell upon Razor, who barely resists the effect of the magic cast upon him.

Violet attempts to extinguishes Malcolm’s candle, with no success. Instead she snuffs out an unknown servants candle.

Taalesh floats behind the Candle Man. Raising the scissors he cuts the air behind the creatures neck. As he closes the blades, a silvery cord becomes visible issuing forth from the Candle Man’s neck. With a snip he severs the cord, bringing down the Candle Man to its knees. Malcolm closes in on Violet and flings an acid vial at her. But the vial does not connect with its target. Dallas grabs Violet with his incorporeal hands and strikes the fey with his force attack, breaking some ribs and damaging her left wing.

With much effort the Candle Man casts Waves of Fatigue. Negative energy waves strike Malcolm and Razor, causing them to be fatigued. Violet manages to escape Malcolm’s net and tries to extinguish his candle. But, once again she is unsuccessful.

Taalesh sinks his teeth into the Candle Man and begins to drain the injured creature before him. Razor rushes the Candle Man and places his burning hands on the creatures face. Candle Man howls in pain.

Malcolm manages to strike Violet with a barrage of acid vials. She falls to the ground and dies as the acid eats her flesh.

Candle Man slashes at Razor with its clawed hands, doing minimal damage. Razor laughs at the pain, while Taalesh continues to drain more blood from the Candle Man. Dallas strikes the Candle Man with its Telekinetic strike and delivers the killing blow!

The body of the Candle Man begins to erode into a greenish-red sludge and discolors the floorboards.


KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #2
Year 5 A.M. (After Melphor)

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #2 – 02/19/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. CORWIN KOCH-WESER – Rogue – Brian
3. HAZEL GRIMSBANE – Witch – Matt

1. The Candle Man: Mysterious Employer
2. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Vampire
3. Ryan Roseville: Kargal Baker
4. Jenny, Sarah, Millie and Mimi Roseville: Baker’s Daughters
5. Clifford Norton: Baker Assistant
6. Jonathan Sable: Black Hound Tavern Owner
7. Rachel Honeyspot: Black Hound Tavern Barmaid

1. None: N/A


SIGBARD: Investigate Kishna and locate Martin Stein, but is unable to find him. Kailune Diamond Mine; find nothing of further value so they fill up the mine. There was a small baby Spider creature that they had to dispatch before closing the mine. A carcass of the mother spider construct was located with her belly erupted from the inside out…what transpired is unknown.

MORDAIN: Investigate the Cold front, but is unable to find out. His wife Salamis investigates as well and discovers that Frost Giant are the cause and that they are moving to exterminate anyone in their way. They have a God of Evil with an unpronouncable name, and their aim is to bring a new Ice Age to Korvan. The Serpents have a way of dealing with the cold, namely a magical items/tattoos that protect them. Salamis reveals her suspicion that Dorn is immune to the cold, and that there may be other Serpents in their Society that are the same as Dorn.

ROARK: He is heading to Kargal to be the honored guest for the Monument of Battle Festival. Celebrating his victory five years ago. The Monument will be unveiled when he arrives along with a huge Festival. As well as solidifying ties with the City of Kargal and spreading the Word of Bliss. He is also to pick up two Relics. The first being special fabrics from the Orc Lands (Vorshak), while the other object is the Goblet of Torag. He wishes to bring into Bliss’ fold any Torag Followers that still occupy Korvan.

The Candle Man places the Black Spot upon each persons right palm. The new recruits notice that three new lighted candles appear upon the creatures back. “You are’hhheeeeee now MINE’hhhheee!”

“Oh come on “Candy”!” someone announces in a high pitched voice. Suddenly, a bright green light flies off the Candle Man’s back and lands on the table. The light dies down to reveal a winged six inch tall female humanoid. She declares, “Hi, I’m Violet! Don’t mind Candy…he’s grouchy after being asleep for five thousand years. Plus he’s got a chip on his shoulder.” The Candle Man cringes at the winged Fey’s voice. Shadows begin to rise and grow darker as the Candle Man attempts to scare the new recruits. Corwin and Malcolm feel this despair creep into their being, but Hazel is unaffected. The Candle Man disappears into the shadows. “So, you are the new recruits…Great…Great!”, sniffing each recruit.

“Here’s how it works guys, Candy will give you a mission through Jonathan…and I’ll help a bit as well”, she smiles. “Poor Candy…he was cursed by Ob, the Creator to do this for the rest of his unnatural life. Candy did this thing call genocide, and was cursed to stay in this City and help it when it is threatened. Now that this “Lizard problem” is here…he’s been reawakened.” Violet also informs the recruits that the Candle Man can not act on his own, he must use agents to do the work. It’s his punishment for his crime eons ago. She then disappears into the darkness.

The darkness dissipates and the recruits are left alone for a moment. Sable pops back up and says, “Ummm….sorry I dozed of back there. So! You are all hired!”. “We should celebrate with a celebratory drink…right?!?”, announces Hazel. Sable agrees and gives him Grog Ale (named “Pond Scum”), which Hazel likes immediately. Corwin convinces Hazel to drink the whole cask of “Pond Scum” Grog. Hazel proceeds to drink…and drink…until he vomits into Malcolm’s mouth. Malcolm resists the urge to vomit. Hazel continues to drink and vomits a second time. This time into Sable’s mouth, who vomits back into Hazel’s mouth. Which starts another chain reaction of Hazel vomiting at Sable, who manages barely to sidestep the alcohol/ bile-guzzled jet coming at him. Unable to stop Hazel continues to drink his last Grog and vomit filled mugs. Seconds later he jettisons a large stream of vomit at everyone. Corwin receives a large portion of the vomit in his mouth. The bile also burns his eyes and cheeks. Hazel is unable to see due to the vomit in his face. Corwin takes him outside and throw him into a horses’ watering trough. He washes off most of the vomit chunks that are clinging to him. Corwin pretends to help out, all the while stealing the gold goblet from Hazel’s bag. They re-enter the tavern. Sable hands Hazel a mop and water bucket to clean up his “mess”. It takes him almost two hours to clean up, while his new “friends” laugh at him. Sable tells them to return to the tavern at nine in the morning. They three recruits split up and head home.

Malcolm returns to the Bliss Inn, where he is immediately instructed by Astro to “Take a HOT bath!!!”. Astro then proceeds to burn Malcolm’s clothes and hands him a Bliss follower Golden tunic and pants to wear. Astro also offers an Herbal package for another 4 gold pieces, which Malcolm agrees to.

Corwin returns to the Market District. His roommate, Darma Biggins is there when he enters. She is a merchant of worms and leeches for healing purposes. Corwin showers and Darma joins him. Afterwards Darma confides to him that she does healing side work for the Blackbriar Guild.

Hazel returns to his sister in the same smelly condition and passes out on his bed. In the morning he awakens and makes his way to the dock’s communal baths. Unfortunately, for Hazel the baths retained the fishy barnacle odor, which only adds to his already putrid aroma. He estimates to it will take five days for the “perfume” to dissipate. All of the sailors at the docks keep away from Hazel. All save for a short gnarled bearded sailor by the name of “Grimey”. Grimey sells Hazel a leather pouch containing “bath salts”. Returning to the bath house he finds a tub to soak in with the bath salts. The salt crystals fizz as they hit the baths water surface. Hazel dunks himself into the bath, in hopes of clearing out his stench. It feels so good to Hazel, plus he can tell that his scent has faded a bit. But as he is enjoying his small victory, he notices that the salts have turned his skin lime green!!! “GRIMEEEEY!!!….YOU BASTARRRRRD!!!!”, screams Hazel. Still in the bath, he digs through his bag for the goblet he stole from the Black Hound Tavern. He inspects the gleaming item and decides to put some of the baths water in the goblet. The water disappears and crystals begin to grow within the goblet. After a few minutes a gem is left within. A smile spreads across Hazel’s face, he is RICH!!! But within minutes his eyes blur and the goblet disappears out of his hands. He looks to his bag, it lies untouched and un-opend. Hazel realizes to his dismay, that the bath salts caused him to have a hallucination. He lies in the bath a broken man. After ten more minutes he gets out and returns to the Black Hound Tavern.

All three return to the tavern at nine in the morning. Sable directs them to follow him into the back room, while Honeyspot takes care of the bar. “You’ll instructed to go the the Black Hound Hideout, outside the city to the east. There you will meet “Taalesh Visser”. He will be your contact and further instructions.” explains Sable.

As the team head out they pass the covered Monument of Battle. Several elite city guards are watching over the slaves putting the finishing touches upon the structure. In front of the building is a large rectangular man-made lake.

The hideout is located in a swamp area outside the city. There are ice crystals clinging to the vegetation, the cold air is ushering the numbness of Winter. Entering the abandoned three-story building, the entrance area looks to be untouched. Hazel uses his Light Spell to illuminate his right forefinger. While dusk-skinned Corwin just brushes by Hazel and enters the hallway darkness without a care. “It’s ok, there are no traps here!”, declares Corwin. Unfortunately, for Corwin he was unable to detect the thin cord which triggers the wall trap. He narrowly flings his body forward as two large feet-level blocks slam into each other. Both Hazel and Malcolm snicker at him. “Ok, it’s safe now!” announces Hazel with a smile and passes Corwin lying on the floor.

Corwin springs back up and moves ahead once again triggering (CRIT FAILPERCEPTION) a foot plate trap. The floor dips at a 45 degree angle and Corwin slides down towards ten inch steel spikes. Corwin pulls out his grappling hook and shoots it behind him, narrowly missing Hazel’s face as the hook sinks into the hallway ceiling. The rope goes taut and Corwin stops three inches away from the blood-stained spikes. Hazel and Malcolm assist Corwin back up the slide. Corwin stands back up and notices (CRITPERCEPTION) that there is a dark-skinned individual clinging to the ceiling with red eyes and enlarged canines. “Hello lads, you must be the new recruits!”, declares the stranger. Corwin has heard tales of creatures that speak of blood suckers that haunt the darkness. Coupled with the fact that this creature is an Elf, makes it truly Evil!

“We are Taalesh!”, announces the Vampire with a broad wicked smile. He is clad in red-stained plate armor with two swords at his side. Upon his belt lie several animal and humanoid skulls in miniature. Malcolm and Corwin spot a faint blue-green glow to these skulls. “So, shall we go downstairs?…Follow me!”. He proceeds to push a wall panel inward, reengaging the floor trap. At the end of the hallway is a door which springs open to reveal stairs leading downward. Taalesh leads the way. Torches begin to light with a blue flame as the group spirals down. Arriving a large stone door with glyphs carved into the frame. Malcolm recognizes that this is a magical portal. Taalesh proceeds to walk through the “door”. Which turns out to be an illusion. The others follow Taalesh into the unknown.

Malcolm feels a bit sick upon his arrival through the portal, while his compatriots are unaffected. The portal drops them off in a torch lit 40’ by 40’ room. The room is very well furnished. There is a coffin in the far corner. Taalesh says, “We have a mission that needs to be completed. Are you ready, or do you need to get provisions?”. “What’s the mission first.”, Malcolm inquires.

Taalesh takes out a scroll with an illustration of a middle aged man. “We need to find this individual, he is a follower of the Serpent Kingdom. He’s a low level minion of the sect. He is to be transported to another location, which is located a hour away from his home. You must make sure no one notices you or his brief absence. Otherwise the mission will be a failure. His name is Ryan Roseville, human, widower, a father of four young children (four, six, eight and ten years of age). A Baker by trade in the Merchant District. He provides goods exclusively to the Merchants. Find out Roseville’s routine, people he is familiar with, his weaknesses, etc.”.

Corwin reveals that he knows of this man. Because, Corwin and his father are Bakers as well. One bit of inside information Corwin provides is the fact that Roseville gets his wheat imported from Bladecrest. Every Monday morning at four, Roseville and an assistant (Clifford Norton) go to the docks to pick up the wheat.

Taalesh explains, “You have two days to abduct him and get him to the location.”. Hazel suggests that it would be a good plan to contaminate Roseville’s dough, in order to have him go to Corwin’s Bakery for a substitute. They all agree it’s a good start to their plan. “Off you go then! We look forward to the completion of your first mission as the Candle Man’s “Hounds”!”.

They all return through the portal and exit the abandoned house. The group decides to do some reconnaissance before they solidify the plan. The Hounds decide to go to Roseville’s Bakery for information about his children and assistant.

Side Note: The bazaar (from noon to six) has no premium to the costs of the items, while buying from the merchants directly does. The Bliss celebration day is scheduled for this Saturday.

Hazel purchases a weekly pass for the Merchant District. Hazel decides to loiter around the rear door of the Bakery, while Corwin scopes out Roseville’s stall in the bazaar. Malcolm enters the bakery for more information regarding Roseville’s children.

Malcolm enters the establishment, Clifford welcomes him. “Welcome Sir. Please excuse me one moment…I will be right back”. Clifford takes out the trash.

Clifford bumps into Hazel when he’s taking out the trash. “Get out of here you bum”, as Clifford covers his nose due to the rank smell Hazel exudes. “I haven’t eaten in days…take pity on my good Sir!”. Clifford tosses him two copper pieces and ushers Hazel away. Upon leaving Hazel hears children arguing. Form the argument he discovers three of the four names of the children; Jenny, Sarah and Millie.

Malcolm hears the commotion in the back of the store. As he turns around he’s startled to see a two year old girl standing in front of him with a burnt and mangled up teddy bear with sharp teeth. “Want to hug my bear, Mister?”, as she holds out the monstrosity. “No…no…that’s quite all right little girl. What happened to him?.” “Oh he was in the oven….it was an acccccident.”, as she gives him an uncomfortable smile. Malcolm is completely convinced (CRIT FAILSUBTERFUGE).

Clifford returns, “I’m sorry Sir…I had to deal with a vagrant…there are so many of them in the city, and the soldiers do nothing…nothing at all! The Master will be home later in case you want to discuss any custom baked goods.”. “We are preparing traditional and new baked goods for the celebration this weekend. We have appropriated recipes from the Bliss Church Coordinator…Cord is his name. The desert is called “Jabliss”; as sweet reddish swirled fried dough…It signifies the Red Dragon that Roark dispatched; by eating it you are vanquishing the beast as well…it will be a GREAT addition to our line of baked goods!” “Unfortunately, we do not have any available, since they are to be unveiled at the Monument on Saturday. House Kargal has spared no expense to make this Celebration an unforgettable one! And to have the Great Roark here is just icing on the cake!”. Malcolm asks, “Do you by chance have any of the Bliss buns with cream?”. “Yes, I do have the “Milk Mountains”! That will be one silver, Sir.”. “You’re supposed to cram it in your mouth to have the full experience!”.

“Oh, and our city’s specialty dishes will be on sale as well. Namely, braised goose, goose feet with noodles…which are delectable! Stir fired pork with green beans and crispy pork skins. Goose and pork…we are famous for it!”. “This celebration will build bonds with every followers of Bliss!”.

Hazel relocates to across the street from the shop. Malcolm exists with cream puff smears on his mouth and heads down the street away from Hazel’s location. Hazel attempts sneaks off into an alleyway, but two individuals notice him and yell at him; due to the fact that his “perfume” is hurting their noses. They begin to follow him. Hazel sprints away and eludes them. On one of the Notice Boards, Hazel notices that there’s an announcement for “Giant Beetle Racing!”; new to Kargal, due to the popular Bird Rider Races in Lathotep. Races will begin in one week.

Corwin makes his way through an alleyway and is stopped by a beggar with a broken makeshift crown and scepter. “Bow down in front of the “KING OF KARGAL!”, he screams. A look of total insanity on his face. Several people bow and hurry past the crazy beggar. Corwin and the King face off alone in the alleyway. “I am Prince Michael…let me anoint you!”, as he presses his soot-covered finger towards Corwin’s brow. Corwin pulls (CRITINITIATIVE) Michael toward him and tries to knock him out with the pommel of his dagger. “Owww…what are you doing?!?”. Michael, raises his scepter to strikes Corwin on the forehead. “DIE PEASANT!!!”. Corwin’s snake slides out of his sleeve and spits it’s venom into Michael’s eyes (CRIT). “It BURRRRNNNNS….BUUuurnnnsss…AHHHhhhh….I know who you are…I’ll tell the guards!!!”. Corwin stabs him in the guts with his dagger. Michael spits out some blood and begins to fall to the ground. Corwin guides the “Prince” towards the ground and arranges his lifeless body as if Michael was taking a nap. Searching the body, Corwin discovers a black bun in one of the beggars’ sack. Placing the crown and scepter back on Michael, Corwin skulks away with blooded hands and a firm smile on his face.

The Hounds manage to meet up and head to the Bazaar, where Roseville is selling his baked goods. Unfortunately, for Roseville (and Corwin’s Father), sales and traffic have been very slow. Probably, due to the forthcoming Bliss Celebration.

Before Roseville returns, the Hounds decide to head back to the store and initiate their plans of contaminating the dough batches. Corwin will help Hazel infiltrate the back door, while Malcolm will gather Bliss followers in front of the store and praise the Bakers “Bliss’ Milk Mountains” confections that they have for sale. All the while providing further distractions for Hazel to infiltrate the store and infect the batches.

Five Bliss followers and Malcolm begin to sing and dance, gathering a crowd of merchants and customers. Roseville’s daughters come out to enjoy the dancing as well. The smallest and creepiest of Roseville’s daughters stares directly at Malcolm. He gets the felling that there’s more to this “little girl” with the creepy teddy bear.

Corwin and Hazel enter the rear and make their way to the batches. Hazel casts his Putrefaction Hex and rubs his stench just for added effect. Molds grow quickly and destroy the dough. Corwin searches the area and discovers a loose floorboard that contains a stash of four hundred gold pieces. The two Hounds exit the store room quickly, closing the door silently behind them.

Malcolm ushers the followers down the street and winds down the dancing and singing. The followers praise Bliss and depart the scene. All the while, the creepy girl watching Malcolm’s departure. “Mimi…get in here!”, cries one of the other daughters.

Moments later the Hounds and all the individuals on the street hear, “Oh No!!! The batch!!!”. As Clifford exits the store and runs directly for the bazaar. Corwin trips (CRITINITIATIVE) Clifford, who slams into the cobble stones. Clifford breaks his nose. Corwin picks him up and proceeds to stealthily search his pockets. Corwin manages to swipe three items from Clifford; A pipe, a bag with four gold pieces and a small knife. Clifford runs on to the bazaar with utmost haste.

The Hounds follow, and observe Clifford informing Roseville of the calamity that has befallen the business. Roseville rushes to Corwin’s Father’s (Peter) stall and pleads with him to save him. Corwin arrives at his Father’s stall. “What’s going on Dad?”. “Oh, hello Son…Ryan’s batch of dough has been infected and he wants to buy some from us.”. Corwin takes his Dad aside and informs him that this is a great opportunity for them to crush their business rival. “Oh Son, you are too harsh, but I do agree with you that he should pay for this.”.

“I’ll pay you one hundred gold pieces!”, announces Roseville. “You have a deal Ryan!”, says Peter. Roseville rushes back to his store, thirty minutes later he returns with a sullen look upon his face. “It’s gone….my money is gone…the floor board was…open?!? I’m at a loss….”. “I can’t help you then Ryan.”, says Peter.

Side Note: Vile Points: Corwin (1) (*Vile: An affinity to other Vile individuals)

Corwin takes Ryan aside and tells him, “I know someone who can help you…he’s an hour away from the City…and I know he can help you out.”. “I’ll do it!!!”, exclaims Roseville. Ryan instructs Clifford to take care of the kids while he is away.

Corwin takes Ryan to the abandoned mine location. Malcolm and Hazel are waiting for him there. “Who are these people…are they the people that will help me?!?”. Hazel approaches Roseville and with malice and stench pushes him into the mine entrance. Corwin grabs his arm and takes him down. But, Roseville resists and tries to break free and run away. Malcolm kicks sand into Ryan’s face, causing him to become momentarily blind. Hazel attempts to pin Ryan to the ground and says, “The more you struggle the worse it will be for you!”. But, Roseville manages to sidestep Hazel and attempts to make his way out of the mine. “Your daughters will die if you leave!”, announces Hazel. Ryan turns and swings wildly at Hazel. He connects (CRIT) with Hazel’s jaw, and knocks him out cold.

Malcolm moves in and knocks out Roseville with the flat of his drawn blade. Roseville goes down and the Hounds tie him up with rope. Corwin steals Roseville’s bag of three silver pieces. They awaken Hazel and proceed to drag the body down into the mine. Someone has left signs that say, “This way”.

They arrive at a round room with a chalk-lined pentagram within a circle, along with arcane symbols throughout. An tall man has his back to the Hounds as they enter there domed area. The man turns and says, “You are early…well done! Put him into the circle. And be sure not to break the chalk lines!”. The Hounds place him securely into the pentagram. The individual is very pale and tall with taut muscles and pale blue eyes. He proceeds to wave his hands creating glowing sigils in the air. Hazel realizes that the symbols and incantations are of an Abyssal nature.

Ryan’s body is stripped naked and his body begins to rise into the air as dark ruby mists begin to coalesce at Roseville’s belly button. The mists swirls and then enters his belly button. The body writhes in pain and is then lowered back down. The new “Roseville’s” opens his eyes. Blood red veins appear on his skin and the whites of his eyes. Only to disappear seconds later. “You can take him back now”, announces the white skinned “man”.

“Ahhhh….well this feels different…no, not home…must be Korvan Prime, eh! My Master…Master Sigbard thanks you! He’s such a “kind” person!”, Roseville says with a wry smile. “Where do I go now?”. Suddenly, through the walls appears Mimi, Roseville’s creepy daughter. She takes Roseville’s hand and walks him out of the mine in silence.

The Hounds depart as well, Corwin looks back to see the pale man and the pentagram disappear without any trace of being there. At the Black Hound Tavern, they arrive at seven at night. Along the way they do see Roseville and daughter walking hand in hand.

The tavern is very busy, Sable slyly points them to the back room. The patrons all seem repulsed as Hazel walk by them. Hazel spots Grimey drinking and laughing in the corner. Hazel makes his way to Grimey and embraces him and says, “Lets have bygone be bygones, Grimey, eh!”. Hazel buys him a cask of Pond Scum. Grimey takes Hazel generous offer and begins to drink. “Lads, come and drink with me! I’ve bought you this cask!”. The sailors gather and begin to chant Grimey’s name in appreciation of his generosity.

Taalesh is waiting for the Hounds in the back room. “So, how did it go?”. “Better than I thought it would”, answers Hazel. “Our client is happy?”. “Yes, he was.”, answers Corwin. “Great I should receive payment shortly, then.”. “How about getting a bonus then?”, mentions Hazel. Taalesh slaps him and answers, “While I commend your greediness…you must also know your place. Let that be a lesson to you all.”. Taalesh asks them if they would like another task. Suddenly, Sable enters and yells at Taalesh, “Who are you?”. Tallesh backhands Sable and knocks him out and proceeds to suck his blood. “Ahhh….that’s better.”. He wipes the would and heals Sable’s neck wound.

“Taalesh, what’s the next job?”, asks Corwin without any concern for Sable’s limp body upon the floor. “Well, we have heard rumors that there will be an assassination attempt on one of Bliss’ followers. And the client wants us to safe guard this person so they can move up in rank.”.

“But I do have something personal you can do for me Corwin. I need you to deliver an item to Algernon. Meeting “him” will be a nice surprise for you all. And you’ll get to know the City…namely, they previous City that lies underneath. Farsil or Kargal as it is known now was built upon an older one that has a myriad underground pathways to other cities. But I’m sure Algernon will fill you in.”. He hands them a wrapped brown paper package with the name “Algernon” upon it.

Malcolm prepares a potion to heal Hazel of the wounds he suffered previously. But, unfortunately he mixes (CRIT FAIL) the correct root and poisons Hazel. Hazel manages to vomit (CRITFORTITUDE) the whole contents of the potion without dying. “What are you trying to do!!!!???!!!…KILL ME!!!”, yells Hazel. Taalesh hands him a green liquid glass vile with a white squishy worm in it. “Drink!”. Hazel feels much better after taking a swig of the solution. Malcolm remains silent, knowing that he almost killed his associate. Taalesh proceeds to push a small wall panel which releases a small two foot square at the base of the far wall. “The way is through that…have fun my friends! And stray from the path on this map.”.

The Hounds crawl into the opening and disappear into the darkness of the underground sewers. The stones of the sewers seem to be several hundreds of years old, and some seem older than that. They approach a gate in the shape of a demons mouth. Entering torches light their way. Rats appear everywhere along the way, they seem to be watching the Hounds. Following the map they make their way to Algernon’s location. Some sections of the darkness, Corwin is unable to penetrate. At a dead end of a hallway, tiny red lights appear rapidly. Suddenly the “wall” falls apart in a wave of hundreds of rats of various sizes scurry away. In the center of this mass appears a small floppy eared brown-white mouse with a long thin hairy tail. It smells the air with it’s triangular snout and long whiskers. The rats begin to “build” a podium for this small timid-looking mouse. “Welcome…welcome to my Realm…I am Algernon…do you have a gift for me?”. Corwin hands over the package. Algernon wave his front right feet and the package levitates and unpacks in front of him. A jewel encrusted cherrywood flute with a rodent motif is revealed. “Very good…very good, anther item for my collection…and who might you be?”. The Hounds introduce themselves to the tiny being. “Hmmmm…it is a pleasure to meet you all…by the way I can help your smell problem”, Algernon points at Hazel. “But you will owe me…”. “Ok.”, agrees Hazel. “All of you come with me.”, Algernon motions as he floats further into the sewers. They arrive in a vast cavern that has a miniature castle in the center. To the side of the castle lies a swirling glowing pool. Algernon enters and walks out the the highest balcony in the castle. Small miniature bottles float to the visitors. “Do drink…this is my won vintage…it’s the best in the land…go on…go on!”, announces small soft-spoken mouse. The hounds each toast to Algernon’s friendship. The liqueur drink is very sweet and pleasant. Malcolm surmises that he could sell this for a lot of money. It has a very unique taste. “This is very good…very good indeed. I’ve tasted various drink from the City, but nothing compares to your liqueur!”, exclaims Malcolm. “Oh brilliant…I do try…It’s made from the mold spores that reside in our gardens. I would show you the gardens, but your feet would damage the environment. But I digress…foul smelling one…approach. Through that doorway to the left is a pool, you may bath in it and it will remove your stench…and it will heal you.”. Hazel enters a cavern with glowing silk worms hanging on to the ceiling of the cavern. Sporadically, the worms fall into the pool and dissolve. Submerging himself, Hazel feels refreshed, healed, an no longer green. Emerging from the cavern Hazel’s associates no longer smell him from afar. Hazel tells his compatriots that there are tunnels that link several cities together. Malcolm surmises (CRITKNOWLEDGE MAGIC) that Algernon is a supernatural being of immense power and influence. “Be sure to keep your reptile companions on a leash in my Realm…my “friends” may eat them by mistake.”, warns Algernon. Behind him are rodents of various sizes with very sharp teeth.

“Algernon, do you have anything that is for sale?”, asks Corwin. “Oh, I never sell anything…but I do trade for a favor. Just as your Witch friend now owes me.”, answers Algernon. “Do thank the Vampire…he does provide me with such nice gifts…and I do enjoy gifts for my kingdom. Shall we play a game? It’s hand and seek….You hide….and we seeeeeeeek!”, Algernon says with a wide smile and several twitches of his nose. “Perhaps, another time…and what is that favor you wish of me?”, Hazel inquires. “Oh yes, there’s this golden goblet that I’ve been looking for…it’s located in a tavern.”. says Algernon. “I know of the exact goblet you are speaking of…I had it, but it was stolen!”, answers Hazel. “Where is IT…WHERE is it???…I Wannnnnt that goblet!!!”.

“What is the goblet worth?”, asks Corwin. “Ohhhh….it’s not the price but the possessing that I desire. Would you like to see my collection? Come along…”, as Algernon floats towards a door in the back of the area. The team enters a grand cavern with pinkish-red quartz-like crystals of various sizes. Within them are items, animals, plants and beings of various races. “Here is my Collection!!!” Whomever shall gift me that goblet will gain safe passage within my Realm forever!”.

“Does the goblet have the power to turn water into gems?” inquires Hazel. “No…no…the goblet has no magical abilities…it is a mundane item. The only value is in it’s gems and gold. My friends will lead you out. Good Bye My Friends….and remember…STAY on the Path!”, answers Algernon. Four Elephant sized Rats guide the team out. Numerous smaller rodents dart in and out of the giant sized rats.

Returning to the demon mouth gate the Hounds return through the small wall opening into the back room of the tavern. Taalesh is sitting with Sable’s wrist at his mouth. “Should I take it all?…yes I should.”,he sucks that last remnants of Sable’s blood and tosses the body in front of the Hounds. “Get rid of this!”, commands Taalesh. Corwin picks up the body and hands it to Hazel for disposal. Hazel proceeds to take the body to the wall of rats where they met Algernon. He leaves the body in the dirty waters. Ice resists the urge to look behind him as sounds of slurping and crunching fill the tunnels.

Side Note: Vile Points: Hazel (1) (*Vile: An affinity to other Vile individuals)

Hazel returns. Taalesh announces, “I guess he is weakened…that insufferable Candle Man!…you do know that the candles on his back are your lifelines made solid. He can snuff your existence out at any moment. I mean to destroy him. If you work for me, I can take over with your assistance. And following that I will drink that cold bitch, Honeyspot dry!!!”, exclaims Taalesh. “Do we have a deal?”, as Taalesh shows them his Black Spot. “We shall end him tonight! Now that Sable is gone, he is a diminished capacity. He will need to sleep to recover. It took me centuries to find out his weaknesses and hiding place! Choose Now!…Freedom or Death?”. They agree.

“You will need to trap Violet, so he will be further weakened. Violet has the ability to “sweet talk” you…in order to get you to do the Candle Man’s bidding. There’s a Wizard that has a Fey cage that will help you trap her. I’ve been planning this for a long time.”. “Also, Corwin…I want the goblet you have!”, reveals Taalesh. Hazel looks at Corwin with daggers in his eyes and says, “You DICK!!! You stole it from ME!!!”, yells Hazel. “Now…now…we must not fight like children. You all have an affinity to do good…and bad…and that is your worth as a team. Even though we have been given the title of “Hounds”…we shall be FREE Hounds…no longer bound by an Evil Master!”, proclaims Taalesh. “And by the by Corwin…you dealt swiftly with the Beggar Prince. Very nicely done!”, smiles Taalesh, looking into Corwin’s eyes. Both Hazel and Malcolm are puzzled by the mention of “the Beggar Prince”. “Where is the goblet Corwin?”. “Here’s a map to my house…it’s in a floor board. Don’t hurt the girl.”, says Corwin to Taalesh. Suddenly sounds of soldiers marching into the tavern can be heard by the Hounds. “Curfew is in affect, there has been a Murder!”, commands one of the guards and they depart. Taalesh transforms into a gaseous form and departs for Corwin’s house. An hour later the Vampire returns with the goblet. He pushes the panel to Algernon’s Realm and enters. Twenty minutes later Taalesh returns with a smile on his face. He gives the team the location to the Wizard. “There’s a curfew in effect…how do we get to the Wizard unnoticed?”, inquires Corwin. Taalesh opens a chest and throws them three green-brown cloaks with an oak leave clasp. “Here…these will assist you in your operation. Finally, the Wizard’s name is “Tenser Marston”, do be nice to him. He’s a sour puss and angers easily!”.

Hazel realizes that these must be cloaks belonging to Ranger. Malcolm prepares twenty dye bulbs for the team should they need to quench out any torches or light sources. Just as they exit the tavern, Honeyspot asks, “Have you seen Sable?”. She looks to be very concerned. The team feigns ignorance and departs. It takes the Hounds an hour to elude all the curfew patrols and make their way to Marston’s store. Once there, they lock pick the front door and enter silently. The room is dark all, except for Corwin, the Fetchling. There is nothing valuable on the shelves, only cheap knick-knacks. They locate a back door that must lead into Tenser’s vault or similar. Malcolm grips the doorknob and just as he is about to turn it he spots the faintly glowing glyphs around the knob. He stops abruptly and hears, “Aren’t you coming in?”. Corwin gently removes Malcolm’s hand and proceeds to disable the magical trap on the doorknob. Opening the door they spot a blonde bearded middle-aged man behind a mahogany stained desk with ornate inscriptions and pictographs. “You must be the “Doggies” I’ve been waiting for!”, he says with a slim smile. His right eye is marred by a scar that seems to have not hardened yet. “The money please…”. Corwin hands him the gold. Tenser takes out a small vial from his desk and instructs the team. “When you are ready, remove the stopper and point it at the Fey…this is important, you must be accurate. Only tiny sized creatures…nothing larger than that. Tell Taalesh, this is my last time transaction with him. He’s a repugnant creature…”. “Can you tell me about the “Candle Man”, inquires Corwin. “He’s a mythical boogey-man. Parents scare their kids to behave or the Candle Man will get them…just a story in these parts.”. Corwin notice an emblem partially covered up by a book. Tenser follows Corwin’s eyes and says, “Oh that…it a symbol of a bygone era…it’s of no significance. I try to forget that time…we lost a lot of good men. It’s time for you to leave now!”. The Hounds make their way back to the Black Hound Tavern with the item they need for their next mission.


KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #1
Year 5 A.M. (After Melphor)

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #1 – 01/22/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. CORWIN KOCH-WESER – Rogue – Brian
3. HAZEL GRIMSBANE – Witch – Matt

1. The Candle Man: Mysterious Employer

1. None: N/A


The rebuilt City of Kargal is sectioned off into seven areas. The Docks and the Warehouse District to the North East. Castle Kargal, which is nesteled between the Jewelry and Merchant Districts. Adjacent to the Castle are the Noble Houses and finally the Military District to the South East. The City is decorated with gold and motifs of reptiles throughout.

Each of the characters have made their way to Kargal to establish themselves. They stop at one of the job posting boards that are located throughout the city. One of the listings is for work at ‘The Black Hound’ tavern.

A tired Koch arrives first at the Black Hound tavern. He remembers in his youth that the Black Hound was a portent for evil and destruction. Entering the dark smoke covered tavern, he is greeted with the sounds of coughing and loud conversations. He walks up to the bartender; a bald man in his 50’s. “What do you want lad?”. “A job!”, answers Corwin. “Come back two days from now at 10pm and we shall discuss the job. By the by, my name is Jonathan Sable.”

Corwin introduces himself to the barmaid and asks for her name and a drink. “My name is Rachel Honeyspot, and you could not afford my “drink”. She serves him the swill that they sell for one copper piece. Corwin chugs the ale, but is unable to swallow the putrid liquid. He vomits towards the bartender, who manages to sidestep the bile. “You can’t hold your ale Boy!” “Your swill stinks!”, Corwin replies. “My patrons like that “swill”, boy!” All of the taverns patrons raise their mugs and loudly name Corwin, “SISSY!”. Corwin exists the tavern.

Hasel arrives next at the Black Hound. Entering, the dark establishment, he spots several fists fights in the corner as well as gambling. He narrowly steps on a puddle of blue-green vomit that was left there by a previous customer. There’s definitely an air of shadiness present here. But he must find a job to pay for lodgings for his sister and himself. He introduces himself to Sable and asks if the job is still available. “My sister and I arrived recently in Kargal. We are looking for jobs if you have any” asks Hazel. “Yes, I do lad…if your sister is pretty, I have an opening for a tavern wench”, answers Sable. “Great I will speak to my sister. When do you want me to return for the job?”. Sable tells him to return in one day at 10pm.

As Hazel is leaving, he spots a golden goblet in a glass case behind the bar. The plaque states that this is the “Goblet of Torag”. The cup must be made of real gold he thinks to himself. A smile crosses his lips and his fingers begin to itch…he longs to hold the goblet. He walks out. Arriving at the dock area, he enters the small room he and his sister have procurred. “I found a job dear sister. The bartender is also looking for a female server.”. “There is a golden goblet behind the bar.” “Do you want to case the joint?”. “No, I’ll go in disguise later on and get some more information.” “Ok, I’ll then look for another job for myself in the morning…the stew is ready if you are hungry, brother.” “I am dear sister…it smell good.”

On the third day, heavy rain hits Malcolm as he arrives at the tavern. Shaking off his rain soaked jacket, he enters the Black Hound Tavern. He asks for the taverns best drink. “That would be my own concoction, the “Head Spinner!”. He takes six bottles out and proceeds to mix the ingredients into his famous cocktail. There is a lot of fizzing and pounding of globs and then strains it into a glass. “You need to drink in one go…otherwise there may be side effects!”. Malcolm raises the glass, the smell of oranges, honeysuckle and animal sweat hits his nose. In one swig he downs (CRITFORT) the “Head Spinner”. “How was it young man?” “Very good!”, answers Malcolm. “My, my…Sir…you are the first person in a long time to handle this cocktail…Well Done…Well Done! I usually charge 10 gold pieces for this drink, but for you Sir, only 5 gold pieces.”, Sable says with a proud smile. Malcolm gives him six gold pieces. Sable is very thankful for his generous tip. Sable is amazed at Malcolm’s knowledge of recognizing the different ingredients in the cocktail. He asks Malcolm for any help in identifing some of his cellar bottles that have been left there for a hundred years. “Yes, I would very much like to help you in any capacity with that task.”, replies Malcolm.

“Would you like some food, Sir?”. “Why yes, that would be excellent. How about Lamb Medallions?” Honeyspot takes Malcolm’s order to Wendel, the Cook. “How do you do that? I never prepared them!” Malcolm proceeds to jot down instructions how to prepare the meal along with a few extra ingredients that he supplies for the Cook. Thirty minutes later, Wendel announces that he has done a fantastic job and names the dish after himself. After all it was he who “created” the dish. Malcolm smiles and Sable jump shakes his head and apologizes to Malcolm. Malcolm suggests that Sable name the dish, the “Blissed Meat”, so he can attract business from the newly formed Bliss Church. Sable agrees.

“What brings you here to my establishment?”. “I seek a job…for I am new in Kargal.”, Malcolm answers. “If you are interested, please return tonight at ten. The sign will say “Closed”, but should you see a blue lit lantern in the window, please enter.”

Malcolm asks, “Where can I bed for the night?”. “Well, there is a place…it’s called the “Bliss Inn”, about three blocks away. It’s run by gnome named Astro Rickter, a follower of Bliss.”. Malcolm finishes his meal and makes his way to the gnomes’ Inn. On his way there he notices several of the Plate armored City Guards led by tattooed Elite Guards in orange tunics. These Elite Guards have bright green reptilian eyes. One of the Elite Guards locks eyes with Malcom, who manages to shrug off (CRITWILL) thoughts of dread. As the guards pass by with clacking plate armor sounds their heads turn to notice Malcolm. He has been “noticed”.

Arriving at the three story Bliss Inn, Malcolm spots several large stained glass windows depicting man vanquishing a Dragon with an illuminated sword. The final window shows the man wearing the Dragons skin in a triumphant victory. These must be tales of the “Roark”; the savior of Korvan five years ago.

He enters the Inn. Behind the front desk is a colorfully clad gnome with a chromatic lizard on his left shoulder. “Welcome Sir! Welcome to the BLISS INN!!! I m the proprietor, Astro Rickter!”, he says with a wide smile. “I’m new here and require lodgings for the night. I was referred to you by Jonathan Sable of the Black Hound.” “Oh yes! You mean baldy! Good chap I say…good chap! So, we have two suites available at the moment…the Roark Suite or the Bliss Suite…both are very nice, but the Bliss suite comes with the Bliss hot tub! And we do have the extra package…the “Happy Bliss Ending…a very good deal for the price I may say.”, explains Astro. “I’ll take the Bliss suite with the Happy Ending package!”, says Malcolm gleefully.

Astro snaps his fingers and two women approach the front desk. Two women, one clothed carrying a cistern and the other topless. “Take good care of this Gentleman, Ladies! He has purchased the full Bliss package.”.

Malcolm is escorted to his suite and the ladies join him in the room. The room is opulent, real diamonds adorn the lamps. The cups are made of silver with gold filigree. Malcolm surmises that this room contains at least twenty thousand gold piece worth of furniture and items. Upon closer observation he notices that all the items in the room are branded with Bliss’ symbol.

The lady bard announces, “I am Colleen McAllister and this is Julia Blackwater. It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Malcolm.”. Malcolm is then treated to wines of various vintage and a five coarse meal with “dessert”. After a pleasant night, Malcolm prepares for his meeting at the Black Hound Tavern.

Corwin arrives first at the Tavern. He enters and sees Sable at the bar. Sable tells him to sit at the round table in front of him. Malcolm approaches the tavern and sees the blue lit lantern in the window; he enters. Sable shakes his hand and instructs him to sit at his assigned chair, opposite Corwin. Hazel finally arrives, the cold wind hits him like a hammer. He spots the blue lantern in the window, he knocks and enters the tavern. Sable greets him and asks him to take the last seat at the round table.

Hazel is noticeably nervous. So nervous that he pulls out his mothers pendant and begins to rub it rhythmically. The others stare at him with puzzled looks. After a couple minutes, Hazel stops and quickly puts the pendant away.

“Well yes,…ummm…right…my name is Jonathan Sable…thank you for applying for the job. The employer should be here shortly”. He suddenly slumps down and stops moving. Crowin checks Sable’s pulse (CRIT FAIL) and declares, “Yep, he’s DEAD!”. Suddenly, Hazel gets up goes behind the bar, removes the Goblet of Torag from its case and drops it into his sack. He then sits back down without saying a word.

Behind the bar a large mass of shadow coalesces, with a few seconds small orange points of light appear at the top of the shadow mass. The form solidifies and looming in front of them is a twelve foot hunched entity with a metal mask. Upon his back are numerous candles during brightly. His long arms end in cadaver-like hands holding strings. These strings protrude from his fingers and disappear into the ether. Exuding from this being are smells of Honeysuckle and burnt hair; his movements are mechanicle, making his joints sound like breaking tree limbs. The Candle Man has made his appearance!

*“Ahhhh…my’hhhhheee kind of employees! I’hhhhee ammmmm the Cannndle Man! I am your employer ’til Dooooomsssday’hhhhheeee. I have watched you’hhhheeeee come into this city…MY City’hhhhheeee!

I have chozzzen you’hhheee to infiltrate some horrors that have invade MY city! You will be’hhhhheeee MY instruments of destruction of that accursed thing that lies within’hhhhheee the castle!”*

The Candle Man points at the three recruits and says, “Put out’hhhheeee your hannnnd!” He touches each of their right palms and a black spot appears. Each of the recruits feel as if they have been branded by searing hot iron.

“You are’hhhheeeee now minnnnnne! I will explain…”


KORVAN Chronicles #26

KORVAN Chronicles (Session #26 – 11/19/2016):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. SIGBARD – Ranger – Aaron
2. MORDAIN – Wizard – Brian
3. ROARK – Half-Orc “Voice of Bliss” – Matt

1. Cord Nomos: Ex-Shelwind Ranger & Devotee of Bliss

1. Melphor: The Great Red Dragon; Scourge of Korvan


- Roark -

Roark returns to Sehlwind Forest. He notices that there are very few Rangers present, he counts less than twenty.

Ranger Dave helps him with his recuperation. Roark’s right arm has burn marks that can’t be healed by any means. His skin has taken a grey-greenish color, along with a rank odor. Dave gives him a salve that helps with the odor, but the discoloration remains.

Roark notices that a few Rangers are worshipping at the Great Oak, spilling their blood into a wooden bowl as an offering to Cernunnus. He approaches and decides to add his blood to the bowl. He cuts his right hand. As the blood touches the bowl it hisses and turns the bowl to ash.

The ash falls upon the ground and turns into an ever-growing mold that begins to seep into the Great Oak’s roots. The Rangers look upon Roark and mark him as a Defiler of their sacred tree. They move to attack him. A large red bearded bald Range attacks with his large warhammer. Just as the hammer is to split Roark’s skull, Ranger Dave intervenes and brings down the red bearded Ranger with a leg sweep.

“What have you done, Roark!?!?!” exclaims Ranger Dave. “I believe we are all infected, especially Sigbard who is now a Demon!”, answers Roark. Dave is stunned by this news about Sigbard.

Cord Nomos grabs Roark and say, “We have to get out of here….NOW!”. As they run he hears Ranger Dave scream, “You are no longer a Ranger of Shelwind Forest…you are our ENEMY NOW!!!”.

Roark turns one final time to look behind him, only to see the falling leaves of the Great Oak turn to ash.
As they are exiting the forest, Cord is struck by an arrow in his right eye. Roark manages to seal the wound (CRIT) and stabilize Cord. They are on the run now. He prays to Bliss to be transported to Sigbard’s location. Bliss obliges and transports them.

- Mordain, Sigbard & Hanzo -

Finding Melphor’s book, Mordain and Tenser return to the Palace. Sigbard returns as well with Lord Swan. All of the sudden in the middle of the throne room appears a horse cart carrying Cord and Roark!

Herod the Vampire Lord is angry at the fact that these people could teleport into a warded area. Roark explains himself and shares his Bliss pamphlet to Lord Herod.

Mordain and Sigbard notice Roark’s right arm is discolored and scarred. Roark tells what transpired at the Shelwind Forest. Mordain begins to snicker, knowing exactly what the ramifications of Roark’ actions.

Suddenly, everyone is thrown to the ground, as the area begins to shake and chunks of the palace begin to fall crushing some vampires. Something huge must be happening at the surface of the Ebony Towers.

Two large three ton boulders hit Herod dead on. Tenser receives three boulders upon his person. Mordain rolls (CRIT) in the knick of time out of the way and springs back on his feet. Mordain notices Tenser’s staff on the floor, he swiftly grabs it. Mordain lifts the boulders off Herod, whose body has been severed in the mid-section. There are thin white tendrils in the severed sections rejoining the two halves. Several vampires surround Herod and hiss at Mordain. “Take his to the blood Pool”, commands Mordain. Swan and Belldonna swiftly flee the scene.

Roark prays once again to Bliss, with no success. He grabs Cord and leaves his cart behind. The group departs as quickly as they can. Sigbard creates a portal to his Realm and they group jumps through, leaving the vampires to fend for themselves. Hanzo smiles at the fact that some of the vampires will perish as he walks through Sigbard’s doorway.

In Sigbard’s Realm they appear at a waterfall. They all clean off and settle in for a bit. Mordain opens the book and begins to read Melphor’s tome. He notices that each section has a ward he must bypass using his magic. Mordain does some more research and explains to the group they need a Ley Line spot to further access the book.

Cord begins to argue with Mordain about Blood Magic and Roark’s arm. Arguing that it has has been completely healed by the Goddess, Bliss. Mordain screams that Roark has utterly destroyed the Great Oak with his “Bliss Blessing”. Roark and Cord defend with the fact that the arm have been fully healed. Suddenly, Roark has a vision of a arm appearing in midair and caress his scarred arm, turning it back to flesh. Mordain takes another look at Roark’s arm, and sees that (CRIT FAIL) they are correct. Roark’s persona is heightened by the Goddess’ touch, making him more handsome.

Cord falls to his knees and creates a hymn about Bliss’ Blessing of Roark’s arm. Roark lays his right hand over Cord’s damaged eye socket, and fully heals it. “Bliss be praised, see her Power and True Glory!”, announces Roark! Sigbard, Mordain and Hanzo agree with him. Mordain even admits that he has been too hard on Roark.

The group decides to go to the Orcs. They teleport to Corum and arrive at the temple Hanzo meditated at. They arrive only to discover that it is dark, when it should be daylight. What appears to be snow is falling, but upon further examination they realize it is ash. In the distance they spot the castle. The two hundred feet stairs up to the castle are occupied by thousands Orcs. Their bodies appear to be blackened and charred with hot orange liquid veins spread throughout. Above the castle stands a thirteen foot tall humanoid. It is Melphor, the Great Red Dragon! In his right hand he holds a golden Orc skull with glowing runic symbols.

“You are now mine to command!”, declares Melphor. All the Orcs bend on one knee in unison, and punch the ground with their right fists with such force that a sonic boom erupts dissipating the ash completely.

Sigbard immediately opens his doorway and the team rushes to safety. Next, they decide to go to Drakscar, where the Ley Lines is located. As they are in Sigbard’s Realm, Hanzo looks around and then asks Sigbard to “Open a portal…to Lake Tol now!”. Sigbard complies and the group appear at the location where they found Ajatar’s infection shard.

Another portal appears close by and five individuals emerge through it. Hanzo greets them and introduces the strangers…Alicia Withers; a sullen female Archer. Sarah Draper; a full plate battle-hardened female Soldier. Ruuko; a dark skinned primative Seer. Tully Backwater; a Gnome illusionist with a high pitched voice. And finally, Ling Su; Hanzo’s Daughter.

There is immediate animosity between Mordain and Ling Su, everyone notice their hatred for one another. Ling Su addresses Hanzo, “Father, I have come to deliver the news that Karl Brackhill has died at the hands of Melphor. But before his demise, Brackhill saved half of the Rangers. Only I know where they are located. We are here to see if you have any more troops that you can muster for the final battle with the foul Dragon King.”. “The Queen of Korbis owes us a favor. We can ask her to aid us with their troops.”, Sigbard answers.

Some of the fisherman of Lake Toll approach the group to greet Mordain and Sigbard. Upon seeing Mordain they seem a bit skittish due to his abnormal unseen evil aura. Several small children run away screaming at the sight of Mordain.

Roark is suddenly compelled to the area of Ajatar’s stain. He lays his hands upon the barren ground and transforms (CRIT) the area into a lush field. Seven Lake Tol onlookers become instant worshippers of Bliss. Roark declares the Glory that is Bliss and welcomes his new worshippers into the newly created “Church of Bliss”. Roark instructs Cord to perform a puppet show for the masses of Bliss’ Grace and his adventures of becoming the “Voice of Bliss”. Cord immediately takes his socks off and creates a couple sock puppets for the show. The right sock being Roark and the left sock being himself. Roark accompanies Cord’s performance with his dragon skin flute! Mordain and Sigbard just shakes their head at the whole situation. Following the performance, the fisherman are astounded and begin to spread the word of Bliss to the rest of the inhabitants of Lake Tol.

Suddenly, the sky turns black and the Sun turns black with swirling eruptions of indigo-orange black flames. Mordain deduces that this is a cataclysmic omen of some kind, most probable to do with Melphor. “Hanzo, can you please ask the Queen of Dragons if she will help us”, asks Mordain. Hanzo flies into the air and passes through a portal with haste. Hanzo returns within ten minutes and notifies them that the Dragon Queen will not assist them and that they have removed themselves from the Prime Material Plane.

Sigbard opens a portal for Mordain to Drakscar. Sigbard then opens a doorway for himself to Korbis and departs. Roark, Hanzo and Cord are left in Lake Tol. The villagers treat them to a feast for repairing the blighted area.

Cord prepares one of the huts as a “Temple of Bliss”. Roark cast “Remove Fear” on the villagers to calm them down. Cord begins a hand sock puppet show, depicting how Roark vanquished the EVIL Sigbard from this Plane. Sigbard’s puppet is red with horns, while Roark’s puppet is Sterling White with a Halo and a pretty mouth. Cord’s eyes glaze over everytime he gazes upon the Roark Puppet. He has deemed it the “Blessed Sock”, to be used at every Bliss temple gathering.

- Mordain -
In Drakscar, Mordain makes his way to the Ley Line location. Once there he begins to use the power of the Ley Line to release the four seals upon the book page. He breaks the first seal at the cost of his mind. Next, he opens the second with concentrated effort. He breaks through the third seal with no effort (CRIT), opening the spine of the book and revealing something powerful within. The last seal is splits open the spine, Mordain takes a massive surge of damage as the true name of Melphor enters his mind. His face begins to degrade as well with permanent scars. He can now hear Melphor’s thoughts of moving to attack Korbis with his tainted Elf and Orc forces. He transports himself

- Sigbard -
In Korbis, Sigbard makes his way to the Dungeons in disguise. Sigbard casts his Feats of Fear upon all the inhabitants of Korbis’ Dungeons. Next, he releases Maus and commands him to kill everyone with his magical Breath of Unlife. Sigbard absorbs the fears of seven hundred dead prisoners, energizing him with vast amounts of power. Suddenly, Sigbard feels himself teleported above Korbis, directly in front of a flying Melphor. Maus is left behind, not knowing where Sigbard has been teleported to. The battle between Sigbard and Melphor begins! Sigbard attempts to teleport away with no success. He senses that Melphor must be some sort of other Planal Deity with the power of holding him there.

Sigbard calls out to Vol. “What do you want now?!?”, bellows in his mind. “A little help here…can you get Maus here?”, asks Sigbard. Maus appears next to Sigbard in a flash. “COME ON…JUST HIT ME!”, Melphor announces! Sigbard senses a strong aura of heat emanating from the Dragon. This heat begins to melt the tops of the buildings.

Sigbard hears Vol in his head again, saying “Wait a minute…abracadabra…ok, now hit him!”. A red infernal fire surrounds Sigbard energizing his next attack with God-like energy. Sigbard’s size increases. He is now twelve feet tall.

Several Korbis troops are preparing to fire large bolt from two story high ballistas. Meanwhile in Lake Tol Roark feels Bliss’ touch upon his shoulder. He and Cord are teleported to the streets of Korbis. He looks up to see a floating Sigbard accompanied by a black-winged demon wolf facing off a colossal Red Dragon. Roark looks around the streets and suddenly Mordain appears six foot away from him.

Mordain ignores Roark and flies up to join Sigbard. Not being able to fly, Roark becomes invisible and begins to chant to Bliss to assist his team in defeating. The passersby look around confused as they hear this strange chanting coming out of thin air.

Outside of the city the Elven and Orcish troops appear, physical nightmares of their former selves. Korbis troops advance out to meet the hellish troops of Melphor. Suddenly to the right of the city a large portal opens and ten thousand Shelwind Rangers pour out to flank Melphor’s troops. The battle is savage as the armies engage each other. Heads are lobed off and bodies are burnt to ash in matter of minutes. All the while the eclipse grows darker and darker…as if the whole world will be snuffed out in an instant.

- Sigbard -
Sigbard draws Penumbra from his chest and marks Melphor by naming the beast, “Dragon!”. He then summons his four Schades to attack Melphor. His first Schade hits, while his second and third Schade strike crittically (CRIT x2). But his last Schade fails to connect as its brethren have done.

- Mordain -
“I knowwww you are heeeerrrrre Wyrmling….Facccccccce me now puny one!!!”. “And I know your True Name foul monster!!!”, responds Mordain. Melphor responds with a psychic onslaught that causes Mordain to forget his True Name.

- Roark -
Roark tells Cord to assist in the evacuation of its inhabitants. He then joins to assist the troops firing the ballistas.

Using Vol’s blessing and the knowledge that Melphor is not immune to sonic attacks, Sigbard strikes Melphor’s neck with Penumbra (CRIT). Hot lava-like blood gushes from the Dragon’s neck onto the citizens and buildings below. This lava shower incinerates the people instantly. Melphor responds by transforming Sigbard into a Dove. In his new form Sigbard feels the heat of the Dragons heat aura, singing some of his feathers. Making it difficult for Dove-Sigbard to stay in the air.

Maus releases hundreds of Shadow Demons that were hidden in his own shadow. These Shadow Demons attempt to grapple Melphor. But Melphor shrugs off the Shadows with ease. Seeing this, Maus decides that the Shadow Demons would be of better use fighting the Elven/Orc forces.

The battle below is brutal, the Orcs manage to kill thousands of Human troops. But in the end with the help of Maus’ Shadow Demons, the Orcs are defeated. Meanwhile the Rangers push at the Elves with beserker-like rage, killing every dragon-spawned Elven trooper.

Maus dives down and catches Dove-Sigbard as he is failing to stay in flight. Dove-Sigbard prays to Vol, seeking help with his current transformed state. Vol “helps” by transforming Dove-Sigbard into a Large Roc.

Melphor then turns his gaze at Maus for saving Sigbard. Melphor strikes him with several attacks, causing the Wolf Demon to vanish from the Prime Material Plane.

Roark blesses the ballista bolt with his “Holy Sock Puppet”. The bolt is released and strikes Melphor in the torso. Melphor growls at Roark for the irritation. The Dragon releases his fiery breadth at him, but Roark is immune to the attack because of a spell he cast. Unfortunately for the Ballista crew, they and the ballista are incinerated upon contact.

Two of Sigbard’s Shades attack Melphor with vicious sword strikes, causing him large amounts of damage. Following the attacks, Mordain’s mental block lifts and he remembers Melphor’s True Name! Mordain floats up to Roc-Sigbard and gives him Melphor’s True Name; “NEMMUS RO’DALAM”.

Roc-Sigbard names Melphor and commands the Great Red Dragon to kill himself and never come back. Due to the fact that Sigbard uses Roc speak when issuing this command, no one below in the city realize that Sigbard has saved the day. Instead they see and hear Roark casting Lingering Performance and bellowing out to Melphor. “IN THE NAME OF THE GODDESS BLISS, I BANISH YOU!…NEVER RETURN!!!”. With that Melphor own fire within turns the Great Red Dragon to ash!!! The citizens and troops of Korbis rejoice and thank Roark for vanquishing the Great Red Dragon menace. He gains many Bliss followers this day!

The King of Korbis gives Roark permission to build a Grand Temple to Bliss within Korbis. Roark and Bliss are further venerated by a City parade and celebration. Mordain and Sigbard are not present.

Mordain returns to rebuild Necromar with a pregnant Salamis.

Sigbard and his team return with the Rangers to rebuild and reinvigorate Shelwind Forest.



KORVAN Chronicles #25

KORVAN Chronicles (Session #25 – 10/01/2016):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. SIGBARD – Ranger – Aaron
2. MORDAIN – Wizard – Brian
3. TALAXA – Female Winter Wolf/Barbarian – Aaron
4. MAUS – Unknown Outsider, Mordain’s Tattoo friend
5. SARAH ICESTAR / PLUTO – Jaeger Five (Sigbard’s Fire Team); Avian Corps
6. EISEN – Sigbard’s Wolf Companion
7. FRUKUL – Sigbard’s Raccoon Companion
8. AMPOR – Mordain’s Winged Lion Companion
9. ROARK – Half-Orc Fighter with a Heart of Gold – Matt
10. MORDAIN JUNIOR – Half-Giant son of Mordain

1. Kitkat Ethir: Klaus Farm Shelwind Ranger (Female)
2. Cord Nomos: Klaus Farm Shelwind Ranger (Male)
3. Ulo Klaus: Owner of the Klaus Farm Shelwind Ranger (Female)
4. Stephanie Niles: Shelwind Forest Wyrm Specialist (Female)
5. Lady Carmilla Martis: Korbis Royalty of the Human Empire
6. Lord Herod: Vampire Lord

1. Demon Sigbard: Powerful Corruption Demon of the Abyss


— Mordain —

Mordain passes by the men that are approaching him. He asks Hanzo if he can use his scent ability to sniff out Sigbard’s location. “No…No…I can not…my friend”. So, he decides they should find Stephanie Niles instead. They go to the stables and take two horses. Mordain takes Prince Veruuna’s white Stallion, while Hanzo takes one of the Covington’s best. Mordain finds gold and gems in the horses saddle bags totaling 7000gp (4 gems and 3000 in gold pieces) and a gold filament riding crop (100p).

Mordain Junior tries to intimidate his father, but fails (CRIT FAIL) miserably. He will never talk back to Mordain from this point on. Hanzo leads the way and they gallop off to Stephanie Niles’ location, while Mordain Junior follows quickly on foot.

— Sigbard —

Sigbard, Roark, Carlos and Martis are in front of the Klaus Farms. They spot a young man that is trying to catch a chicken. He leaps to catch the chicken, but all he manages to do is muddy up his outfit. Sigbard tries to catch the chicken but it dodges (CRIT) with no problem. The group introduces themselves to the young Ranger, Cord Nomos.

Cord admits that he is new to the Shelwind Rangers. It was his father that made him apply to the Rangers. He actually wanted to become a puppeteer. Mordain perceives that Cord is filled with Anger (at the Shelwind Rangers), Resentment (at his father) and Lust (not very skilled in the ways of manhood). Sigbard convinces Cord to leave the Rangers and join Boyd (Otter Druid) in Bladecrest.

Meanwhile, Roark is contemplating the beginnings of a new Religion. After all he is the first worshipper of Bliss, the Lesser Goddess of Lust. He jots down ideas for a pamphlet to secure worshippers to join his path, and he tries to convince Cord to join this new religion.

Sigbard asks Cord to take them to meet Stephanie Niles. “You’ll need to talk to Kitkat Ethir, the Senior Halfling Ranger. So they make their way to the stables where Kitkat is tending to her magical flying mini pony. “Who are you and what do you want?” says Kitkat. “Brackhill ordered us to meet with Stephanie Niles. We are on an urgent mission.”. “Wait here I will return.”, answers Kitkat. After several minutes she returns and takes the group (except for Martis) to meet Niles. Martin is lead to the guest house to the right while the rest are directed to the main house. In the dining hall there are two individuals, namely Stephanie Niles (Shelwind Forest Ranger Wrym Specialist) and Ulo Klaus (Centaur Ranger Tanner).

Roark’s vast knowledge of the different Ranger Creature Specialists is quite excellent (CRIT), and he immediately recognizes Stephanie’s Wyrm tattoo on her neck. “Brackhill sent me to discuss with you how to take down Melphor”, says Sigbard. “Ok, then…you won’t like it…it’s an old ritual that was developed by the Halflings. You have to sacrifice four people that you know very well…loved ones, friends or the like.” “You need to situate them at the four compass points around Melphor, then kill them and their essence will hole him at bay. This is evil magic. The caster of the spells need to be good of heart.”. Niles hands Sigbard him the book documenting the ritual. Niles also adds, “Melphor was a very skilled Wizard who found a way to become a Dragon. His evil grew when transformed into what he is now. Other than the imprisonment spell, Melphor has no other weakness. The combination of the Anti-Magic prison and the ritual held him at bay for centuries.”.

Roark hears stomping and galloping sounds coming from the outside.

— Mordain —

Mordain, Hanzo and Junior arrive at the farms. They spot the main house and head right for it…pushing open the heavy wooden doors!

— Sigbard —

Sigbard stomach feels upset and queasy. Mordain and Hanzo burst through the main doors and stand side by side. A large golden skinned male humanoid stands behind the pair.

Sigbard screams loudly and arches his back. Out of the belly button area a crimson red bald head pushes through. With each scream the red creatures body is forced out of Sigbard’s pain wracked body!

(Back in the Abyss…Sigbard’s Soul is forced upwards. Rusty whispers something to his soul just before he vanishes.)

Roark looks upon the scene, and all his suspicions about Sigbard are validated. Sigbard IS an EVIL creature from the Abyss!

The Demon erupts from Sigbard’s slumps to the ground, with the sound of a wet rag hitting the stone floor. The creatures skin is covered by an oily film and heat is being released in the form of sulfuric moisture. It stands up and grows in size. Reaches for Stephanie Niles and rips her heart out of her chest. The creatures releases its “Silent Scream” attack. Mordain Junior collapses (CRIT FAIL) into unconsciousness, his large body blocking the door. Roark grasps his ears as blood drip out due to sonic attack. The others are not overcome by the attack.

Mordain attacks the Demon with no result. He then tries to assess the Demons weakness; he truly believes (CRIT FAIL) that the Demon is a descendant of a fluffy bunny. Sigbard’s soul continues to fill his physical body, making him slowly aware of his surroundings. The Demon looks at Mordain and screams, “Lord Larbesta says Hello!”. Instantaneously, barbed wings sprout out of its back and they strike Sigbard (CRIT LEFT WING). Cries of babies can be heard by all as the Demons miasmic green glowing sword swings through the air and striking Sigbard. He feels his strength drained away as the blade slashes his back.

Hanzo draws his Chromatic Katana and attempts to banish the Fiend. The creature resists with ease, laughing as Hanzo’s sword hand is seared (CRIT FAIL HANZO) by fire. Roark attempts to sever the Demons head with his Halberd, but swings wide. He then uses his weapons lighting attack and strikes dead center (CRIT), but the creature resists the electricity effect.

The Demon slashes with his weapon at Roark and drains Roark (CRIT FAIL ROARK TO RESIST). While his wings attack the body of Sigbard. One of it’s wings contorts and impales (CRIT FAIL) the creature instead.

Mordain connects with Talbot’s magical Fish knife, doing minimal damage. Only humoring the oily filmed creature. Roark stuns (CRIT FAIL) himself with the flat of his blade and is knocked unconscious. The Demon slashes at Roark’s prone body. Hanzo uses his Luck ability to re-banish the creature, but fails once again. Mordain manages to paralyze the Demon. The Demon retaliates with it’s Gaze power, with no success due to Mordain’s immunity. Hanzo slashes the paralyzed creature causing it massive damage. Sigbard raises his sword shackingly and plunges the weapon into it’s spine. The Demon crumbles to gray-green ash. Some of the ash fills Roark’s mouth, luckily he resists the Demons essence. Hanzo helps by healing the group with his Dragon Magic.

Roark is sent to Shelwind Forest for recuperation from the Demon dust. He also plans to spread the Word of Bliss to the masses. Sigbard recalls everything that the Demon had done while in his body. He realizes that three Souls have been sent to the Abyss, due to the Demons corruptions. Ulo blames Sigbard for Stephanie Nile’s death.

Mordain and Sigbard catch up. Sigbard explains how he was imprisoned and tortured in the Abyss for three years. And how it took him one year to sneak out of the prison and make his way to Rusty. Sigbard, also recounts what the Demon has been doing while he was imprisoned.

Sigbard hands Mordain Melphor document to decipher. Mordain takes a minute to magic his way through the documents protections (CRIT) and breaks all the seals. The document contains all the details on the Ritual that will imprison Melphor. There is a warning in the text that notes this act will make the caster Evil.

Mordain relates how he has met the Dragon Queen and her desire to destroy Melphor. He suspects that Stephanie Niles may have the metals that will hurt Dragons. But Ulo does not allow (CRIT) them to investigate further, and she kicks them off her land.

So, they camp out a mile out. Carlos and Martis are with them now. Sigbard takes Martis aside and explains what has transpired. Even after explanations, she is still committed to Sigbard. She explains that she comes from a wealthy Korbis Family, plus one of the founding families of the Silver Hart Hunting Club. Martin informs him that she loves him no matter what the situation is.

Sigbard mentions other idea he has with defeating Melphor. Namely, to discover Melphor’s True Name. Being a Speaker of Vol, he would be able to Command Melphor at that point. Mordain agrees (CRIT FAIL). Sigbard plans to research Melphor’s pre-dragon history, for his true Human name. They should find a Mage Tower that contains information about old Wizards. Also, they need to discover how and where Melphor learned to be a Wizard. Maybe the Dead Threads can help with that.

When everyone beds down for the night, Mordain attempts to teleport to the oldest Temple of Tethys. He teleports (CRIT FAIL) appears in a beer Tavern, and believes himself he’s made it. Taking a hour to drink beer and puke his guts out. Only to return to the camp with a terrible headache before going to sleep. They all wake in the morning, a bit drained of energy due to the night before. Sigbard begins to restate their options only to see Mordain doze off to sleep.

Mordain dreams of himself as an old withered man climbing a hill. After what seems to be a day, he reaches the hill top. He looks down to see a blood red lake with spikes rising from the waters. The spikes give way to a shape of a giant crowned head that screams at him. He suddenly wakes to an annoyed Sigbard.

Mordain feels a burning sensation in the palm of his left hand. A spider brand appears. Mordain quickly covers it up with his gloves. Sigbard chalks it up to itchy palms.

“Hanzo, do you know anything about Melphor’s past?” “No, I do not Mordain. I have kept my distance from the Queen and my kind for some time now. And I would not ask the Queen since she has contempt for your species and for me befriending you all.”

Lady Martis uses her Bardic Knowledge to ascertain one location that would be a good start for the group. Namely, the Ebony Tower, located in the Elf Lands. The tower used to be a repository for the Dwarves as well as their forging location. Martis offers to go with Sigbard, but he wants her to be safe. Sigbard then casts Devotion with no result of summoning Vol.

As the group is packing up to depart, Mordain and Sigbard receive a telepathic message from the Elder Druid, “I TRIIIIIIIIRED….ahhrrrr…”. And the message goes abruptly silent. The two heroes lock eyes, knowing in theirs guts that this was Brackhill’s last message alive.

Mordain goes back to Ulo’s Farm and pleads (CRIT) with her to keep Lady Martis and Mordain Junior safe. She agrees. He returns to the camp with the news.

Sigbard recounts what Uso told them about Mordain’s offspring being immune to Melphor. So, Mordain asks his son about what makes him so special. “Mother told me that my mixed blood made him stronger against a particular species. Specifically Dragons.”, explains Junior.

Mordain surmises that Blood Magic needs to be harnessed. Martis says, “I know of Blood Magic. Society members do it all the time. I have the ability to teach you. But, it would take seven days.”. Mordain decides to ask one of the Gods first before Martis teaches him about Blood Magic.

The air grows still and acrid with the smell of burnt anise. Suddenly, the area goes bitch black. In the center of the group appears a large glowing gray-blue figure with a sword through him/her. It’s hands are not attached to its elbows. Mordain recognizes (CRIT DEVOTION) the figure immediately. Tethys has appeared!!!

Mordain suddenly floats over to Tethys as it gigs him and shoves Mordain’s mouth to its bleeding chest. Cold coagulated blood rushes down Mordain’s throat. His body shakes as he feels that thousands of spiders biting his insides as the blood moves throughout his organs. Tethys whispers into his ears and Mordain’s ears bleed a viscous green-gray ooze as he is filled with the knowledge of Tethys’ Blood Magic. The darkness vanishes as quickly as it appeared.

Mordain instantly is aware that to gain his five year old son’s immunity, he would have to drain him completely, thereby making him a servant of Tethys. The others are not aware of his new found knowledge. Mordain tells the group that he and his son need to speak in private. He takes Junior off into the forest.

Sigbard and Martis discuss what has just transpired. He explains that they were in the presence of the Evil God, Tethys. Also, he recounts the God Wars and how he and several other member of the group played a part in the outcome. He asks her what God she follows, if any. “I follow a lesser known Goddess, by the name of Janus. She is the Goddess of Gates and Doors. She is not of this Plane or of the current Pantheon. Her true shape is of a massive eye formed from nebulas and stars from another Plane. She also is the Goddess of travel, both forward and backwards.”. Martin also mentions that there are stories about what lies beneath the Ebony Tower. An Elder Vampire Lord.

In the forest, Mordain speaks with his boy. “Son, do you want to be powerful and help save the World?”. “I…I, will do anything for you Father.” “You will be reborn again….and ahhh…and its going to hurt a bit but…you will be reborn again stronger….”, Mordain says with a heavy heart. Knowing that he will be sacrificing his son, never to know what kind of a man he would grow up to be. He feels anger and saddness as he stills the life of his innocent child…he has truly his own enemy. He drinks the blood…After which he has a vision of his son at Tethys’ side. Is this real or just an illusion?

SIDE NOTE: Shelwind Rangers took out 4 of the 10 Dragons. Brackhill died in the battle. The battle took place in the Orc Empire; But the Orcs were not present, because they were transported to Shelwind Forest.

Sigbard checks his Maus tattoo; it has returned, but looks to be less vibrant than it was previously. Mordain returns without Junior. He is very quiet about what transpired in the dark forest. Mordain flies into the air. Hanzo transforms into his Dragon form, Sigbard gets on his back and they depart for the Ebony Tower. It takes them twenty-four hours (CRIT FORT HANZO) full speed. They land near the Razor Coast, and make their way on foot towards the Tower. Each member disguises himself as an Elf. At the entrance they are stopped by a guard. “We need to meet with the General about the Dragon attack upon our Airships”, explains Mordain. They are allowed into the Tower, which sits on an active Volcano. As they cross the bridge to the main doors, Sigbard receives a tap on his shoulder. “Nisssssss, to sssssseeeeeeee you again….sssssss…”, whispers Rictus. Mordain and Sigbard whisper back that they are here to find out any information regarding Melphor’s True Name. Sigbard pulls out his Amulet of the Path and visualizes a repository of the books. He is rewarded with a cross-section visual of the Tower in his mind. The amulet gives Sigbard the location of the Library, but the portion of the catacombs is shrouded by utter darkness.

They are led to a room where they report to a Captain. Mordain attempts to bluff his story, but fails. The Captain tells them to wait here, Mordain attacks him but not before the Captain yells out to the guards. Mordain casts Suffocate successfully upon the Captain. The guards enter the room with weapons drawn. “Help us he is choking!”, Mordain yells. A medic arrives, but the Captain expires due to his “chocking fit”. The Medic asks the group to go and file a report up one level. After twenty minutes they arrive at the Library. The guard lets them in, and they begin to search for any useful information about Melphor. They are unsuccessful with their search.

After five ten minutes the guard enters and orders them to leave. Sigbard pulls an Arrow of Memory Loss and sticks the guard with it. The guard shakes is head and gives them ten more minutes. They exit and head for the Catacombs.

The catacombs hallways are fill with bleached skulls. Mordain sees the skulls shifting as he moves by them along with chatter beckoning him to go with them somewhere. Sigbard notices Mordain’s strange behavior and smacks him on the side of the head to snap him out of it.

The arrive into a large room filled with twenty-four coffins. Mordian hears the skull chatter, “Heheheheheheheheh…heheheheh….they are things in the coffins…open it…heheheheh, open, open…open now!…”. Mordain tries to ignore the skulls. They search the area. Hanzo finds a coffin with a secret button that slides the coffin to reveal a staircase. Mordain realizes that Hanzo is feeling the coldness due to Golden Dragons preferring a warmer climate. The stairs lead into a large caverned area filled with hundreds of sleeping large bats. Mordain has no (CRIT FAIL) clue what these creatures are. Sigbard looks up at the bats just as a drop of bat guano falls into his mouth (CRIT FAIL). He gags but is able to not make any loud sounds that would awaken the bats. The group sneak past the bats and get to the exit on the other end of the cavern.

In the next room they spot four Akurazugs floating near the ceiling. Mordain warns the others that these creature are highly dangerous constructs. So, they must be very silent and not trigger them into life. The room is must colder than any of the other rooms they have been in. Mist of cold rises from the floor. They team notices that there are red light beams originating from the Akurazugs; scanning the area constantly. Mordain successfully takes a couple minutes to decipher the patterns of the beams. He also notices that the constructs don’t touch the ceiling completely. So, he instructs the group to just fly above the heads of the constructs in order to bypass the beams entirely. Hanzo completely disagrees (CRIT FAIL). He believes that they should head straight through the beams. Obviously the cold is affecting Hanzo’s ability to reason.

Mordain flies above the creatures and makes it to the exit without difficulty. Meanwhile, Sigbard convinces Hanzo to go into his Plane and thaw out a bit. Hanzo wholeheartedly agrees. After several minutes in the Sigbard’s Plane they port back to the cavern and meet Mordain at the exit. The exit takes them to a wide spiral staircase that leads to a huge stone door. Mordain opens the doors silently. The room is more developed, similar to a fortress. Within the room are twelve coffins in immaculate condition. Along one side of the wall is a full rack of armors and weapons. The items glow with a slight reddish hue. Mordain is enthralled by the assortment of magic items. He fails (CRIT FAIL) to notice the Vampires appear behind him. “Who arrrrre you?”, declares the lead Vampire. “I am Mordain of Kailune, husband of Salamis Vel of Necromar!”, announces Mordain with zeal! “Ssssssssso you arrrrrrr the husssssband”. Other Vampires rise from the coffins and join the feral ones that are flanking the team. Lord Swan and Belladonna are among the risen Vampires. Mordain, Sigbard and Hanzo are lead into another room where humans are being bleed dry into a blood pool. They exit the feeding room which opens to a large underground Vampire City.

The streets are lit with bright green-blue glowing algae. There are Vampires of various Races walking the streets conversing and trading goods for blood vials. As the heroes walk by the Vampires look at them with feral hunger. In the distance lies a large obsidian-red castle, also lighted with the same glowing algae.

Within the Throne room they see an old humanoid within a chitin enclosure. The folds open up and the creature floats out of it. Its shape changes to that of a pale white distinguished looking man with white hair and opaque cyan eyes. This is Herod, Lord of Vampires. The lead Vampire announces the group to Lord Herod.

Herod welcomes them and asks them why they have visited their City. “We are looking for a book containing the True Name of the Dragon, Melphor.” Mordain explains that Melphor has destroyed much a Necromar. Herod is saddened greatly (CRIT) and agrees to help them find the tome they are seeking. Herod asks his Mage, Tenser to locate the tome with Mordain’s assistance. Tenser is not pleased, but he must comply with his Lords instructions.

Lord Swan asks Herod if he could show Sigbard and Hanzo around their City. Herod agrees.

Tenser takes Mordain to his house, upon entering Mordain recognizes that the front door was manufactured by the Doormouse Company. An Elf is being bled on a table in the living room, as are a couple Humans in various stages of “medical” procedures. One of the Humans has a large arachnid pedipalp as his right arm. Mordain also notices a page from the “Roshann” manuscript lying next to the experiments. Mordain and Tenser begin their search for the tome in Tenser’s Library. Mordain spots the tome almost (CRIT) immediately. Tenser is noticeably angered.

Meanwhile, Swan is showing Sigbard and Hanzo the splendor of the Vampire City. Belladona follows closely behind. “Nice to see you again Sigbard” “Good to see you too ‘Babycakes’!”, responds Sigbard. “One day I will kill him for that…but you are his pet after all…just another flaccid tool of his making. But I digress. By the way how is Rusty? He’s such a old shoe”. “What do you mean by that?”, replies Sigbard. “Oh, you know…he would never go against the status quo.”. “Just how did you meet Vol?”, asks Sigbard. “That is a very complicated story…it involves your parents…I’ve known them before they where together. And I’m sorry about your twin….if its any consolation, I killed my brother as well.”

Hanzo has been quiet all this time. Sigbard gets the feeling that Vampires and Dragons hate each other. That he is very much disgusted with their unnatural existence.

Lord Swan goes on to show Sigbard and Hanzo the various stores, brothels and dark alleyways of the City. Sigbard guesses that there are about four hundred Vampires “living” in this City. After twenty minutes a messenger arrives and notifies them that Tenser and Mordain have located the tome. They return to the Throne room.

KORVAN Chronicles #24

KORVAN Chronicles (Session #24 – 09/10/2016):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. SIGBARD – Ranger – Aaron
2. MORDAIN – Wizard – Brian
3. TALAXA – Female Winter Wolf/Barbarian – Aaron
4. MAUS – Unknown Outsider, Mordain’s Tattoo friend
5. SARAH ICESTAR / PLUTO – Jaeger Five (Sigbard’s Fire Team); Avian Corps
6. EISEN – Sigbard’s Wolf Companion
7. FRUKUL – Sigbard’s Raccoon Companion
8. AMPOR – Mordain’s Winged Lion Companion
9. ROARK – Half-Orc Fighter with a Heart of Gold – Matt
10. MORDAIN JUNIOR – Half-Giant son of Mordain

1. Silver Hart Hunting Club: Shaggy, Borland, Colonel Bean, etc.

1. Copper Dragon: “Andrassss”


— Sigbard —

Sigbard and Roark go looking for Stephanie Niles. But they can not find her at the designated camp location. They ask around and discover that she is at the ‘Klaus Farm’; a days ride out from the camp.

Sigbard goes to Ranger Dave for his Ranger stipend. Dave mentions that he has a recruit for Sigbard’s Fire Team. Namely, Carlos Danger the camp Animal Trainer. Ranger Dave looks informs Roark that his application has been accepted; he is to train with Sigbard.

Heading West they arrive at the Klaus Farm; premier leather workers. Ulo Klaus is the head leather worker at the Farm, and she is a Centaur. Several Rangers are also on site as tanners as well as protection.

— Mordain —

Meanwhile, Anerake decides to head North to Necromar. He feels very hungry. As he travels over the Skull Isles he gets caught in its storms and has to to land at the Skull Isles. Anerake is not pleased. He senses that there are powerful magical auras ahead. He moves towards darkness covered fortress ruin trying to sense anything. He smells something that repulses him. Anerake tears into the ruins. As he digs the smell gets stronger and stronger. Deciding not to continue, he leaves the area. Anerake takes flight and attempts to break free of the islands storms. With no success.

Anerake sensing that the storms do not affect below the ocean, he dives below the water and heads North once again. Several miles away from the isles he breaks through the water and takes flight. Only to collide into another flying Dragon!

Anerake is surprised (CRIT FAIL INIT), as is the other Dragon (CRIT FAIL INIT). At full speed they slam into each other. Shaking off the collision, the Copper Dragon announces himself as “Andrassss”. Anerake declares his name to the Copper Dragon as well. The battle begins! With tooth, claw and breadth the Dragons slash and rip into each other. The battle ends with Andras taking a killing blow from Anerake’s claw (CRIT). The Copper Dragon plummets down to hit the water with so much force that it shatters.

Anerake gains one of the Dragon’s powers for defeating his Kin. He continues on his trek through Korvan.

Sigbard’s Soul is in the Abyssal Prison, located in the Halls of Abbadon. He has three visitors daily. The first is Hebron the Librarian. Who really enjoys his torture sessions with Sigbard. He takes his time relishing every agonizing scream. Then there is Kar the Jailer; a large brutish lump of a Demon with very few brain cells. Finally, there is Eldo, a odd four foot multi-colored Demon. It does not enjoy hearing Sigbard’s torture sessions.

During Sigbard’s “Sessions”, he see’s glimpses of his body fighting giant scorpions. The Demon that has control his body has full knowledge of Sigbard’s personality and skills. But within the Prison, Sigbard gains a new set of information. Namely, the daily machinations of the Abyssal Planes by letting his “soul-thoughts” carry throughout the Realm. He gains knowledge of the various Hidden Wars being fought by the Abyssal Lords. Such as how Lord Larbesta has been at a stalemate with the Demon Succubus Queen.

Maus is also being tortured, but he eggs on his torturers with snide monotone comments and jokes. His jailers are not amused, they up their efforts to shut him up.

Time moves along, days turns to months, then to years. Signboard’s mental health is strained to its limit. He halluciantes that he is back in Shelwind Forest have beer with Carlos Danger and his other commrades. Other hallucinations are of him surrounded by his family enjoying a meal. But these are just lies. He see’s Eldo appear, but to him it’s just another hallucination. Eldo proceeds to place an iron ring upon Sigbard’s finger and runs away. Sigbard see’s Rusty appear in front of him. “I need you to break free of the bonds Sigbard…it’s all in your mind, you are stronger than these bonds…break free!”. Sigbard focuses on the chains and they break! Eldo gives him a bolt cutter to free Maus. Once Maus is freed, he leads Sigbard back to the Treachery Level of the Abyss. Twisted humanoids or various sizes occupy this level. Sigbard realizes that his soul form is being kept together by the iron ring, otherwise he would appear as a neon soul butterfly.

Maus takes Sigbard to a home of “Soul Eyes”. A ten foot tall mute demon with red hair. Soul Eyes helps them get to Rusty through various safe houses and under-realm routes. It takes over a year to reach Rusty’s Blacksmith shop. Rusty informs Sigbard that he was unable to get to you because Larbesta used his connections to get your soul transferred to the Halls of Abbadon.

— Sigbard —

Sigbard inspects his map of the Shelwind Forest, and decides to visit the following locations:
- Pelor’s House – Pelor is not there (he is in the Desert of Old Castro, on a diplomatic mission with the Cascara)
- Camp items shop – Purchases a baby rattle.
- Airship Crews – They have departed for parts unknown.
- Camp Magic Shop (Boyd Grainger, the Otter Druid) – Purchase some new Magic Items

Sigbard enters the Magic Shop. There are several otters scurring around. He recognizes Jama in his otter form. Boyd greets him and offers him his wares.

Sigbard mentions that Fort Kestrel is looking for people to join them. Boyd confesses that he’s been feeling he’s not appreciated here at the Ranger Camp. He also admits that he’s always wanted to be a Cooper. “You should go see Captain Mary Toliver in Bladecrest, she runs the docks.”. “I shall indeed do that!”, declares Boyd.

“How long have you been tending to the otters?” “It’s been fifteen years now…a long time. I was give this position by Cernnunus. I have no wife or family!” Boyd begins to break down, feeling the weight of the years. Looks at the otters with disgust.

Sigbard asks Boyd, “Do you know Melphor?” Boyd says “No”. “Well, he’s Father of all Dragons! His arrival has signaled the return of the Dragons to Korvan”.

“What! Dragons are real!?!? Am I SAVE!!!”, yells Boyd as he grabs Sigbard. “Did the Elder Druid not tell you?…He told me!” mentions Sigbard. Grainger begins to show signs of major distress. “If I were you I would grab as much of the shops items and get out of here! But, before you do…I would like to get some for myself.” Boyd decides to sell Sigbard at rock bottom prices, the following items…a Surcoat of Valor (100gp), Third Eye Crystal (1000gp), and a Quiver of Energy (400gp). “That’s it…you need to leave!!! I’m closing the shop…permanately!” announces Grainger. Sigbard leaves the shop. As he closes the door he hears “Come here you little bastards!!”, followed by loud clubbing and sheiks of little otters. As Sigbard walks off, several Rangers are heading for the Magic Item shop. Sigbard begins to whistle a sweet tune as he strolls merrily away.

— Mordain —

As Anerake makes his way North, Melphor appears directly in front of him. Anerake tries to resist (CRIT FAIL), his Will is sapped out of his being. A portal appears next to Anerake. A large golden scaled claw grabs Anerake and pulls it through the portal. Melphor attacks Anerake before he is through the portal with his fire breath. Anerake feels his scales scorch he goes through the portal. Melphor roars is anger!

Anerake looks upon his savior, Hanzo the Golden Dragon. The Plane they are in is a vast open space of stars and nebulas. Hanzo affixes a collar on Anerake, which give Mordain control of Anerake’s body. “What happened Hanzo?”, declares Mordian. “It is good to see you my friend, you have felt the power that is Melphor’s!”.

Hanzo says, “We are here to help you.” Mordain looks around to see several Dragons in front of him. A male Black Dragon with lava veins approaches and introduces himself as Rorvak. Followed by Jenkor Gar, a female Blue Dragon, Col Marrvok a female Copper Dragon, Shovra a male Green Crystal Dragon, Pesh Ulgeran a female Green Dragon. Finally, Mordain looks upon Dragon Queen Fal Rutharr Draghi and her “Dragon Boy” Legion.

Hanzo introduces Mordain to the Queen Mother. “So, this is the Vol created one!”, booms the Queen. She is disgusted and snaps her fingers reverting Mordain to his Human form.

Mordain greets the Queen Mother with tact and affection. The Queen says, “We are here to take the abomination from Korvan…My Husband!”

“This Wyrmling has proved himself and he is my friend, as are his companions. I value their friendship and I beg thee to help.”, Hanzo relates to the Queen. “Ah yes…Hanzo, you’ve always had an affection for these lesser beings.But, we do not need them”, answers the Queen. “I say we do need them, it is after all their World.”, responds Hanzo.

She says, “I’ve heard enough, I will discuss this with the Council. You are excused.” Mordain and Hanzo are transported to Solhagen at the ’13 Roses’ tavern. They appear in a corner booth, but no one has noticed their sudden arrival. Mordain asks Hanzo about Mercer and Tyranus. “Tyranus and John Mercer have fallen…devoured by the Abomination. Mercer’s daughter is in Solhage at a safe location.”

Hanzo also explains what the collar around Mordain’s neck does. It suppresses Melpor’s control over a Dragon. It is called “Dragatite”, from the Dragons home Plane. “What’s our next step Hanzo? “We must gather troops and allies who will help us overcome Melphor.” Mordain answers, “I have Sigbard and the Rangers, Orcs, Humans will help…I believe.” “Then let us depart for the Orcs and get them organized”. Suddenly they teleport to outside the Orc Castle of King Bosma Ganon. They are greeted by the Royal Court along with Councilor Yago Bratshaw, plus the Elite Knight, Suna Bojar. Lord Mirdon is also present, he glares at Mordain with disdain.

Mordain greets the King and informs him that Melphor has emerged ahead of schedule. “There are other allies that we can call upon…namely, Dragons.” “What! Dragons…I’ve heard they are not honorable!” says King Ganon. Hanzo shows a bit of anger at the King’s statement. Mordain lays a hand on Hanzo’s shoulder to calm him.

Mordain’s perceives that Hanzo and the Elite Knight Bojar have locked eyes and gets the sense that there will be a battle between the two in the future.

The Councelor Yago asks, “I have allies in the Human Empire, if you allow me to go to them and petition them on your behalf perhaps they will help.”. Mordain agrees. “Give me a token of yours that the Human King will recognize.” Mordain gives him his Charisma Ring. Yago snaps his fingers and jumps through a portal. King Ganon offers his hospitality to Mordain and Hanzo. Hanzo ask to meditate at one of the Orcs Temples. Mordain joins the King and discusses the Rangers and other groups.

— Sigbard —

Sigbard travels to the Silver Hart Hunting Club, a days ride from the Ranger Camp. Roark and Carlos camp out half a mile from the Hunting Club while Sigbard “scouts” the location for any useful information.

He arrives at the Hunting Club. A snobby Gnome answers the door, Sigbard announces himself as “Lucious Black”. Sigbard is shown to room fourteen by another gnome by the name of Edgar. “I suppose you’ve met my twin brother, Peck…he beats me…” says Edgar. “Edgar, I would get revenge on him if I were you!” “Oh no Sir…he’s okay…for a brother…Sir!” “I don’t know Edgar…I gave Peck a huge tip and he wasn’t very appreciative”, “A tip!!!…a tip!!!…and he didn’t share it with me! How much did you give him?”, “A thousand gold pieces!”, Edgar’s eyes widen…”Oh my lords…a thousand…I don’t know what to do”. Edgar begins to rock back and forth…noticeably shaken. Sigbard says, “Tell you what…you can help me with some information if you want a thousand of your own!” “You have a deal, Sir!”. Edgar departs after he drops off Sigbard’s bag in room fourteen. The maids arrives to draw Sigbard’s bath, but drops the pail as she is filling it. “So sorry Sir…I’ll clean that up for right away”. Sigbard responds with such sincerity, “Don’t worry about it, Thank you.”

The Butler, Colonel Bean notifies Sigbard that dinner will be served at six, dress is formal. Sigbard strolls the dinning room, there are eight places set for dinner. Sigbard begins to look at the paintings on the walls. The third painting contains a group of hunters and one of the individuals looks exactly like Sigbard. It’s dated three hundred years ago, the name George Wentz is listed on a plaque relating to the individual who looks like Sigbard. The other names listed on the plaque are Covington, Bean, Reynolds, Martis, Whitestar, Veruuna. They seem to be ancestors of the Clubs founders. The rest of the paintings are of animals and hunting scenes. The guests arrive downstairs for a meet and greet. Nigel and Percy Covington, Lady Mary Reynolds, Jennifer Whitestar, Carmilla Martis and Prince Richard Veruuna. Sigbard is smitten with Carmilla Martis. The Prince eyes Sigbard with keen interest. As does the Princes’ Weimaraner, Rufus. Who instantly befriends Sigbard, letting him pet and scratch him behind his ears.

Sigbard recognizes that Percy Covington is full of himself and covets his brother’s wealth and status. While Nigel is gluttonous for information and holds a dark treacherous secret. Perhaps the accidental deaths of their parents was not accidental after all.

Nigel greets the guests and declares that the hunt tomorrow will be “Exquisite!”. The guests are introduced and talk about themselves. Everyone except for the Prince are from Korbis. Sigbard describes the current fashion trends around the Human Empire. Lady Mary Reynolds and Jennifer Whitestar are very interested in what Sigbard has to say.

Sigbard finds out that the Hunting Club was established three hundred years ago by the members in the painting. Ever since then any family member can visit the Club for 5000gp per night to enjoy the exclusivity of the Silver Hart. One thing that Sigbard is wondering about is the fact that Colonel Bean in the painting and the Butler look exactly the same…exactly the same.

The formation of the Club began with a Silver Stag Hunt. The house was built upon the spot where they killed the Stag. The Stag represents Purity and looked upon as sacred animals.

Sigbard asks Nigel about his parent’s death, to which Nigel stiffens and does not respond. Meanwhile Lightstar and the Prince are getting along splendidly. The guests are encouraged to visit the gardens and have a look around the estate. But they are warned not to go into the Mushroom Forest.

— Mordain —

Hanzo returns from his meditation, but Mordain realizes that he is not feeling at peace in the Orc lands. Suddenly an earthquake occurs where Mordain and Hanzo are situated. A glowing blue orb appears in fromt of them and grows in size. Mordain guesses that this is some sort of magical “egg”. The egg bursts and a twelve foot gold skinned humanoid looks to Mordain and says, “Hello Father! Mother says Hello.”. Hanzo looks quizzingly at Mordain.

Orc guards rush and surround the trio. Mordain commands the guards to stop and stand down. They ignore him (CRIT). Hanzo transform into his Dragon form and dominates them all except for the Captain to back away. Mordain commands his son to sit. But is ignored a second time. So, Mordain ask politely and his son obliges. Mordain’s son is named after his Father…namely, Mordain Junior, and he is a water based Half-Giant. He is ten years old for a Half-Giant, equivalent to a human five year old.

The General and Elite Knight come down and asks Mordain what has transpired. Mordain explains his side and they agree to call it a misunderstanding. Next time Mordain will need to announce who or what his allies are. After six hours Yago returns with good news. King Arthur Korbis has agreed to help the Orcs and Mordain.

Mordain asks Hanzo (now in his human shape) if he knows of anything that can hurt Melphor. Hanzo reluctantly admits that he knows of an element that all Dragons are susceptible to. It’s from their home Plane. But if it ever got out all of Dragon kind would be at risk. He had discovered that a Shelwind Ranger had discovered this secret and that he was ordered by the Queen to find this person and silence them. That persons name is Stephanie Niles. Mordain tells Hanzo he will find this individual. Hanzo insists that they both go. Mordian accepts.

Mordain asks, “How will we be able to move all the Orc and Human troops to the battle location?” “Leave that to me, I will contact the Queen Mother and the Council”, answers Hanzo. “Some other vital information for you my friend…ten Dragons are on Melphor’s side.” Hanzo teleports to the Dragon Plane for assistance with the troops, he will return in one hour. Mordain informs the Orc King that he and Hanzo must leave to find someone that may help defeat Melphor.

While Hanzo is away for the hour, Mordain tries to figure our his sons personality. Especially, Juniors tendency to exhibit a split persona at times. Mordian has nicknamed this persona…”Tiny”.

— Sigbard —

Sigbard decides to visit the gardens and get some more information. On the way he meets the animal handler, Borlan. The handler shows Sigbard around his stables and pens. Sigbard discovers that Covington’s parent died in a freak boulder accident. Borland has a bad cough that he remedies with Tobacco from the Mushroom Forest. “I know somebody in Solhagen that could fix your cough for you.” “I would really appreciate it if I could get rid of this nasty cough.” replies Borland. “The persons you need to see are Peter and Stefan Greypool. Tell them Cy sent you and they will give you a discount.” adds Sigbard.

Moving on Sigbard spots the entrance into the Mushroom Forest. The Princes’ Weimaraner, Rufus approaches him and begins to run around Sigbard. Suddenly Rufus looks at the entrance and begins barking loudly. Sigbard sees a large wisp-like shape with glowing green eyes. It disappears. Sigbard guesses that he just saw a protective Nature Spirit. He decides to pass on entering the forest.

In the flower garden he meets the gardner, Walter “Shaggy” Dalborg. Sigbard knows instinctively that Walter is hiding something. Shaggy goes on and on about flowers and plants that the garden contains. Testing Sigbard’s patience.

Back at the house, Martis is sipping some wine. The way she holds herself denotes her high level in Society. Before Sigbard can make conversation with Martis, he gets a telepathic communication from the Elder Druid. “Go see Carlos and Roark…Melphor is here!” Sigbard notifies Colonel Bean that he needs to leave. Bean tells him the location of tomorrows Hunt.

Sigbard comes up with a plan to use his “Hazard” powers to quickly kill Nigel Covington outside using his Shades, and then rush over to Roark and Carlos. He casts Darkness on two rocks that his Schades. The Scades attack Nigel, grabs Martis and then Sigbard triggers the Hazard power to cover the murder.

He initiates his plan, the Scahdes attack (CRITONCE), killing Nigel, next murder of Crows attack Nigel, mutilating his body. Sigbard goes and grabs Martis, “You are not safe! We must go!!!” (CRITCONVINCE MARTIS). She will follow Sigbard anywhere! (CRIT FAIL). They exit the lodge.

Bean arrives outside as the Schades attack Nigel. Points at the Schades and says, “EVILLLLLLL!"

Sigbard’s Schade number two attacks first (CRITINIT). The Butler’s hands glow and his skin begins to transform to what looks like steel. Sigbard recognizes Bean as an Angelic entity. The Schade brings down the full power of Schade-Penumbra, obliterating the Solarr Archon from this Material Plane.

When Sigbard arrives with Martis at the meet location, he sees Carlos, Raork and Brackhill. “We need to teleport you all immediately!” says Brackhill. In an instant they appear at the Klaus Farms. “Talk to Stephanie Niles” and with that Brackhill disappears.

— Mordain —

Hanzo returns with bad news. The Queen and Council will not help traffic the Orc and Human troops for Mordain. He gets a telepathic communication from the Elder Druid as well. “Where are you?”. “With the Orcs”. “I’ll be there in a minute.”. The Elder Druid appears and stops time for one minute. He tells Mordain and Hanzo that he and the Rangers will be the first force to meet Melphor and that it’s up them to follow should the Rangers fall in battle. Mordain asks for the Druid to teleport the Orc/Human troops to Shelwind Forest. Brackhill says, “YOU will owe me for this…say it!” “Yes…I owe you a favor” responds Mordain reluctantly. “Do we know where Melphor will be?” Brackhill answers “Dude…I don’t know!?!” (CRIT FAIL). Time unfreezes.

Hanzo explains that as Dragons they can try to sense where Melphor is currently located. They are unsuccessful. Mordain asks the Druid where Sigbard is. “He’s at the Silver Hart Hunting Club…by the way why is he at the lodge?”. “To kill someone”, answers Mordain. Brackhill is stunned at Mordain’s response. “This is unacceptable! And where is Maus?”. “He got into trouble with some Demons, so he’s in the Abyss.”. Brackhill is stunned once again by this news. He pulls out some stinkweed and takes several drags to take the edge off.

Mordain explains his plan to Brackhill to use the Orc and Human Capital Portals to move the forces and then move them to Shelwind Forest.

Mordain teleports to the Silver Hart Club with Hanzo and Mordain Junior. They arrive outside the Lodge only to see Sigbard and a woman fleeing the area. Mordain, Hanzo and Mordain junior are left ti figure out what has transpired. Guests and house servants come out to see Mordain standing above the corps of Nigel Covington. They yell “You need to stay for the authorities to arrive!” at Mordain. “Get out of my way…I’m looking for Sigbard!” pushing everyone out of his way. He makes his way into the Club, “I’m looking for Sigbard!”. Peck attacks him with his fists. He lands one good (CRIT), but Mordain is not hurt by any of his flurry of blows. The are sounds of other servants making their way to help Peck. Mordain backhands Peck into a concrete wall, just as Shaggy and Borland. Mordain repeats “I’m looking for Sigbard!”. The two new arrivals attack Mordain in the corridor. They miss with all their strikes. Mordain retaliates and kills Shaggy. Mordain enters the dinning room with the paintings…spotting Sigbard in one of them he shows the painting to the staff (who are all frightened), “I’m looking for Sigbard! This is him!”

Maggey Mardine answers, “That painting is three hundred years old…no one on that painting is alive!!!” “There was only one more person here that was not one our regulars.” Mordain gives up and exits the lodge as two men approach him.

KORVAN Chronicles #23

KORVAN Chronicles (Session #23 – 07/31/2016):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. SIGBARD – Ranger – Aaron
2. MORDAIN – Wizard – Brian
3. TALAXA – Female Winter Wolf/Barbarian – Aaron
4. MAUS – Unknown Outsider, Mordain’s Tattoo friend
5. SARAH ICESTAR / PLUTO – Jaeger Five (Sigbard’s Fire Team); Avian Corps
6. EISEN – Sigbard’s Wolf Companion
7. FRUKUL – Sigbard’s Raccoon Companion
8. AMPOR – Mordain’s Winged Lion Companion
9. ROARK – Half-Orc Fighter with a Heart of Gold

1. None

1. Red Scorpion (2): Large Scorpion
2. Blue Scorpion (1): Gargantuan Scorpion
3. Elven Airships (3): (Two 100 XP & One 500 XP)


After Mordain’s transformation, he and SIgbard decide to visit Mira at the Golden Oak Inn.

Roark, a Half-Orc has been hired by the Stimson Lumber Company as a hired hand. Working in the forest cutting down trees for export to other cities. He’s also done some work at the Diamond Mine. He’s befriended the town recruiter, Reggie Wellbrook. Who is also a drug dealer. He supplies Roark with several doses of Salvia, a dried plant that induces psychoactive vision and altered states.

Roark has also befriended a couple other Kailune residents, namely a Dwarf gambler named Buckthorn and the Ex-Captain Alwin Forsythe. He finds work as a hired hand at the Stimson Lumber Company. He meets the “Captain” (who’s really Demon sucking the life out of him). Roark has vivid nightmare of Demonic Ants eating him alive, while Demonic Spiders use his flesh and skin to spin their webs.

Sigbard notices the Demon and approaches Captain Alwin. Who is noticeably very nervous when he comes aware of Sigbard. He immediately excuses himself from the table and runs out of the Inn.

The introduce themselves to Raork. Who realizes that these two individuals are his “bosses”, since he’s working for the Stimson Lumber Company.

Rictus whispers into Sigbard’s ear to meet him outside the town, because “the Mistress wants to see them” Sigbard asks who? Rictus replies “Uso…and bring the Half-Orc with you”.

They meet and Rictus creates a portal to Uso’s temple. They enter and Uso tells Sigbard and Mordain that she will be expiring soon, and that this is to be their last meeting. She gifts the World Key to Mordain and a smaller Planar Key to Sigbard. This key is for “Sigbard’s personal Plane”.

She looks at Roark and touches his forehead for a moment. “You are an anomaly” she explains. Following this she reaches out to Sigbard and Mordain and takes their hand. There is a slight spark and her essence is transferred into them.

She then proceeds to turn to stone and crumble to stardust. Her stardust floats out of the opening in temple ceiling. Almost immediately, the temple begins to fall all around them. Rictus exits using the portal, as do Sigbard and Mordain. Unfortunately, a boulder falls on Raork as he tries to exit the temple. Another rock hits him in the head and is dazed. Sigbard realizes Roark’s absence and returns to the temple to retrieve him. But he is unable to lift the boulder off Roark in time before the portal closes forever. Sigbard draws out his new dimensional key and opens a door into his new Realm. They fall through the doorway onto a green landscape. Roark is in bad shape since he hit the ground face down. Sigbard stitches up Roark as best as he can with spells and bandages.

Meanwhile outside the temple, Mordain has another vision. This time of Melphor breaking through the Land of the Boe, destroying the land and its people. Mordain doubles over and throws up the contents of this stomach. An evil smile grows, his eyes light up and his thoughts turn to death and mayhem…he grows hungrier and hungrier.

Sigbard then gets a thought that he should dip Roark into the lake. Dragging Roark’s kicking body into the lake, he proceeds to “drown” Roark. Who begins to flay his arms wildly to break free of whomever is drowning him. Sigbard manages to keep him under and after a couple minutes Roark’s body stiffens and wounds become healed. Out of the water Sigbard performs mouth-to-mouth to revive Roark.

Sigbard realizes that he is able to sense locations and creatures in his new Realm. Such a small pool that shimmers silver; a possible portal he believes.

Mordain decides to teleport to Kailune in order to wait for Sigbard to return. Sigbard and Roark return to where the entrance of Uso’s temple was. They look for Mordain, but are unable to locate him. All of a sudden three giant Scorpions appear out of the sands and attack!

Two Scorpions try strike at Roark, but they miss him. Roark swings with his Halberd and strikes the Scorpion in front of him. As he connects he notices behind the Scorpion he has struck a large dune growing in size. Sigbard draws Penumbra and slashes the Scorpion attacking him. He severs its head completely.

A gargantuan blue colored Scorpion arrises from the sands and attacks Sigbard. It’s two pincers grab Sigbard and it’s tail strikes him as well.

The giant Scorpion in front of Roark attempts to strike, but instead disembowels (CRIT FAIL) itself. Roark turns to the Scorpion behind him and activates his Chameleon Ring to disappear. The giant Scorpion is unaware of where Roak is located. He casts Mirror Image, tricking the Scorpion not following the illusion into the far off sands. But unbeknownst to Roark the gargantuan Scorpion (CRIT) can see his movements.

Sigbard summons his Shade to slash at the Scorpion. The Shade fail it’s strike (CRIT FAIL) and dissipates. He attempts to break free of the pincers without any luck. The blue Scorpion proceeds to constrict and sting Sigbard.

Sigbard’s body is snapped in two and falls to the ground a bloody mess. Roark is horror stricken by the sight of Sigbard split body. Suddenly, hellish red tendrils sprout forth from Sigbard’s severed body sections and proceed to re-knit his body. Roark is in shock at the scene that is transpiring in from of him. The renewed Sigbard rises and battles the blue Scorpion once more. But, the arachnid manages to grab Sigbard once again. Sigbard notices that there is a glowing brand of Ajatar upon the gargantuan Scorpion head. He curses her name and kin under his breath.

Roark joins in by throwing his lightning bolt transformed halberd at the gargantuan arachnid! Striking it near its face, the creature releases its hold on Sigbard. He lands on the ground and immediately throws Penumbra at the creature and ends its life! Roark proceeds to play his flute in lieu of their victory. Minutes pass by as he weaves a melody of eeriness. Sigbard removes the Ajatar brand and burns it.

Meanwhile in Kailune, Mordian enhances himself with various spells and teleports to Anduris in search of the last Dragon mirror! He appears under water filled with a variety of sea creatures. As he moves downward he spots vicious gargatuan blind eel-like creatures (Sea Gorgon) swimming around consuming sharks and the like. He spots the entrance into the ruined prison. There are several halfling bodies floating around, Mordain grabs a leg and consumes it. Entering the temple he moves from ruined room to room. Searching (CRIT) the rubble he locates the mirror with ease. Exposing its mirrored surface he is transformed into an Ancient Silver Dragon. His thoughts become alien and hungry, not wanting to return to Human form. In his new form he chooses his new name, “Anerake”. He swims upward and exits the waters in his evil draconic form.

Anerake flies over to the Elven Empire. He spots three Elven Airships and attacks the one closest to him. The huge airpship takes enough damage that it sinks down on a collsion coarse with the colossal airship. Anerake lands on the ship and proceeds to “ride” it like a battering ram. Thrusting through the colossal airship Anerake roars in Evil victory. The final huge airship turns and blasts Anerake with no damage. Elves appear around the Dragon and assault him with weapons and spells. He dispatches the alien elves with ease and crushes the last airship with spell and claw! The airship remnants rain upon Nevelore killing ninety-nine individuals. Only one elf survives; General Sarigar Grimrod. In Anarake’s clutches he spills the beans as to the location of the Elven Queen; The Ebony Tower.

Sigbard return to his Realm with Roark and test out his portals limits. Meanwhile Roark pleads with Freya to be heard. But there is only silence and his belief is threatened by doubt. He drops his Freya token and walks away. Sigbard snags the token and pockets it without Roark’s knowledge. Roark is unsure if he wants to continue, so Sigbard pays Roark two golds and a couple diamonds and he agrees to help Sigbard.

Sigbard opens a portal into the Shelwind Forest, specifically Xander’s Yurt. He greets the two visitors and invites them into his home. They discuss finding Ranger Dave, so Sigbard can replenish his Fire Team members. Roark smokes a bowl of Salvia to relive his stress level. He passes it to Sigbard to try out. Sigbard experiences a dream vision of Vol visiting Uso’s ruined temple and becoming angry at the sight. Only to disappear in a flash of light.

Sigbard and Roark depart for the main Ranger camp. On their way they come across an elderly Heavy Plate Warrior speaking to a sensual river Nymph in a pond. Roark uses his ring to conceal himself and eavesdrop on the two. He discovers that the warrior and nymph are in love. As Roark is about to move in closer, a large hand grips his shoulder, halting him. He turns to see a twelve foot green individual. The creature smiles and beckons him to a location near the lake. “SIT!”, says the Green Man. Roark does and feels immediately at peace. The Green Man smiles at Roark and disappears in the brush. Roark rejoins Sigbard and they head out to meet with the Elder Druid and Ranger Dave.

Ranger Dave is annoyed that they bypassed the Forests magical protections. Brackhill on the other hand has “no worries” about the security issue. He takes the Sigbard and Roark into his house and they all partake of some magical “herbs”. Sigbard has an exceptional (CRIT) experience. He dreams of Mordain transforming into a very large Dragon fighting Airships and destroying hundreds of Elves. Meanwhile, Roark has a vision of a Goddess that he has an immediate affection and faith for. A renewed confidence fills Roark and everyone in the room notices it.

Brackhill informs them that Melphor is “out” and that he has destroyed Necromar. Sigbard does not take the news very well. During their conversation, Brackhill mentions “Freya”, which snaps Roark out of his trance. Roark ask, “Where is Freya?”. “Right next to the big tree, Man.”, responds the Elder Druid. Roark rushes out and heads directly for the Freya. He falls to his knees in front of the tree and exclaims his broken faith. But only hears silence. He leaves

Sigbard asks the Druid for more Rangers to resupply his Fire Team. Brachial directs him to Ranger Dave. “Do you know anything about the Silver Hart Hunting Club?” “Oh yeah, it’s right outside Shelwind Forest. By the way where is Maus?”. asks Brackhill. Sigbard looks to Maus’s tattoo and it has disappeared. “Oh, I don;t know where he is”. The two heroes leave the Druid and find Ranger Dave outside.

Ranger Dave is with Carlos Danger. They notice that Carlos is training attack Ostriches with lanced Halflings (Koji and Quinn) riding them. Dave inquires about the missing members of Sigbard’s Fire Team. Sigbard fills him in on what has transpired. Dave just shakes his head. “At the moment we only have untrained recruits, so you will have to make due with Sarah and Pluto. Once we have them trained you will be able to select from this new group.”.

Sigbard asks, “Do you know of anybody that is a specialist at killing Dragons?”. “Speak with Stephanie Niles, she is our resident expert when it comes to killing Wyrms…And she is a Map Maker…She’s in Lodge B.”.

Sigbard moves on to Carlos and asks him how he and his family are doing , as well as any animal training news. Quinn approaches Sigbard and gives him a hug. “Talaxa’s puppies are great, but their father is hard to find at times.”. Sigbard explains to Quinn what type of creature Pollux is. She is bewildered at his explanation and decides to do more research about Pollux. She departs the group. Sigbard and Roark go looking for Stephanie Niles.


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