KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #1

Year 5 A.M. (After Melphor)

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #1 – 01/22/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. CORWIN KOCH-WESER – Rogue – Brian
3. HAZEL GRIMSBANE – Witch – Matt

1. The Candle Man: Mysterious Employer

1. None: N/A


The rebuilt City of Kargal is sectioned off into seven areas. The Docks and the Warehouse District to the North East. Castle Kargal, which is nesteled between the Jewelry and Merchant Districts. Adjacent to the Castle are the Noble Houses and finally the Military District to the South East. The City is decorated with gold and motifs of reptiles throughout.

Each of the characters have made their way to Kargal to establish themselves. They stop at one of the job posting boards that are located throughout the city. One of the listings is for work at ‘The Black Hound’ tavern.

A tired Koch arrives first at the Black Hound tavern. He remembers in his youth that the Black Hound was a portent for evil and destruction. Entering the dark smoke covered tavern, he is greeted with the sounds of coughing and loud conversations. He walks up to the bartender; a bald man in his 50’s. “What do you want lad?”. “A job!”, answers Corwin. “Come back two days from now at 10pm and we shall discuss the job. By the by, my name is Jonathan Sable.”

Corwin introduces himself to the barmaid and asks for her name and a drink. “My name is Rachel Honeyspot, and you could not afford my “drink”. She serves him the swill that they sell for one copper piece. Corwin chugs the ale, but is unable to swallow the putrid liquid. He vomits towards the bartender, who manages to sidestep the bile. “You can’t hold your ale Boy!” “Your swill stinks!”, Corwin replies. “My patrons like that “swill”, boy!” All of the taverns patrons raise their mugs and loudly name Corwin, “SISSY!”. Corwin exists the tavern.

Hasel arrives next at the Black Hound. Entering, the dark establishment, he spots several fists fights in the corner as well as gambling. He narrowly steps on a puddle of blue-green vomit that was left there by a previous customer. There’s definitely an air of shadiness present here. But he must find a job to pay for lodgings for his sister and himself. He introduces himself to Sable and asks if the job is still available. “My sister and I arrived recently in Kargal. We are looking for jobs if you have any” asks Hazel. “Yes, I do lad…if your sister is pretty, I have an opening for a tavern wench”, answers Sable. “Great I will speak to my sister. When do you want me to return for the job?”. Sable tells him to return in one day at 10pm.

As Hazel is leaving, he spots a golden goblet in a glass case behind the bar. The plaque states that this is the “Goblet of Torag”. The cup must be made of real gold he thinks to himself. A smile crosses his lips and his fingers begin to itch…he longs to hold the goblet. He walks out. Arriving at the dock area, he enters the small room he and his sister have procurred. “I found a job dear sister. The bartender is also looking for a female server.”. “There is a golden goblet behind the bar.” “Do you want to case the joint?”. “No, I’ll go in disguise later on and get some more information.” “Ok, I’ll then look for another job for myself in the morning…the stew is ready if you are hungry, brother.” “I am dear sister…it smell good.”

On the third day, heavy rain hits Malcolm as he arrives at the tavern. Shaking off his rain soaked jacket, he enters the Black Hound Tavern. He asks for the taverns best drink. “That would be my own concoction, the “Head Spinner!”. He takes six bottles out and proceeds to mix the ingredients into his famous cocktail. There is a lot of fizzing and pounding of globs and then strains it into a glass. “You need to drink in one go…otherwise there may be side effects!”. Malcolm raises the glass, the smell of oranges, honeysuckle and animal sweat hits his nose. In one swig he downs (CRITFORT) the “Head Spinner”. “How was it young man?” “Very good!”, answers Malcolm. “My, my…Sir…you are the first person in a long time to handle this cocktail…Well Done…Well Done! I usually charge 10 gold pieces for this drink, but for you Sir, only 5 gold pieces.”, Sable says with a proud smile. Malcolm gives him six gold pieces. Sable is very thankful for his generous tip. Sable is amazed at Malcolm’s knowledge of recognizing the different ingredients in the cocktail. He asks Malcolm for any help in identifing some of his cellar bottles that have been left there for a hundred years. “Yes, I would very much like to help you in any capacity with that task.”, replies Malcolm.

“Would you like some food, Sir?”. “Why yes, that would be excellent. How about Lamb Medallions?” Honeyspot takes Malcolm’s order to Wendel, the Cook. “How do you do that? I never prepared them!” Malcolm proceeds to jot down instructions how to prepare the meal along with a few extra ingredients that he supplies for the Cook. Thirty minutes later, Wendel announces that he has done a fantastic job and names the dish after himself. After all it was he who “created” the dish. Malcolm smiles and Sable jump shakes his head and apologizes to Malcolm. Malcolm suggests that Sable name the dish, the “Blissed Meat”, so he can attract business from the newly formed Bliss Church. Sable agrees.

“What brings you here to my establishment?”. “I seek a job…for I am new in Kargal.”, Malcolm answers. “If you are interested, please return tonight at ten. The sign will say “Closed”, but should you see a blue lit lantern in the window, please enter.”

Malcolm asks, “Where can I bed for the night?”. “Well, there is a place…it’s called the “Bliss Inn”, about three blocks away. It’s run by gnome named Astro Rickter, a follower of Bliss.”. Malcolm finishes his meal and makes his way to the gnomes’ Inn. On his way there he notices several of the Plate armored City Guards led by tattooed Elite Guards in orange tunics. These Elite Guards have bright green reptilian eyes. One of the Elite Guards locks eyes with Malcom, who manages to shrug off (CRITWILL) thoughts of dread. As the guards pass by with clacking plate armor sounds their heads turn to notice Malcolm. He has been “noticed”.

Arriving at the three story Bliss Inn, Malcolm spots several large stained glass windows depicting man vanquishing a Dragon with an illuminated sword. The final window shows the man wearing the Dragons skin in a triumphant victory. These must be tales of the “Roark”; the savior of Korvan five years ago.

He enters the Inn. Behind the front desk is a colorfully clad gnome with a chromatic lizard on his left shoulder. “Welcome Sir! Welcome to the BLISS INN!!! I m the proprietor, Astro Rickter!”, he says with a wide smile. “I’m new here and require lodgings for the night. I was referred to you by Jonathan Sable of the Black Hound.” “Oh yes! You mean baldy! Good chap I say…good chap! So, we have two suites available at the moment…the Roark Suite or the Bliss Suite…both are very nice, but the Bliss suite comes with the Bliss hot tub! And we do have the extra package…the “Happy Bliss Ending…a very good deal for the price I may say.”, explains Astro. “I’ll take the Bliss suite with the Happy Ending package!”, says Malcolm gleefully.

Astro snaps his fingers and two women approach the front desk. Two women, one clothed carrying a cistern and the other topless. “Take good care of this Gentleman, Ladies! He has purchased the full Bliss package.”.

Malcolm is escorted to his suite and the ladies join him in the room. The room is opulent, real diamonds adorn the lamps. The cups are made of silver with gold filigree. Malcolm surmises that this room contains at least twenty thousand gold piece worth of furniture and items. Upon closer observation he notices that all the items in the room are branded with Bliss’ symbol.

The lady bard announces, “I am Colleen McAllister and this is Julia Blackwater. It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Malcolm.”. Malcolm is then treated to wines of various vintage and a five coarse meal with “dessert”. After a pleasant night, Malcolm prepares for his meeting at the Black Hound Tavern.

Corwin arrives first at the Tavern. He enters and sees Sable at the bar. Sable tells him to sit at the round table in front of him. Malcolm approaches the tavern and sees the blue lit lantern in the window; he enters. Sable shakes his hand and instructs him to sit at his assigned chair, opposite Corwin. Hazel finally arrives, the cold wind hits him like a hammer. He spots the blue lantern in the window, he knocks and enters the tavern. Sable greets him and asks him to take the last seat at the round table.

Hazel is noticeably nervous. So nervous that he pulls out his mothers pendant and begins to rub it rhythmically. The others stare at him with puzzled looks. After a couple minutes, Hazel stops and quickly puts the pendant away.

“Well yes,…ummm…right…my name is Jonathan Sable…thank you for applying for the job. The employer should be here shortly”. He suddenly slumps down and stops moving. Crowin checks Sable’s pulse (CRIT FAIL) and declares, “Yep, he’s DEAD!”. Suddenly, Hazel gets up goes behind the bar, removes the Goblet of Torag from its case and drops it into his sack. He then sits back down without saying a word.

Behind the bar a large mass of shadow coalesces, with a few seconds small orange points of light appear at the top of the shadow mass. The form solidifies and looming in front of them is a twelve foot hunched entity with a metal mask. Upon his back are numerous candles during brightly. His long arms end in cadaver-like hands holding strings. These strings protrude from his fingers and disappear into the ether. Exuding from this being are smells of Honeysuckle and burnt hair; his movements are mechanicle, making his joints sound like breaking tree limbs. The Candle Man has made his appearance!

*“Ahhhh…my’hhhhheee kind of employees! I’hhhhee ammmmm the Cannndle Man! I am your employer ’til Dooooomsssday’hhhhheeee. I have watched you’hhhheeeee come into this city…MY City’hhhhheeee!

I have chozzzen you’hhheee to infiltrate some horrors that have invade MY city! You will be’hhhhheeee MY instruments of destruction of that accursed thing that lies within’hhhhheee the castle!”*

The Candle Man points at the three recruits and says, “Put out’hhhheeee your hannnnd!” He touches each of their right palms and a black spot appears. Each of the recruits feel as if they have been branded by searing hot iron.

“You are’hhhheeeee now minnnnnne! I will explain…”




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