Henri "Smith" Sutler

Human Cleric of Miles-Smithen-Boranis & Freya


Human Male Cleric 5 / Volund 4
AC 34 (+14 armor, +7 shield, +3 Dex), +5 vs rng att
MHP 111
DR 5/- (50)
Fall Res -60 ft, take 1/2 min
Land Spd 15 ft + 5 ft (enhancement)
Fly Spd 60 ft (Perfect)
Abilities Str 17, Dex 16, Con 21, Int 23, Wis 26, Cha 21
Saves Fort +26, Refl +18, Will +32
Init +3, BAB +5, CMB +8, CMD +21
Languages Auran, Celestial, Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc
Skill Total Divine Insight
Craft (Armorsmith) 32 47
Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) 32 47
Craft (Weaponsmith) 32 47
Jump 30 45
Know (Engineering) 26 41
Spellcraft 26 41
Diplomacy 25 40
Craft (Tattoo) 25 40
Economics 23 38
Craft (Alchemy) 23 38
Craft (Cooking) 23 38
Craft (MRO) 23 38
Craft (Sp Mat) 23 38
Know (arc) 22 37
Know (Religion) 22 37
Craft (Carpentry) 22 37
Craft (Cobbler) 22 37
Craft (Glasswork) 22 37
Craft (Jeweler) 22 37
Craft (Locksmith) 22 37
Craft (Masonry) 22 37
Craft (Sculpture) 22 37
Craft (Shipwright) 22 37
Craft (Tailoring) 22 37
Craft (Tanner) 22 37
Craft (Textiles) 22 37
Fly 19 34
Perception 19 34
Appraise 16 31
Sense Motive 16 31
Use Magic Device 16 31
Heal 15 30
Disable Device 15 30
Stealth 14 29
Surgery 13 28
Linguistics 12 27
Acrobatics 10 25
Handle Animal 8 23
Survival 8 23
Dwarf 7 22
Society 8 23
Bluff 5 20
Disguise 5 20
Intimidate 5 20
Perform 5 20
Climb 3 18
Escape Artist 3 15
Ride 3 15
Swim 3 15


  • Touch AB = 18
  • Gauntlets AB = 13 (1d4+8)
  • Jumping Quarterstaff of Entwined + 13 (1d6+8)
  • Torag’s Spike AB = 13 (1d10+8)
  • Valaros AB = 13 (1d8+8)
  • Warhammer of Volstag + 2 AB = 13 (1d8+8)


0—1: Detect Magic
0—2: Light
0—3: Cure Minor Wounds
0—4: Purify Food and Water

1—D1: Sanctuary
1—1: Stone Shield
1—2: Stone Shield
1—3: Protection From Evil
1—4: Knight’s Move
1—B1: Knight’s Move
1—B2: Scholar’s Touch

2—D1: Shield Other
2—B1: Make Whole
2—B2: Make Whole

3—D1: Protection From Energy
3—1: Dispel Magic
3—2: Dispel Magic
3—B1: Alter Fortune

4—D1: Spell Immunity
4—1: Restoration
4—B1: Dimensional Anchor
4—B2: Deathless

5—D1: Break Enchantment
5—1: Wall of Stone
5—B1: Triadspell

Racial: Human

  • Ability: dex +2
  • Feats: 2 extra feat
  • Skills: +1 per level

Class: Cleric

  • Weap Prof: simple + armor/shield
  • Aura: Good Aura
  • Spont Cast: trade prep spells for cures
  • Channel: 3 + cha/day 3d6 30’

Domains: Protection and Healing

  • Protection: +1 res save +1/5 CL
  • Resistant Touch: 3+wis/day, touch std act transfer res for 1 min.
  • Restorative Touch: 3+wis/day, remove condit
  • Healer’s Blessing: Empowered Cure spells

Class: Volund

  • Enhanced Crafting: 40% less craft cost/level
  • Master Craftsman: Ignore 1 prereq
  • Mass Production: Increased DC allows for multiple craft projects simultaneously
  • Salvage: 1/day, scrap a magic item and obtain its raw materials for future crafting


  • Sacred Touch: std act, stabilize dying
  • Fixer: 1/day, jury rig obj, ignore broken, 24 hours.


  • Combat Expertise: +/-5 AC/Attack respectively
  • Fast Learner: Favored class +1 HP/sk
  • Heavy Armor Proficiency:
  • Skill Mastery: +9 Skill Points
  • Craft Wand: Can craft wands
  • Craft Magic Arms and Armor: Can craft Arms/Armor
  • Leadership: Gain Cohort and Followers
  • Craft Wondrous: Can craft wondrous.
  • Craft Constructs: Can craft constructs
  • Coordinated Crafting: Can craft 2x faster

x Expendable Items
1x Alchemist Fire Flask
1x Animal Glue
5x Candle
5x Chalk
5x Charcoal
1x Divine Scroll of Darkvision
3x Divine Scroll of Protection from Evil
1x Healer’s Kit (6 uses)
1x Jar of Garlic
2x Lamp Oil
3x Potion of Cure Light Wounds
2x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
1x Potion of Polymorph
1x Potion of Tongues
1x Soap
2x Tindertwig

x Construct
2x Chain Snake

x Armor/Shield
1x Anti-Impact Called Daylight Glamered Landing Linked Mindarmor Quickness Mithral Full Plate, Sanctified +1
1x Crystal of Arrow Deflection, Lesser
1x Crystal of Bent Sight
1x Called Mithral Shield +1
1x Iron Ward Diamond, Greater

x Weapons
1x Composite Longbow Str 0
1x Dagger, Cold Iron
1x Gauntlets of the Blood-Lord
1x Jumping Quarterstaff of Entwined
1x Sling
1x Torag’s Spike
1x Valaros
1x Warhammer of Volstag
1x Warhammer
1x Warhammer, Cold Iron
1x Warhammer, Silvered

x Unique
2x Air Bladder
1x Autonomous Cartagrapher
1x Cook Book
1x Charts of Certainty
1x Crystal of Alacrity
1x Crystal of Return, Least
1x Efficient Quiver
1x Elven Skull
1x Firmament Stone
1x Fishing Hook, Enchanted
1x Fortifying Bedroll
1x Fusion Manual
2x Glowing Orb Glass Sphere
1x Hammer of the Magesmith
1x Hammer of the Unseen Crafter
1x Hammer of the Weaponsmith
1x Hammersphere
1x Handy Haversack
1x Icon of Cure Light Wounds
1x Knife of the Bowyer
1x Necromar Beacon Bracelet
1x Owl Talisman, Freya
2x Pearl/Runestone of Power, 1st
1x Platinum Ring (spell comp)
2x Restless Lockpicks
1x Spell Component Pouch
1x Spool of Endless Rope
1x Steelbone Frame
1x Tattooed Holy Symbol
1x Thieves’ Tools
1x Tongs of the Armorer
1x Traveler’s Any-Tool
1x Treasure Map
1x World Key, The

x Sloted
1x Boots of the Cat (Feet)
1x Bracers of Craftsmanship (Wrists)
1x Bracers of Fabrication (Wrists)
1x Bracers of True Creation (Wrists)
1x Clasp of Artemis (Neck)
1x Gloves of Camouflage (Hands)
1x Gloves of Create Water (Hands)
1x Gloves of Cure All (Hands)
1x Gloves of Divine Insight (Hands)
1x Gloves of Expeditious Retreat (Hands)
1x Gloves of Fear Purging (Hands)
1x Gloves of Long Arms (Hands)
1x Gloves of Magical Armaments (Hands)
1x Gloves of Magical Auras (Hands)
1x Gloves of Magical Circle vs Evil (Hands)
1x Gloves of Magical Limbs (Hands)
1x Gloves of Magical Vestments (Hands)
1x Gloves of Mending (Hands)
1x Gloves of Purify Food and Drink (Hands)
1x Gloves of Shield (Hands)
1x Gloves of Shield Other (Hands)
1x Gloves of Sleep Comfort (Hands)
1x Gloves of Status (Hands)
1x Gloves of Stone Shape (Hands)
1x Gloves of Superior Resistance (Hands)
1x Gloves of the Watch (Hands)
1x Gloves of Tyche’s Touch (Hands)
1x Gloves of Wood Shape (Hands)
1x Goggles of Detect Magic (Eyes)
1x Headband of Crafter’s Fortune (Headband)
1x Helm of Create Greater Demiplane (Head)
1x Mask of A Thousand Smiths (Eyes)
1x Mask of A Thousand Volund (Eyes)
1x Ring of A Thousand Acrobats (Ring)
1x Ring of A Thousand Diplomats (Ring)
1x Ring of A Thousand Merchants (Ring)
1x Ring of A Thousand Shadows (Ring)
1x Ring of A Thousand Tomes (Ring)
1x Ring of Minor Telekinesis (Ring)
1x Sleeves of Many Garments (Wrists)
1x Wing Cloak (Shoulders)

x Mundane
1x Backpack
1x Bedroll
1x Belt Pouch
1x Chalk Board
1x Clerical Vestments
5x Ear Plugs
1x Flint and Steel
1x Gear Maintenance Kit
1x Hempen Rope
1x Holy Text
1x Iron Holy Symbol
1x Iron Pot
1x Mess Kit
1x Scroll Case
4x Signal Whistle
1x Small Steel Mirror
1x Waterproof Hooded Lantern
2x Waterskin
1x Wooden Holy Symbol
1x Whetstone

x Structure/Rooms
1x Alchemist Laboratory

x Vehicles
1x Expanded Expeditious Pavilion
1x Expanded Field Provisions Box
1x Heavy Armored Flying Wagon
1x Flying Stone Destrier


Veteran medic of the Great Elven War, Henri Sutler is far from his home of Korbis. Second son to a groundskeeper, it was unlikely he would amount to anything else, but life doesn’t always follow pattern. When his brother left to fight in the war, it was thought that he would take over for his father, as his brother had forsaken his inheritance, however, he too left to fight in the war.

Not as fit as his brother had been, he was quickly identified by his dwarven commanders to be far more suited for retrieving and healing the wounded. That was where he first heard the call of Torag. Like his hammer against the great anvil, he came out of those years forged anew. He had gained and lost many friends in the years to follow, and the scars wound him deep, leaving only faith to fill them. Just like many who proceeded him, he quickly found the forge to quell his inner fury. With his experience guiding his hand, his goals of protecting the ones he loves may come to life in the work of his hands.

It was through his journey to and from battle to battle that his heritage was reveal to him, and he was called into service of his family. He hopes to forge many alliances in the coming years, enough to face the onslaught of war and fight for his absolute goal of peace and the restoration of all that has been lost.

Henri "Smith" Sutler

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