Mordain Sutler

Human Wizard, of Miles-Smithen-Boranis


Wizard 6
AC: 22
Equipment: Suit of the Golden Snake, Amulet of Mage Armor, Hat of Disguise, Helm of Kelsten, Ring of Protection +6, and a couple other small items
Combat Style: Control the Field and Support and Summon
Familiar: “Snips” (HAWK)



Baby Mordain was left on the doorstep of the Sorvis family. He was taken in by the Lady of the House, as she was unable to have children. She felt very blessed by his arrival.

In his youth, Mordain spotted a cave and found a leather-bound spell book inside. After examining the book, he was drawn into the world of wizardry. Time passed and he later discovered he was part of the Sutler family. This opened up a whole new world for him to explore, complete with new allies and a grand quest to defeat the evil plaguing Korvan.

Mordain Sutler

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