Sigbard "Schrader" Sutler

Ranger of Miles-Smithen & Associates, and Shelwind Forest


Hometown: Farsil
Languages known: Common, Orc

Ranger 8
AC: 28
Equipment: Mwk. Comp. Longbow (Str mod +3), Hate Sword, Winged Boots, Red Elven Troop Armor (Full Plate +5, stealth +10, treated as light armor), and a “golf bag” of different arrows and mundane melee weaponry.

Combat Style: Archery
Favored Enemies: Human +2, Evil Outsider +4
Favored Terrain: Urban +2, Forest +4
Hunter’s Bond: Wolf Animal Companion, Eisen






Sigbard is a young male human that joined the Shelwind Forest Rangers and graduated basic training on his first attempt. This helped him escape the poverty and criminal activities that almost certainly awaited him otherwise in his home town of Farsil. He now has direction and a growing list of exploits due to the lessons and opportunities that the Rangers and Sutlers
have given him.

His recent assignments have brought him an increasing number of powerful allies, including an avatar of Torag and a mysterious Winter Wolf named Talaxa. The latter of which attacked and nearly wiped out his fledgling Sutler family cell on their very first assignment.

However, an uncertain future is the only sure thing about his life. A fortune teller has given Sigbard a grim glimpse of a possible future, his group is being toyed with by an unpredictable and annoying evil necromancer, and his growing collection of odd spoils of war may lead to more trouble than they’re worth…

Sigbard "Schrader" Sutler

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