Talaxa Boranis

Female Human/Winter Wolf


Level 6 Barbarian (Urban Barbarian, Invulnerable Rager)

STR: 24
DEX: 13
CON: 18
INT: 10
WIS: 14
CHA: 16
Damage Reduction (3/-)
Initiative: +1

Saves (Human):
Fort: +10*
Reflex: +4*
Will: +7*

Special Abilities:
- Devotion
- Herbalism
- Controlled Rage
- Energy Resistance (fire): 1
- Extreme Endurance (fire)
- Rage
- Spell Sunder
- Superstition
- Witch Hunter

- Blood Stalker
- Clearheaded



Personal Bio:

Talaxa is a young human woman and member of Miles-Smithen & Associates. She was transformed into the form of a Winter Wolf by the goddess Freya to protect her from the followers of the evil god Ajatar.

Family History:

Talaxa’s family are being hunted down by Ajatar’s followers. Rumor has it, when the Boranis family are all killed, it will usher in the arrival of The Devourer, a powerful servant of Ajatar. It is capable of destroying planets, and the fear is that it will wipe out Korvan if it makes it to this realm.

Yorn, Talaxa’s mother, was the head priestess of Freya and was married to Ull, her husband. They had 9 children, including Talaxa. To escape Ajatar’s minions, Yorn prayed to Freya for protection, and so her entire family was transformed into Winter Wolves to evade their pursuers. Unfortunately, Yorn was killed while defending Talaxa, who managed to escape, but now harbors a hatred of fire mages. After Yorn’s death, Ull took the children up north to the continent of Venheim. He left them there and then traveled to the Wild Spirit Forest in the Orc lands on an unknown mission. Some time later, the children split up and went their separate ways.

Talaxa traveled back to the Human-settled portion of Korvan and ambushed Miles-Smithen while the group was headed on its first journey to the town of Kailune. During the ambush, she was incapacitated by her own bad luck and broke both her hind legs.

Sigbard Sutler convinced his party members to let Talaxa live and they nursed her back to health. At great personal risk, Sigbard earned her trust, found out she was more than just a wild animal, and convinced Talaxa to join their group. She became a valued ally and eventually, when Talaxa was brought to Shelwind Forest, the goddess Freya revealed the details of Talaxa’s family history to Miles-Smith-Boranis. She was then returned her to human form temporarily and reunited her with one of her brothers. It had been seven years since she last saw a Boranis.

She then went on to help Miles-Smithen take first place in the Shelwind Forest Best Ranger Competition.

Talaxa Boranis