KORVAN Chronicles #26

KORVAN Chronicles (Session #26 – 11/19/2016):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. SIGBARD – Ranger – Aaron
2. MORDAIN – Wizard – Brian
3. ROARK – Half-Orc “Voice of Bliss” – Matt

1. Cord Nomos: Ex-Shelwind Ranger & Devotee of Bliss

1. Melphor: The Great Red Dragon; Scourge of Korvan


- Roark -

Roark returns to Sehlwind Forest. He notices that there are very few Rangers present, he counts less than twenty.

Ranger Dave helps him with his recuperation. Roark’s right arm has burn marks that can’t be healed by any means. His skin has taken a grey-greenish color, along with a rank odor. Dave gives him a salve that helps with the odor, but the discoloration remains.

Roark notices that a few Rangers are worshipping at the Great Oak, spilling their blood into a wooden bowl as an offering to Cernunnus. He approaches and decides to add his blood to the bowl. He cuts his right hand. As the blood touches the bowl it hisses and turns the bowl to ash.

The ash falls upon the ground and turns into an ever-growing mold that begins to seep into the Great Oak’s roots. The Rangers look upon Roark and mark him as a Defiler of their sacred tree. They move to attack him. A large red bearded bald Range attacks with his large warhammer. Just as the hammer is to split Roark’s skull, Ranger Dave intervenes and brings down the red bearded Ranger with a leg sweep.

“What have you done, Roark!?!?!” exclaims Ranger Dave. “I believe we are all infected, especially Sigbard who is now a Demon!”, answers Roark. Dave is stunned by this news about Sigbard.

Cord Nomos grabs Roark and say, “We have to get out of here….NOW!”. As they run he hears Ranger Dave scream, “You are no longer a Ranger of Shelwind Forest…you are our ENEMY NOW!!!”.

Roark turns one final time to look behind him, only to see the falling leaves of the Great Oak turn to ash.
As they are exiting the forest, Cord is struck by an arrow in his right eye. Roark manages to seal the wound (CRIT) and stabilize Cord. They are on the run now. He prays to Bliss to be transported to Sigbard’s location. Bliss obliges and transports them.

- Mordain, Sigbard & Hanzo -

Finding Melphor’s book, Mordain and Tenser return to the Palace. Sigbard returns as well with Lord Swan. All of the sudden in the middle of the throne room appears a horse cart carrying Cord and Roark!

Herod the Vampire Lord is angry at the fact that these people could teleport into a warded area. Roark explains himself and shares his Bliss pamphlet to Lord Herod.

Mordain and Sigbard notice Roark’s right arm is discolored and scarred. Roark tells what transpired at the Shelwind Forest. Mordain begins to snicker, knowing exactly what the ramifications of Roark’ actions.

Suddenly, everyone is thrown to the ground, as the area begins to shake and chunks of the palace begin to fall crushing some vampires. Something huge must be happening at the surface of the Ebony Towers.

Two large three ton boulders hit Herod dead on. Tenser receives three boulders upon his person. Mordain rolls (CRIT) in the knick of time out of the way and springs back on his feet. Mordain notices Tenser’s staff on the floor, he swiftly grabs it. Mordain lifts the boulders off Herod, whose body has been severed in the mid-section. There are thin white tendrils in the severed sections rejoining the two halves. Several vampires surround Herod and hiss at Mordain. “Take his to the blood Pool”, commands Mordain. Swan and Belldonna swiftly flee the scene.

Roark prays once again to Bliss, with no success. He grabs Cord and leaves his cart behind. The group departs as quickly as they can. Sigbard creates a portal to his Realm and they group jumps through, leaving the vampires to fend for themselves. Hanzo smiles at the fact that some of the vampires will perish as he walks through Sigbard’s doorway.

In Sigbard’s Realm they appear at a waterfall. They all clean off and settle in for a bit. Mordain opens the book and begins to read Melphor’s tome. He notices that each section has a ward he must bypass using his magic. Mordain does some more research and explains to the group they need a Ley Line spot to further access the book.

Cord begins to argue with Mordain about Blood Magic and Roark’s arm. Arguing that it has has been completely healed by the Goddess, Bliss. Mordain screams that Roark has utterly destroyed the Great Oak with his “Bliss Blessing”. Roark and Cord defend with the fact that the arm have been fully healed. Suddenly, Roark has a vision of a arm appearing in midair and caress his scarred arm, turning it back to flesh. Mordain takes another look at Roark’s arm, and sees that (CRIT FAIL) they are correct. Roark’s persona is heightened by the Goddess’ touch, making him more handsome.

Cord falls to his knees and creates a hymn about Bliss’ Blessing of Roark’s arm. Roark lays his right hand over Cord’s damaged eye socket, and fully heals it. “Bliss be praised, see her Power and True Glory!”, announces Roark! Sigbard, Mordain and Hanzo agree with him. Mordain even admits that he has been too hard on Roark.

The group decides to go to the Orcs. They teleport to Corum and arrive at the temple Hanzo meditated at. They arrive only to discover that it is dark, when it should be daylight. What appears to be snow is falling, but upon further examination they realize it is ash. In the distance they spot the castle. The two hundred feet stairs up to the castle are occupied by thousands Orcs. Their bodies appear to be blackened and charred with hot orange liquid veins spread throughout. Above the castle stands a thirteen foot tall humanoid. It is Melphor, the Great Red Dragon! In his right hand he holds a golden Orc skull with glowing runic symbols.

“You are now mine to command!”, declares Melphor. All the Orcs bend on one knee in unison, and punch the ground with their right fists with such force that a sonic boom erupts dissipating the ash completely.

Sigbard immediately opens his doorway and the team rushes to safety. Next, they decide to go to Drakscar, where the Ley Lines is located. As they are in Sigbard’s Realm, Hanzo looks around and then asks Sigbard to “Open a portal…to Lake Tol now!”. Sigbard complies and the group appear at the location where they found Ajatar’s infection shard.

Another portal appears close by and five individuals emerge through it. Hanzo greets them and introduces the strangers…Alicia Withers; a sullen female Archer. Sarah Draper; a full plate battle-hardened female Soldier. Ruuko; a dark skinned primative Seer. Tully Backwater; a Gnome illusionist with a high pitched voice. And finally, Ling Su; Hanzo’s Daughter.

There is immediate animosity between Mordain and Ling Su, everyone notice their hatred for one another. Ling Su addresses Hanzo, “Father, I have come to deliver the news that Karl Brackhill has died at the hands of Melphor. But before his demise, Brackhill saved half of the Rangers. Only I know where they are located. We are here to see if you have any more troops that you can muster for the final battle with the foul Dragon King.”. “The Queen of Korbis owes us a favor. We can ask her to aid us with their troops.”, Sigbard answers.

Some of the fisherman of Lake Toll approach the group to greet Mordain and Sigbard. Upon seeing Mordain they seem a bit skittish due to his abnormal unseen evil aura. Several small children run away screaming at the sight of Mordain.

Roark is suddenly compelled to the area of Ajatar’s stain. He lays his hands upon the barren ground and transforms (CRIT) the area into a lush field. Seven Lake Tol onlookers become instant worshippers of Bliss. Roark declares the Glory that is Bliss and welcomes his new worshippers into the newly created “Church of Bliss”. Roark instructs Cord to perform a puppet show for the masses of Bliss’ Grace and his adventures of becoming the “Voice of Bliss”. Cord immediately takes his socks off and creates a couple sock puppets for the show. The right sock being Roark and the left sock being himself. Roark accompanies Cord’s performance with his dragon skin flute! Mordain and Sigbard just shakes their head at the whole situation. Following the performance, the fisherman are astounded and begin to spread the word of Bliss to the rest of the inhabitants of Lake Tol.

Suddenly, the sky turns black and the Sun turns black with swirling eruptions of indigo-orange black flames. Mordain deduces that this is a cataclysmic omen of some kind, most probable to do with Melphor. “Hanzo, can you please ask the Queen of Dragons if she will help us”, asks Mordain. Hanzo flies into the air and passes through a portal with haste. Hanzo returns within ten minutes and notifies them that the Dragon Queen will not assist them and that they have removed themselves from the Prime Material Plane.

Sigbard opens a portal for Mordain to Drakscar. Sigbard then opens a doorway for himself to Korbis and departs. Roark, Hanzo and Cord are left in Lake Tol. The villagers treat them to a feast for repairing the blighted area.

Cord prepares one of the huts as a “Temple of Bliss”. Roark cast “Remove Fear” on the villagers to calm them down. Cord begins a hand sock puppet show, depicting how Roark vanquished the EVIL Sigbard from this Plane. Sigbard’s puppet is red with horns, while Roark’s puppet is Sterling White with a Halo and a pretty mouth. Cord’s eyes glaze over everytime he gazes upon the Roark Puppet. He has deemed it the “Blessed Sock”, to be used at every Bliss temple gathering.

- Mordain -
In Drakscar, Mordain makes his way to the Ley Line location. Once there he begins to use the power of the Ley Line to release the four seals upon the book page. He breaks the first seal at the cost of his mind. Next, he opens the second with concentrated effort. He breaks through the third seal with no effort (CRIT), opening the spine of the book and revealing something powerful within. The last seal is splits open the spine, Mordain takes a massive surge of damage as the true name of Melphor enters his mind. His face begins to degrade as well with permanent scars. He can now hear Melphor’s thoughts of moving to attack Korbis with his tainted Elf and Orc forces. He transports himself

- Sigbard -
In Korbis, Sigbard makes his way to the Dungeons in disguise. Sigbard casts his Feats of Fear upon all the inhabitants of Korbis’ Dungeons. Next, he releases Maus and commands him to kill everyone with his magical Breath of Unlife. Sigbard absorbs the fears of seven hundred dead prisoners, energizing him with vast amounts of power. Suddenly, Sigbard feels himself teleported above Korbis, directly in front of a flying Melphor. Maus is left behind, not knowing where Sigbard has been teleported to. The battle between Sigbard and Melphor begins! Sigbard attempts to teleport away with no success. He senses that Melphor must be some sort of other Planal Deity with the power of holding him there.

Sigbard calls out to Vol. “What do you want now?!?”, bellows in his mind. “A little help here…can you get Maus here?”, asks Sigbard. Maus appears next to Sigbard in a flash. “COME ON…JUST HIT ME!”, Melphor announces! Sigbard senses a strong aura of heat emanating from the Dragon. This heat begins to melt the tops of the buildings.

Sigbard hears Vol in his head again, saying “Wait a minute…abracadabra…ok, now hit him!”. A red infernal fire surrounds Sigbard energizing his next attack with God-like energy. Sigbard’s size increases. He is now twelve feet tall.

Several Korbis troops are preparing to fire large bolt from two story high ballistas. Meanwhile in Lake Tol Roark feels Bliss’ touch upon his shoulder. He and Cord are teleported to the streets of Korbis. He looks up to see a floating Sigbard accompanied by a black-winged demon wolf facing off a colossal Red Dragon. Roark looks around the streets and suddenly Mordain appears six foot away from him.

Mordain ignores Roark and flies up to join Sigbard. Not being able to fly, Roark becomes invisible and begins to chant to Bliss to assist his team in defeating. The passersby look around confused as they hear this strange chanting coming out of thin air.

Outside of the city the Elven and Orcish troops appear, physical nightmares of their former selves. Korbis troops advance out to meet the hellish troops of Melphor. Suddenly to the right of the city a large portal opens and ten thousand Shelwind Rangers pour out to flank Melphor’s troops. The battle is savage as the armies engage each other. Heads are lobed off and bodies are burnt to ash in matter of minutes. All the while the eclipse grows darker and darker…as if the whole world will be snuffed out in an instant.

- Sigbard -
Sigbard draws Penumbra from his chest and marks Melphor by naming the beast, “Dragon!”. He then summons his four Schades to attack Melphor. His first Schade hits, while his second and third Schade strike crittically (CRIT x2). But his last Schade fails to connect as its brethren have done.

- Mordain -
“I knowwww you are heeeerrrrre Wyrmling….Facccccccce me now puny one!!!”. “And I know your True Name foul monster!!!”, responds Mordain. Melphor responds with a psychic onslaught that causes Mordain to forget his True Name.

- Roark -
Roark tells Cord to assist in the evacuation of its inhabitants. He then joins to assist the troops firing the ballistas.

Using Vol’s blessing and the knowledge that Melphor is not immune to sonic attacks, Sigbard strikes Melphor’s neck with Penumbra (CRIT). Hot lava-like blood gushes from the Dragon’s neck onto the citizens and buildings below. This lava shower incinerates the people instantly. Melphor responds by transforming Sigbard into a Dove. In his new form Sigbard feels the heat of the Dragons heat aura, singing some of his feathers. Making it difficult for Dove-Sigbard to stay in the air.

Maus releases hundreds of Shadow Demons that were hidden in his own shadow. These Shadow Demons attempt to grapple Melphor. But Melphor shrugs off the Shadows with ease. Seeing this, Maus decides that the Shadow Demons would be of better use fighting the Elven/Orc forces.

The battle below is brutal, the Orcs manage to kill thousands of Human troops. But in the end with the help of Maus’ Shadow Demons, the Orcs are defeated. Meanwhile the Rangers push at the Elves with beserker-like rage, killing every dragon-spawned Elven trooper.

Maus dives down and catches Dove-Sigbard as he is failing to stay in flight. Dove-Sigbard prays to Vol, seeking help with his current transformed state. Vol “helps” by transforming Dove-Sigbard into a Large Roc.

Melphor then turns his gaze at Maus for saving Sigbard. Melphor strikes him with several attacks, causing the Wolf Demon to vanish from the Prime Material Plane.

Roark blesses the ballista bolt with his “Holy Sock Puppet”. The bolt is released and strikes Melphor in the torso. Melphor growls at Roark for the irritation. The Dragon releases his fiery breadth at him, but Roark is immune to the attack because of a spell he cast. Unfortunately for the Ballista crew, they and the ballista are incinerated upon contact.

Two of Sigbard’s Shades attack Melphor with vicious sword strikes, causing him large amounts of damage. Following the attacks, Mordain’s mental block lifts and he remembers Melphor’s True Name! Mordain floats up to Roc-Sigbard and gives him Melphor’s True Name; “NEMMUS RO’DALAM”.

Roc-Sigbard names Melphor and commands the Great Red Dragon to kill himself and never come back. Due to the fact that Sigbard uses Roc speak when issuing this command, no one below in the city realize that Sigbard has saved the day. Instead they see and hear Roark casting Lingering Performance and bellowing out to Melphor. “IN THE NAME OF THE GODDESS BLISS, I BANISH YOU!…NEVER RETURN!!!”. With that Melphor own fire within turns the Great Red Dragon to ash!!! The citizens and troops of Korbis rejoice and thank Roark for vanquishing the Great Red Dragon menace. He gains many Bliss followers this day!

The King of Korbis gives Roark permission to build a Grand Temple to Bliss within Korbis. Roark and Bliss are further venerated by a City parade and celebration. Mordain and Sigbard are not present.

Mordain returns to rebuild Necromar with a pregnant Salamis.

Sigbard and his team return with the Rangers to rebuild and reinvigorate Shelwind Forest.





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