KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #4

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #4 – 05/20/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY – Alchemist – Aaron
2. XANDER – Unknown – Brian
3. RAZOR – Extraplanar Entity – Matt

1. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Bard Vampire

1. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Bard Vampire


…The body of the Candle Man begins to erode into a greenish-red sludge and discolors the floorboards.

A stain is left on the floor-boards. Taalesh drops to his knees and appears exhausted and emaciated. The Hounds immediately look at their right hand to confirm that the are free of the Candle Man’s enslavement.

Corwin’s body lies ten feet from the front door of the tavern. Lifeless, his eyes seem to stare into oblivion. Honeyspot’s body lies behind the bar, her flesh ripped from her body, only her skeleton remains.

Razor begins to break up Honeyspot’s bones reducing them to powder. He turns to Malcolm and says, “It’s how WE would rest the dead…”. Malcolm asks for a portion of the powder for his own concoctions.

SIDE NOTE: Human Bone Powder adds to Perception Skill.

Malcolm tears a large hole in the floor-boards where the Candle Man perished in hopes of accumulating some of its essence. But, the creatures liquids evaporates too quickly for him to bottle it.

Next, Malcolm looks at Corwin’s body and decides (CRIT) to drag the body into Algernon’s Realm to be devoured by it’s denizens. Before he drags the body down, he loots Corwin’s remains. Suddenly, Corwin’s snake leaps out from its hiding place. Dallas acts immediately and force pushes the snake onto Corwin’s chest with enough force to crush the snake and Corwin’s sternum and ribs.

Taalesh begins to rise up, his dark face gaunt and his exceedingly enlarged fangs protruding from his mouth. His eyes glow red as he looks at Malcolm. In a guttural voice he announces, “I nneeeeshshsh tooooo ffffeeeeeeeeeshddddd!”. He leaps at the only living food source before him.

Malcolm orders Dallas to throw wood splinters from the floor-boards at Taalesh. None of the splinters are able to pierce the vampires heart. But, the amount of damage is enough to incapacitate Taalesh. Malcolm decapitates their companion with regret. Malcolm then collects seven vials of vampire dust for his further research. Searching the body, Malcolm finds the following item; Scroll of Comprehend Languages, 2 Scrolls of Disguise Self, Scroll of Restful Sleep, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges), Wand of Grease (50 charges), Light Crossbow with 10 Bolts, Whip, Cloak of Resistance (1), Headband of Alluring Charisma (2), 25gp, a rusty ornate key and two vampire fangs.

Malcolm drags Corwin’s body down into the sewers, but is immobilized by fear upon entering the dark underground pathways.

Not having seen Malcolm in twenty minutes, Razor decides to find Malcolm in the sewers. Upon entering, he spots Malcolm frozen in a corners shivering and curled up like an infant. Of in the distance he can see Corwin’s body being devoured by hundreds of rat-like creatures of various sizes. Razor decides to take a moment and watch the gruesome moment (1 VILE Point for Razor).

Using his telepathy Razor probes Malcolm’s mind and manages to penetrate Malcom’s (CRIT FAILWILL) mental defenses. Through this invasive contact, Malcolm gains a stain upon his soul (1 VILE Point for Malcolm).

Grabbing Malcolm by the leg, Razor drags him up the stone stairs. Causing Malcolm’s head to bounce off every stair going up. Malcolm will have a raging headache after he wakes up. It takes one hour for Malcolm to regain his mobility.

Razor and Malcolm rush to clean up the tavern before it is set to open at five in the morning. Razor becomes frustrated with the lack of “cleanliness” that he casts Mirage Arcana upon the tavern. For the next seventeen hours the tavern is transformed into a palace-like environment.

As patrons enter they are amazed by what they see, not knowing that it is all an illusion. Razor goes behind the bar and takes on the bartenders position. Eight minutes after opening, Borden the Tiefling bartender enters and confronts Razor and Malcolm. They explain that they are under “New Management”. Upon hearing this, Borden snaps his fingers at them and exists the tavern.

After a few minutes, Razor walks out to see the final preparations for Bliss Day, which begins at six. Malcolm follows him and hangs a “Under New Management” sign on the front door of the tavern. Corwin’s father approaches Malcolm and inquires about Corwin’s whereabouts. “I have no idea where Corwin is.”, answers the Alchemist. Not liking the answer Corwin’s Father walks off announcing that he will notify the Constable regarding his sons disappearance.

Twenty minutes later the City Controller and Constable with two guards walk through the doors. With no deed in their hands Malcolm and Razor are notified that this establishment will be closed at the end of day, unless the owner can produce the taverns’ deed and certification of operation. Unfortunately, for the Hounds they have no idea where Sable kept his paperwork.

Razor uses his Rainbow Pattern ability to invite as many Bliss followers into the tavern to vex the Controller and Constable. Eleven people walk in off the street amazed at the taverns furnishings. Razor continues to use this ability bringing in seventy-two additional city folk. All of whom are in awe of Razor’s charisma, watching him flip alcoholic drinks like a natural. The tavern manages to make 2464 gold pieces for the day. The Controller notifies them that Jon Sable will be fined four thousand gold pieces and the tavern will go on the auction block unless the proper certs be presented to him.

In order to increase their sales, Malcolm teaches Razor how to mix a special drink called “Mister Gonzo”. This makes the tavern gold before they close for the day. Razor invites the crowd to add some tips, which they are only wiling to do. They make an additional 7296 gold pieces.

Meanwhile, an unruly Halfling tries to start a fight with some of the low life customers. Razor ignores this individual and continues to serve drinks to the paying customers.

Malcolm takes time to look for the cities required documents. He goes upstairs to s through the rooms. All the rooms are occupied, except for one plus a room labeled “Storage”. He breaks into the storage room. Inside he finds boxes and cleaning bottles of various colors. Three locked boxes containing gems of various value (8000gp). But, he is unable to find any paperwork. Various inventory sheets with random numbers that signify unknown values. Malcolm commands Dallas to search for secret doors, but Dallas doesn’t spot anything (CRIT FAIL).

Downstairs a newcomer enters the tavern. A tall man in leather armor. There is a true sense of purpose in his walk. He asks for a drink from Razor. He sits down next to the Halfling that has been annoying the patrons. The Halfing raises his hand to strike the stranger, but the stranger swings first and misses. The Halfling laughs and the stranger pours his ale upon the Halflings head. The Halfling cries out and runs away. As he is about to exit, he yells, You haven’t seen the last of Wild Myorick!”. Some of the patrons laugh at the wet Myorick.

The City Contractor and Constable return and ask the whereabouts of Malcolm. Razor calls Malcolm telepathically and notifies him that the pain in the ass City Contractor has returned. Malcolm responds “Tell him that we are looking into locating the paperwork.”. “You have seven hours!”, and the City Contractor exits with the Constable with his Guards. Once outside, the guards posts a sign that notifying patrons that this establishment will close in seven hours. Razor decides to escort some of the un-paying drunks, he manages to steal some coin (2sp) from one of the drunks.

Upstairs Malcolm moves on to the only unoccupied guest room on the floor. Within the room Dallas finds a secret ceiling door that has been concealed magically. The door opens and there is utter blackness. Dallas enters, his vision is diminished to only one feet. He bumps into items that seem to be floating within the blackness. Malcolm’s link to Dallas causes a momentary feeling of vertigo. It will takes days to catalog what’s in this non-dimensional space. Malcolm closes the ceiling door and boards up the rooms door. He rejoins Razor down below.

Razor and Malcolm close the tavern since the Bliss celebration is about to begin. Golden busts of Roark adorn various areas along the streets. The parade procession will begin at the Cities front gates and winds throughout the city. It will end at the Monument of Battle to be unveiled and blessed by Roark. Followed by a celebration for the Nobles and a Pavilion event for the regular citizens.

Twelve foot tall, four-armed Golden Bliss Golems fly down to occupy various areas of the procession. They float a feet above the ground. Their un-emotional golden masks scanning the streets with determined vigilance.

Razor spots the lifeless body of Wild Myorick in an alleyway proper up on several crates. It looks like Myorick annoyed the wrong individual.

At high noon the event begins, thousands for citizens crowd the streets for a momentary glimpse of Korvan’s savior and Voice of Bliss.

There will be a raffle giveaway for a twelve inch automaton that plays Roark’s favorite tune.

Also scheduled is a performance by the acclaimed Phenex Theater Troupe re-enacting Roark’s victory over the Red Dragon.

Roark flying chariot drawn by six golden pegasus’ sets down at the Cities front gate. A cacophonous cheer erupts from the crowd that spreads throughout the entire City.

Roark exists the chariot, he’s greeted by Dorn and his sister, Sarda; along with a procession of Nobles and Military Leaders.

Trying to track his daughter, Mordain has followed a rumor to the Black Hound Tavern. Supposedly, a female matching her description visited this establishment. The female called herself “Tempest Hardgrave”.

Walking in he swiftly searches all the rooms for clues regarding his daughter whereabouts. Unfortunately, there are no clues. He surmises that she did not stay at this tavern, instead she must have briefly pooped in and out. But, he does manage to find the secret door to the non-dimensional cache as consolation. Mordain removes all the contents (swords, gems, gold, armor, two 15ft high Constructs) and teleports them to his sanctum in Necromar. With a smile on his face, he departs this dilapidated tavern.

It takes two hours for the procession to wind its way through the City. Roark is smiling and waving at the crowd, as is his second, Cord. Edible gold foil chocolates are tossed to the citizens along the streets. The foil is embossed with Bliss’ symbol on one side and her image on the other.

Malcolm and Razor follow the procession. They arrive at the Monument of Battle. Where Roark, Dorn, Sarda, the Royal Korbis Family, and the King and Queen of Lathotep stand at the steps of the Monument. They are clothed in the finest fashion outfits and armors. Necromar King, Mordain and his wife, Salamis join the group at the steps. Dorn and him lock eyes for a brief moment, each hating the other.

Sigbard is also present at this celebration, hidden among the crowds. The Speaker of Vol waiting for his moment to act…

Standing next to Malcolm is Astro and his pet lizard. They greet each other with the “Bliss Wave”. Malcolm tells Astro that he wishes to extend his stay at the Bliss Inn; Astro tells him it will be no problem for such a favored guest.

Following the introductions Rames, the King of Lathotep approaches Roark with a case. Opening it he presents the Goblet of Torag to Roark. A huge smile appears on Roark’s face, having desired this Relic for years. By accepting the Goblet, Roark owes Ramses a Royal Boon.

Now that Roark has obtained the Goblet of Torag, his Followers have increased six fold. Also, incorporating 55% of Kargal’s Noble families. His current follower count stands at 7000.

Roark announces “I Bless this Monument of Battle in the name of our Goddess….BLISS!!!”; and with that announcement he pulls on the rope to unveil the Monument of Battle in all its glory. The crowd cheers and clap their hands in jubilation.

Roark, the Royals and the Nobles are escorted into the Palace for their celebration. While the Bliss Pavilion booths at the Merchant area are opened for the masses.

Meanwhile, Xander the stranger has been following Malcolm and Razor from afar. He feels a light tap on his shoulder. It’s Winston, his new employer. “Come with me, I have a job for you.”. Xander follows him into a dark alley. Winston hands him a note with a name (Vessa Albor) on it; circled with a cross through it. She’s a Jeweler, located in the Merchant area. And with that Winston walks away.

Xander, heads for the Merchant area. He stops one booth away and begins to spy upon Albor’s booth. At the booth is a beautiful women selling her wares, along with a seven foot heavily muscled dark skinned man. Xander watches and listens intently.

“Vorel, where is Myorik?”, asks the female to her dark skinned companion. “Mistress Vessa, I have no idea. He told me he was stopping at a bar, but would be in time for the celebration.”, answers Vorel.

Xander notices that she’s drinking from a jewel encrusted goblet. He makes his way to the booth and pretends to be interested in her products. Now that Xander is closer to Vorel he can see the mans ornate tattoos. They look like a fighters guild mark. Xander addresses Vorel, “That is an impressive tattoo. I have a mark as well.”. Xander shows him his Gladiator tattoo. “Very impressive as well young man! I am Vorel Okar, Paladin of the Okars of Lathoptep!”. “Pleasure to meet you…I am Xander.”. Xander is very much impressed by this man’s gravitas.

“Do you need jewelry?”. “I heard about your booth and wanted to see what you have for sale.”, answers Xander. “Ah, you should speak to my Mistress, Vessa Albor!”, responds Vorel.

Xander is introduced to Vessa Albor. The two discuss jewelry and other items she has for sale. She shows him several pieces of fine gold rings and bracelets. Xander spots a older man next to him at the booth. Taking advantage of the situation, he whispers into Albor’s ear, “I think that the gentleman next to me may have “sticky fingers”, if you know what I mean.”. Albor turns away and instructs Vorel to keep an eye on the old man. Xander takes quick action to deposit some poison into her drinking goblet.

Vorel tells the old man to depart, but the man stands his ground. Xander steps in and “convinces” the old man to be on his way. Meanwhile, Vessa takes a small sip from her goblet. The old man departs. Vessa takes another sip, a larger one.

Xander tells Vessa and Vorel, “I not sure what he took from the booth, but I’ll just see where he goes and be right back.”. They both thank Xander.

As soon as Xander is thirteen feet away, he hears “I’m feeling…”. Followed by a thud as Vessa’s body hits the ground. “MISTRESS! A HEALER…I NEED A HEALER!!!….”, roars Vorel. Xander’s first mission is over.

Back at the Royal celebration, drinks, food and music fill the halls of the Kargal Palace. Representative of various towns and cities are present at the party. Mordain recognizes Teeghan Stimson from Kailune. She is accompanied by fellow Council Members, Mordain greets Teeghan and introduces his wife to her. Teeghan in turn introduces Max Forshythe (a widower from Bladecrest and Council Treasurer) and Foder Trinlock (a long white bearded gnome with a jolly laugh and hundreds of bad jokes). Mordain and Teeghan reminisce about their beginnings and the losses they’ve experienced.

Sigbard approaches Mordain, Salamis and Teeghan and greets them. At that moment, Roark turns and spots Mordain and Sigbard! He runs up to them, brushing up against a City Councilman and fellow Bliss follower, Chester Hailworth. “I’ve been blessed by the Anointed One…I will never wash these clothes!”, exclaims Hailworth.

Upon reaching his friends, Roark hugs Mordain and Sigbard with such zeal! “It’s good to see YOU…I have missed you guys SOOOOOO MUCH!!!, proclaims Roark.

Roark’s gilded arm touches Mordain. Upon contact a sense of well being surrounds Mordain. He now looks upon Roark not with disdain, but with a sense of appreciation.

“You must let me look at that Goblet…it belonged to Torag and I have feeling for the item.”, Mordain mentions. “In due time…in due time.”, answers Roark.

Suddenly the crowds around Roark and his friends part; Dorn and Sarda approach them. “So very niccccce to see you all…how long has it been?”, asks Dorn. “Oh six years, and I’m glad that the peace between our people has been good.”, answers Mordain. “It alwaaaaays will be! And I look forward to eating…with you. Goodby”, Dorn says with a smile and he departs with his sister.

Mordain warns Roark that he is not in good hands right now. He turns around and walks into a transportation portal with his wife.

Sigbard walks away and decides to invite Demons from the Abyssal level of Lust to infest the Merchant area. 33% of the city’s citizens now have made pacts with Abyssal creatures.




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