KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign 2) #3

KORVAN Chronicles (Campaign #2 – Session #3 – 03/19/2017):

Character Name – Class – Player:
1. MALCOLM TIMOTHY LEERY - Alchemist – Aaron
2. CORWIN KOCH-WESER - Rogue – Brian
3. HAZEL GRIMSBANE - Witch – Matt

1. The Candle Man: Mysterious Employer
2. Taalesh Visser: Dark Elf Vampire
3. Jonathan Sable: Black Hound Tavern Owner – DECEASED
4. Captain Alister Greenwood: Friendly Captain
5. Monet Greenwood: Sellsword; Sister to Captain Greenwood
6. Melony: Street Urchin
7. Sweede: Brawler from the Icy North
8. Sebastian Boyd McAlister: Humanoid Serpent
9. Sam Haskill: Halfling Sellsword on speed drugs
10. Princes Shelly Inferno: Beautiful Princess
12. Martin Stein: Cascaran
12. Ruger: Sellsword
13. Dooko: Dumb, but sweet Troll
14. Cambridge (Female) & Kitty (Male): Adventuring Duo

1. The Candle Man: Evil Employer
2. Violet: Evil Sprite


Around 3am the Hounds return to the tavern, with the item they need for their next mission. Honeyspot seems to be more flustered and concerned with Sable’s abscence. Two individuals are in the far booth facing the door; a scarred red haired warrior and a beautiful woman adorned with black flowers. They are keeping to themselves, speaking in hushed tones.

Corwin and Hazel walk upstairs for a well deserved rest. Honeyspot goes down into the storage cellar.

While Malcolm goes behind the bar for a drink or two. His first cocktail is a success in his opinion, he’s done better. Trying to improve his next cocktail, Malcolm spots a strange flask hidden amongst other glass bottles. There’s a label tied to the flask, marked “Do Not Touch!”. Malcolm becomes curious…he uses his alchemy skill to ascertain the possible contents. The black liquid is very rare and possibly magical in origin. He tucks the bottle into his coat for further research. Honeyspot returns and berates him for being behind the bar. “Sable allows it!”, answers Malcolm. “Urrrrr….Where IS Sable then?!?!”, demands Honeyspot. She appears to be more unhinged than before. Malcolm recognizes her condition as a narcotic withdrawal symptom. There must have been a chemical bond between her and Sable, possibly created by the Candle Man.

The beautiful woman approaches Honeyspot and asks her. “Are your well my dear?”. The scent of subtle flowers permeates from the woman. She pulls out a flower from her dress and tells Honeyspot to smell it. Upon smelling the purple flower, Honeyspot becomes immediately calm. The woman returns to her warrior.

Meanwhile, upstairs Hazel’s dreams are filled with ducks and cuddly bunnies, while Corwin’s are filled with red streaked blackness and images of slashing blades cutting his veins open.

Malcolm finds a room for his research, after three hours he discovers (CRIT) the true nature of the concoction. The flask contains liquid darkness. Namely, the liquified essence of the Shadow Realm. After the discovery, Malcolm decides to go to sleep for the night.

SIDE NOTE: Korvan has two Planes of Shadow; one is a darker side-plane (rusty dark realm with glints of blueish luminescence) of Korvan, while the other is a Necrotic Shadow Plane where living creatures cannot exist.

In the morning the Hounds come down for breakfast. The tavern has numerous patrons enjoying food and drink. One group in particular stands out. Eleven individuals are located at the main table discussing various matters. They all are wearing black cloth bands on their right arm.

Hazel recognizes (CRIT) one of the individuals as a “Cascaran”; symbiotic creatures that inhabit the Desert of Old Castro near Lathotep. Hazel immediately falls (6) for one of the females in the group. This woman is fair skinned with dark hair, red lips, pale blue eyes and an ample bosom! Her outfit is very regal and she wears a gold crown with a rather large red gem upon it. From the black bands, Hazel surmises that they are all going to a funeral.

He approaches the “Princess” and introduces himself. “My name is Hazel, and I am very sorry for your loss. May I buy you and companions a round of drinks?”. “Buy me two.”, she says with a cold stare.

Tending the bar is a Tiefling, Borden. “What can I get you my strapping young lad!?!”, Borden says with a wide smile. “I would like to get two rounds for the group at the main table.”. “That will be 22 gold pieces for the good stuff.”. “And I’ll have the “Pond Scum”.”, explains Hazel. Borden raises an eyebrow to Hazel’s desire to drink the bars swill.

Delivering the drinks to the group, Hazel is greeted by a dapper sea Captain in plate armor. “Greetings! I am Captain Alister Greenwood, thank you for your kindness!”, announces Greenwood. Hazel gets the feeling that anybody would be proud to be under Greenwood’s command. There’s a air of un-forced leadership exuding from him. Hazel is in smitten (6) with the Captain as well. “May I introduce my friends…”. Pointing at the tall white haired female with an eyepatch over her right eye. “This is my sister Monet Greenwood.”. Monet smiles at him (6). Next is a female street urchin that he immediately dislikes (1). “This is Melony.”. “Next to Melony is our friend from the North, Sweede.”. Sweede blushes (6) when Hazel shakes his hand.

Before Hazel is a thin man with reptilian pupils, wearing a glittering green robe. A python wrapped around him, all the while sensing the area with it’s forked tongue. “This is Sebastian Boyd McAlister. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does…you should listen…very carefully…trust me he’s helped us get out of several intense situations.”. Suddenly, Hazel’s pet snake appears and presents itself to McAlister and his python then withdraws back into Hazel’s clothing. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Sebastian.”, adds Hazel. Looking down Hazel sees a jittery Halfling only two feet tall. “This is Sam Haskill.”, declares Captain Greenwood. Haskill perks up (6) and shakes Hazel hand vigorously. “Hey..hey…hey…want some good stuff…yeah…goooood stuff”, discloses the Halfling. Hazel nods. Haskill pulls out a bag containing a dried herb of some kind. “It’ll make you fast…real fast…”, announces Haskill. Taking a sniff, Hazel aggress. Sam gives Hazel three portions of this “fast herb”.

Next a big club-footed troll approaches with a mug labeled “Property of Dooko”. “Uuuuurrrrr….meeee Dooooko…yuuu friend!”. As he (5) pulls Hazel in for a large bear hug. Hazel can smell the creatures halitosis and unwashed physique quite clearly. “Doooooooko makes yuuu his friend…I call yuuu “BOB!”…you come to the funeral…YES…Captain he friend nooooow!”. The Captain nods quietly in agreement.

A woman in armor with a hood nods (6) to Hazel. “This is Ruger.”. The Cascaran approaches Hazel, shakes his hand and then departs. “Oh, sorry that was Martin Stein…he’s in mourning. He’s usually more talkative.”, explains Greenwood. “To the back are Cambridge and Kitty…Kitty is the big man.”, finishes Greenwood. After several rounds of dink Princess Inferno becomes very drunk, giving Hazel the opportunity to chat her up.

Corwin and Malcolm begin to exit the tavern. A beautiful woman walks by them and enters the Black Hound Tavern. They immediately stop and follow her with their eyes.

She walks up to the bartender. Hazel hears her say, “Hello, my name is “Tempest Hardgrave”, I’m a Dancer!”. In his his inebriated state Hazel walks up to her and asks, “Heeeey, thersh layyyydie…guessh whoo haz annnn airrrrshippp and wannnntsszz to look at yerrr blimpssss!?!”. She responds with a sharp “No Thank You.”. Hazel turns around and walks away. As he is making his way back he falls (CRIT) unconscious, barely missing the edge of an oak table.

Sweede attempts to woo Tempest, but receives a slap to the face. He flies across a table and wipes the blood from his face. He stands back up and raises his gloved hands preparing for a fight! Sweede strikes Tempest in the face. Suddenly her skin turns a shiny silver hue, a ring on her right hand glows and a spectral sword appears inn her hand. She swings her sword and Sweede falls to the ground. Everyone in the tavern are awe struck. Tempest kneels down by Sweede’s body and places her hands upon his chest. Her hands begin to glow white and suddenly Sweede’s opens his eyes and smiles at Tempest. She extends her hand and lifts him to his feet. Tempest passes a gold piece to Sweede for the damage she had done to his tunic. He thanks her and he returns to his group. Hazel and the group depart for the funeral. Corwin decides to follow the funeral group from a distance (CRIT FAIL – Stealth).

Malcolm leaves to find a Wizard in town. He makes his way to the Merchant District. Malcolm discovers a new shop by the name of “Belfry’s Goods”. He walks in and spots a blue skinned man drinking some sort of alcoholic liquid. “Greeting Sir! May I help you?”. “I’m just browsing, but I am a sucker for a good bargain.”, answers Malcolm.

“My name is Winston Belfry, proprietor of this shop! I have many bargains. For example, this vase…it’s named the Heart of Valtos. It comes from the Elven Lands.”. He presents a white vase with swirling streaks and a golden interior. “I also have a Demon in a bottle!”. Removing from his jacket a bottle with a tiny red Demon baby submersed in a clear liquid. “I also have this dog figurine.”, as he throws the figurine onto the ground. Once it strikes a large sized doberman appears. “I call him Bluebeard!”, announces Belfry.

Pulling a small bag from behind the counter he reveals, “Demon Coffee Beans”. “These were ingested and then excreted from the anus’ of a Demon and then roasted to…shall we say perfection!”, he says with a wry smile. “For you…two gold pieces.”. “Agreed!”, answers Malcolm. Belfry hands him one bean. Once again with a wry smile. “How would use this?”. “Well, these beans are coveted by Goblin Traders…since they give you DEMONIC STRENGTH!!!”. “Oh, plus as an added bonus…VIRILITY!”. Malcolm buys two more beans.

“Other items I have…a full armor with an Eagle motif. It boosts the wearers ability throughout. Only 1500 gold pieces. But I feel the armor is just not you. How about this finely crafted women’s golden comb? It only costs 325.”. “No thank you I’ll pass, as I’m not in the market for a woman’s comb.”, answers Malcolm.

He then presents a box packed with straw. Upon the straw is an oversized heart stuck with black nails throughout. “This here is a Demon’s Heart! It came to me by a extraplanar trader.”. Malcolm notices that this may be a fake item that Belfry is trying to sell him, so he passes and asks him if he has any Alchemical items. “I do not, but I can obtain them for you should you give me a list. There is one last item that I would like to show you…and it’s on sale!”.

Belfry goes into the back room and returns with an empty white wooden cage. “This cage contains an invisible creature! I know…I know…you think me crazy! But if you have the ability to sense Magic, you would agree with me that there is a creature within the cage. I call it a fire-eye!”. Using his magical skills, Malcolm confirms this fact.

Belfry points and taps on the cage to convince him that there is something there within the bars. Malcolm uses his uncanny perception (CRIT) and confirms movement, along with a near imperceptible heat emanation. “Only…say….fifteen gold piece???”.

Inspecting the cage’s wooden makeup, Malcolm discovers that the wood is actually a special Charcoal made from rare Oak trees located in Shelwind Forest; the Ubame White Oak. When struck the charcoal emts a gong like sound. It burns without any odor and for an extended period of a month. It can benefit any Alchemical process. Also has been used as soap, utensils, wind chimes, dehumidifier for homes, promote vegetable growth and as a pest repellent. Malcolm manages to haggle Belfry down to thirteen gold pieces. Malcolm happily exits the shop, cage in hand.

Malcolm next stops by a new pet shop named “Gideons”. He walks in. Cabinets of various sizes line the walls that contains runes. Malcom has no clue what they say (CRIT FAIL). A red skinned Tiefling stands behind the counter. “Did you want something?”, announces the Tiefling gruffly. His eyes grow wide as he spots the cage in Malcolm hands. “My name is Killian. Are you selling that cage?”. “Why would you want to buy a an empty cage?” asks, Malcolm. “I could use another cage. After all…this is a pet shop.”. “Do you have any Alchemical ingredients?”, asks Malcolm. “Noooo…this IS a PET SHOP after all.”, remarks Killian. Realizing that he’s not getting anywhere, Malcolm leaves the pet shop. Malcolm heads outside the City into the forest.

Once in the forest, he opens the cage. He waits for several minutes, but nothing happens. He approaches the cage to close it. At that moment he feels his body wracked with pain that lasts only a second (CRITFORTITUDE), he opens his eyes to see a giant floating eyeball engulfed in flames. “Hello there I am your friend! My name is (unpronounceable)…but you can call me Dallas!”, declares the creature. Hmmm…this is a new place…I could not see everything until I became your friend. Oh, you probably want to know where I’m destined…no, that’s not the right word…I mean where I’m from. This thing you call talking and language is hard for me to understand. My place is fluid, watery, misty…yes…misty…to the side…or right…up, back…but mostly up…I think. It’s good to be your friend. And these long tubes with spots in front of me…they are green? What is green…is it like up? No…not up. Green…greeeeen. I will find it out. Maybe I could show you where I come from. It could hurt…or is it kill…I don’t know which word to use…very confusing. ”.

“I would really like you to know which one it is, since one is very bad.”, explains Malcolm. “So, kill is bad and hurt is good?”, asks the eye. “Well it’s complicated.” The eye swiftly moves toward Malcolm. “So, I should Hurt you!”, screams the floating flaming eye. “Ok we should hurt each other…you and I are connected! We are made from the place I am from…Some of your people call it the fifth element.”. Malcolm does not understand what Dallas means by fifth element. He heads back to the tavern.

Meanwhile, the funeral is being held at the Children of the Sun’s cathedral located in the Noble District. This opulent building is adorned with golden statues of Solarr. The cathedral is packed with over two hundred people. Several of the people Hazel met at the tavern are the pallbearer; Captain Greenwood, Martin Stein, Melony, Cambridge, Kitty and Dooko. Corwin joins Hazel.

Siting in the third row, Hazel notices (CRIT) the individual in the casket wearing a swashbuckler’s hat with blue feathered plumes. As soon as they announce the deceased’s name; Admiral Bascom Tolliver, Corwin realizes that he has heard of this man. A Legendary Admiral that all sailors admired greatly. The attendees all pass by the open casket of Tolliver, some friends…some foes. Following the viewing several indviduals retail the crowd with stories of the Admiral. Hazel decides to make up a story and addresses the crowd, but his con is easily detected and he is booed of the podium. Dissatisfied and angered at his failure he exits the church. Out side he passes by two the Church’s Golden colored Plate Armored guards.

Outside Hazel is further hassled by four beggars about his attempt to fool the funeral crowd. Hazel goes over to one of the beggars and says “Hey…you wanna to make a gold coin…go hassle those two stupid Church guards”. “I’ll do it for two gold…not one!”, responds the beggar. “Done!”, answers Hazel.

The beggar gets up and proceeds to bumps into both guards. The guards begin to smack him with their gauntlets. He takes a few hits and then walks into an alleyway. Hazel joins the beggar, as does the beggars comrades. The beggar is holding in his hand two shiny golden codpieces, “Another two gold pieces for these, Sir?”. “What’s your name beggar?”. “You can call me, Ford.”. “I’m Grimsbane.”, announces Hazel. Hazel notices that Ford has an aura of friendliness, which makes him very approachable. “You are very good at what you do, my boss may want to employ you!, says Hazel. Ford smirks and says, “Heh! maybe you should come work for me? If you are interested…find Darma. She’s in the Merchant District If you manage to find her, you may of worth to me.”. Hazel momentarily looks down at the ground. When he raises his head all the beggars have vanished!

The funeral ends and Corwin joins Hazel outside. They return to the Black Hound and make their way to the back room to meet with Taalesh. The vampire greets them, “Tonight we win our freedom my friends. Hazel why the big smirk on your face?”. Hazel pulls out the two golden codpieces, “I got these off a couple Children of the Sun guards!”. At that moment Malcolm enters carrying the empty charcoal cage. Corwin thinks to himself, “What kind of people am I associating with…one carries twigs and the other collects codpieces!!!”.

“Ok, here’s the plan to eliminate the Candle Man! Malcolm will take down that damn annoying pixie, Violet! I’ve acquired a weapon that will kill Candle Man, but I have to be behind him. Corwin and Hazel will attack Candle man from the front. This must done before he instructs the pixie to extinguishes our candles.”

Taalesh withdraws a wand made out of bone attached with hair and tar and hands it to Hazel. Who has no idea what this wand is. Taalesh names it a Pointing Bone and explains that it will turn living creatures into a rabbit. Next he hands Corwin a couple sharp knives. “Corwin, these are Backstabbers Delight, they will greatly assist you with your fight.”. Taalesh pulls out a heavy duty scissor. “This little beauty will kill that bastard by severing his silver cord! I’ve discovered the Candle Man’s hiding spot; where he goes when he is not attached to a human host. Now that Sable is dead, the Candle Man will bond with his spare host; Honeyspot. I will transport myself to his realm and conceal myself. Once he takes overs Honeyspot’s body, I will follow him from his realm and strike from behind!”

Malcolm proceeds to brew some mutagens for himself with his Alchemical kit. “I can help you!”, Malcolm hears in his head. He realizes it’s Dallas speaking to him. “Ok do it!”, Malcolm answers silently.

Hazel grips his moms pendant and the pointing bone together in his right hand. All the while keeping thoughts of his mother close. Each of the Hounds takes a moment to pray to a God of their choosing. Corwin makes some home made molotov cocktails. Malcolm goes out to purchase acid vials as well as a reinforced weighted net for application of some alchemical agent. Taalesh departs for Candle Man’s realm.

Once Malcolm returns from his shopping spree, the team positions themselves for the coming fight. Corwin sits by the hearth, while Malcolm is within twenty feet of the front door with his alchemical weapons. Hazel is close by Malcolm ready to take on the Candle Man!

Sounds of high heeled foot steps can be heard approaching the taverns front door. The door opens and Honeyspot steps in. She asks the Hounds what they are doing in the bar. They respond by saying they are holding their group meeting. Not liking what she hears, she steps behind the bar and slumps over as the Candle Man takes possession of her body. Thick darkness grows from her shape to reform as the Candle Man.

“Youuuu havvvvvve killed Sable!”, declares the Candle Man. “You are mistaken Candle Man!”, answers Corwin. At that moment Violet appears from the Candle Man’s back and says, “I think you all are guilty of killing Sable!”. Her eyes glow red and Corwin become disoriented. Hazel and Malcolm manage shrug off Violet’s mental attack. Meanwhile, Corwin begins to babble incoherently.

“Can I come out?”, asks Dallas to Malcolm. Malcolm agrees and suddenly his mind expands with the knowledge of the true nature of this creature that has bonded to him. “Extinguish their candles Violet!!!”, commands the Candle Man.

The Candle Man attacks Hazel with it’s incorporeal claws. The attack instantly kills Hazel, he falls to the ground like a wet sack of potatoes. His last sensation is a burning sensation in his right hand that contained his mothers pendant. Dazzling beams erupt from his fallen body, blinding everyone in the tavern except for the creature know to Malcolm as “Dallas”. Hazel’s physical contact with his mother’s pendant has activated a latent being residing within the jewelry. Seconds later a new being stands in Hazel’s place, a being made of thought and lightning. This being smiles and names itself…”Razor”.

Dallas takes aim at Violet, using its telekinesis on the Fey. A blinded pixie slams into the far wall, the impact causes her to spit blood. In a frenzied voice she screams, “I Wiiiiillllllllll KILLLLL YOU ALLLL!!!”.

Corwin swings his two blades blindly, but is unable to connect with any of the targets. The Candle Man reaches with clawed hands at the candles on his back, not being able to see which candle is which he can blindly puts out a candle, hoping it will belong to one of the Hounds’. Fortunately, for the group he puts out a candle from another servant. A scream is heard far in the distance as an unfortunate servant is disintegrated where he slept. The Candle Man curses at the failed attempt.

Even blinded Violet manages to fly over to the Candle Man and begins to snuff out candles. She manages to snuff out Corwin’s candle. He eyes darken as his soul is snuffed out and his body hits the ground.

Razor looks around and focuses his malice at the Candle Man. Razor raises his hands that begin to glow white. From them shoots two rays that strikes the Candle Man squarely in the chest.

Dallas uses its force ability to slam Violet back at the wall, but she manages to resist being sent back to the wall.
Malcolm throws his weighted net at Violet, but she manages to dodge even while blinded.

The Candle Man cries out in pain as something strike him from behind. Malcolm surmises it must be Taalesh attacking the Candle Man from his hidden spot within the Candle Man’s realm. Suddenly, Taalesh’s figure emerges from behind the Candle Man brandishing the large magical scissors.

Candle Man cast a Suffocation spell upon Razor, who barely resists the effect of the magic cast upon him.

Violet attempts to extinguishes Malcolm’s candle, with no success. Instead she snuffs out an unknown servants candle.

Taalesh floats behind the Candle Man. Raising the scissors he cuts the air behind the creatures neck. As he closes the blades, a silvery cord becomes visible issuing forth from the Candle Man’s neck. With a snip he severs the cord, bringing down the Candle Man to its knees. Malcolm closes in on Violet and flings an acid vial at her. But the vial does not connect with its target. Dallas grabs Violet with his incorporeal hands and strikes the fey with his force attack, breaking some ribs and damaging her left wing.

With much effort the Candle Man casts Waves of Fatigue. Negative energy waves strike Malcolm and Razor, causing them to be fatigued. Violet manages to escape Malcolm’s net and tries to extinguish his candle. But, once again she is unsuccessful.

Taalesh sinks his teeth into the Candle Man and begins to drain the injured creature before him. Razor rushes the Candle Man and places his burning hands on the creatures face. Candle Man howls in pain.

Malcolm manages to strike Violet with a barrage of acid vials. She falls to the ground and dies as the acid eats her flesh.

Candle Man slashes at Razor with its clawed hands, doing minimal damage. Razor laughs at the pain, while Taalesh continues to drain more blood from the Candle Man. Dallas strikes the Candle Man with its Telekinetic strike and delivers the killing blow!

The body of the Candle Man begins to erode into a greenish-red sludge and discolors the floorboards.




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